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Unlock secret order types that will keep you ahead of the competition and make your trading more streamlined and efficient

Trading Terminal

Get your hands dirty, the right way

Sadly, as we all know, the trading options you have with exchanges directly can be very limited…suspiciously limited in fact! It’s almost like they want to make it hard for you to secure your gains!

It’s time to fight back.

Unlock a full spectrum of secret trade order types hidden from the average trader. Hide your orders from the books and make use of nifty features like the stop timeout to avoid nasty ‘scam wicks’.

Sounds good? Read on to learn more.


Perform advanced trading strategies with concurrent orders

Order types include:
Perform advanced trading strategies

Custom OSO trade combinations

Custom OSO trade combinations

Combine any two supported order types to execute one after the other in series without your intervention.

Popular use cases include:

  • Create the perfect trade plan that you can set and forget.
    • Stop Buy + OCO sell (multi take profit targets plus stop loss)

  • Ladder into a trade using a custom Dollar Cost Average Order
    • Multiple Stop Buys, 1 target + stoploss that dynamically adjust volume based on triggered buys

  • Trailing stop buy + OCO sell
    • Hunt those dips whilst you sleep

Bracket Orders for Long and Short Positions

Custom order types available for both LONG and SHORT trades!

Bracket Orders for Long and Short Positions

Multiple Targets Buy and Sell orders

Multiple Targets Buy and Sell orders

Take full control of your trades and leave nothing to chance.

Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Buy, DCA Re-Buy and DCA Short

Reduce the risk of buying at a coins peak price by scaling/laddering into your trades.

Dollar Cost Average (DCA) Buy, DCA Re-Buy and DCA Short

Break Even Stop Loss

Break Even Stop Loss

Tired of giving back gains to the market when you are too busy to pay attention? The break-even stop feature will automatically move your stop loss up as your take profit targets are achieved.

And even more features, such as:

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Frequently find more profitable trades with less time

Cure the emotions & FOMO that cuts into profitability

Take your life back and actually ENJOY the journey of trading!

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