Trade Guardian: Automatically Exit “Closed Early” Trades And Protect Your Profits

Trade Guardian automatically exits trades for you when they deviate from the plan. No need to sit by the computer, monitor notifications, or risk disaster. Just toggle ON and Trade Guardian keeps you safe 24/7.


Do any of these sound familiar…

It’s a known fact: You either sacrifice your life or you sacrifice your career – you can’t have both as a trader.

You either lock yourself in a dungeon, forsake your friends and family, and lose any concept of socialization or you go broke.

As a trader, you have to make juicy trades when they arise. And you can’t step away from your phone or computer for too long or else you risk disaster. Ask us how we know…

Until now…

Trade Guardian – our exciting new feature – monitors everything for you 24/7 so you can sleep soundly.

That way, you can trade like a pro AND live a normal life.

Excited? You should be…

Get rid of the stress with Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian automatically closes a trade for you when it deviates from the strategy.

That way you don’t have to stress during uncertain market conditions or sit by your computer monitoring trades. Trade Guardian makes sure you follow the strategy!

Instead of wasting hours every day or losing all of your profits in a complete disaster, you can go about your day or even get some real sleep. Trade Guardian protects all your profit automatically.

Because our trading signals are smart enough to react quickly from any deviation to the strategy, this allows you to trade like a pro and avoid getting REKT.

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Trade Guardian is a Total Game Changer

A silent protector. A watchdog.

He’s the hero that every trader deserves.

Imagine this…

Having a real life:

Friends. Family. Maybe even a girlfriend (keep dreaming). With Trade Guardian, you don’t have to always be at your computer or checking your phone. He stands guard while you’re out living a real life talking to real people. There’s a whole world out there. Get out and start living.

Getting a good night’s rest:

No alarms. No checking email at all hours. No stressing to death over price action. Our platform automatically closes trades that look dangerous, helping you maintain stable, long-term trading gains without minimal risk. Speaking of that…

Minimizing risk without sacrificing long-term gains:

Trade is a game of patience and risk management. If you stick to a low-risk, high-volume strategy, there’s nothing stopping you from doubling, tripling, or even 10x’ing your account. With Trade Guardian, you avoid disaster and minimize risk, all while still giving yourself the best chance to make long-term gains

Forget Close-Early Notifications. Trade Guardian is Always on Watch

Here’s how most services work…

You get the signal. Then you’re on your own. You’re stuck with that same chart from two days ago. The ringleader of the group has already moved on to whatever cooky trade idea he’s imagined in his mind, and nobody cares about you anymore.

The vast majority of services don’t even offer close-early notifications. It’s on YOU to sit there all day and keep watch.

If you’re even lucky enough to get a close early update, you need to be by the computer at all times. And that’s even if the signals ringleader is awake.

With Trade Guardian, our system is on watch at all times for you. Just toggle it ON, and it monitors the trade for you 24/7. If it strays at all from the plan, it’s closed. You don’t need to check notifications or manually close anything. You’re 100% safe.

See how life-changing that could be?

The beauty of Trade Guardian is you have an option to choose

Switch it ON if you want to go to bed soundly. Trade Guardian automatically closes ‘closed early warning’ trades for you.

Now you don’t have to worry that the market will betray you and hit your stop loss the moment you are fast asleep in bed, as Trade Guardian keeps watch.

Switch it OFF if you’re around to watch the charts and react accordingly to whatever market situation.

You will still get alerts if a trade closed early warning arrives, but switching it off allows you more freedom to analyze trade signals and act based on your own trading decisions.

roadmap Trade Guardian
The choice is yours, and you can choose with just the click of a button.

Pro Tip - Dynamically Using Trade Guardian

If you’re an expert trader who already knows how to do Technical Analysis, turn off Trade Guardian whenever you have time to watch the charts. That way, you can maximize each trade by being ‘in control’.

Use close early notifications as an alert that you should be paying close attention to one of your trades.

You can use our strategy guide to help influence your approach in trading our signals.

Trade Guardian - OFF
Trade Guardian - ON

If you are about to go to bed, turn on Trade Guardian, so the market does not catch you off guard.

It’s all about improving your quality of life without sacrificing too much of your trading efficiency!

Trade Guardian offers you one of the greatest gifts anyone can have in trading: convenience. Here’s some of our members who enjoy massive gains + a good night’s rest!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to start being in control again by allowing yourself access to this handy feature.

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