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Frequently Asked Questions:

The free ProfitFarmer account gives you a chance to configure your account, learn how the platform works + what each feature does and use live signals to test the power of our platform. Visit this page to learn more about ProfitFarmers Free.

Start by creating an account. During account setup you’ll be given the option to pay for a subscription to the Pro membership.

If you already have a free account and wish to upgrade to the pro plan, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to your account settings
  3. Click ‘Subscription’
  4. Select your chosen plan and complete the checkout process

Yes, that’s the whole point of your crypto co-pilot.

ProfitFarmers shortcuts the frustrating crypto-trading learning experience by feeding you high-probability trades and auto-populating the trades for you. You don’t have to do any of the research or analysis.

With that said, our most successful members tend to have some trading experience (or are willing to learn) as it helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

There is no minimum.

However, we recommend having at least $3,000-$5,000 to get started. ProfitFarmers is an extremely powerful service, but if you make low-value trades, your profitability is limited.

For example, an ROI of 10% is great for a $1,000 trade, but if the trade is only worth $50, then you’ve only made $5.

The minimum trade size is typically around $150 per signal.

ProfitFarmers connects to your Binance.com account via API so that it can perform trades on your behalf.

You can learn more about the system and go through our free training inside the Trading Academy after you have created an account.

No it’s not a problem. We allow our users to trade Futures signals on the Spot market.

That way you can always make use of the signals even if Binance has temporarily called a halt to Futures trading in your region.

Note that using the Spot market means that you will not be able to make use of leverage. Learn more here.

ProfitFarmers functionality isn’t restricted in any country. However, it does rely on the Binance.com exchange platform. So, if Binance.com is not allowed in your country, then ProfitFarmers will not work for you.

NOTE: Binance.us is not compatible

No, there are no hidden or extra fees. Free accounts are free.

ProfitFarmer Pro accounts are charged using a flat rate depending on the length of subscription or offer chosen.

Yes, of course. There’s no such thing as guaranteed profit in any trade. It’s just not possible to predict. You must manage risks if you want to be profitable long-term.

Almost all signals and trades that our team or algorithm selects will have a suggested ‘stop loss’ to prevent unexpected losses. It is normal and expected to lose some trades.

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