Matthew Tansley

Matthew is the Founder of ProfitFarmers.

Finance, Trading and Cryptocurrency are his languages of choice but what drives him to keep ‘talking’ is his passion for helping others.

He has been working in financial services and fintech for over 10 years, notably helping to create one of the UK’s first online mortgage brokerages, bringing Software as a Service to a notoriously antiquated and frustrating industry.

His earliest experience of trading was in blue chip stocks and shares as well as the AIM market. Cryptocurrency became an instant obsession, combining a passion for technology with the money making potential of a new asset class.

Gas, oil and mining speculation isn’t so different from Cryptocurrency trading when you break it down…buy the rumour, sell the news!

When he isn’t trading, sending memes or building something new, you’ll find him enjoying the sun and relaxing with friends.

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PF News – Monthly Edition – June 1-30, 2021

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