Elon’s Musk, Twitter, Binance and the DOGE Conspiracy Revisited

Doge Conspiracy Revisited

The Conspiracy Comes True!

DOGE recently pumped around 150% (from 0.06c to 0.15c) but this could just be the beginning, here’s why…

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll remember that in August 2021 we released “The dog day conspiracy” blog, a light hearted look at the state of the DOGE scene with a serious underlying message.

We were telling you that Doge was a coin to watch closely since a few big names, including Elon Musk created the “Doge advisory board”, obviously with the intention of building up a use case for Doge and rolling the meme coin out to the masses.

Roll time forwards to now and things are getting spicy again:

  • Elon now owns Twitter and intends to implement crypto features
  • Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange, gave $500,000,000 to assist with the purchase (I wonder why…)
  • Charles Hoskins of Cardano is suggesting a superfast social media side chain to support Doge payments
charles hoskinson tweet

Are they really trying to topple Bitcoin? Who knows, probably in some sense though. Notice that Charles specifically mentions an ‘identity enabled’ sidechain. Dress things up as a happy doge and have Elon ‘the people’s billionaire’ be the frontman… and it won’t be long until the masses are queuing up to join the fun…

Especially if DOGE continues to make some crazy pumps that draw attention to the project as people chase the easy money.

So, worst case, we’re looking at a trojan horse method of beginning the role out of digital identity requirements for social media use. Best case, we’ve got a pain free, major move towards crypto mass adoption.

Either way it’s fair to say this is another epic crypto catalyst to add alongside the rest of them. Those of you willing to get into crypto trading for the long-term have some mind blowing gains ahead of you!

The Stage Is Set for Another Huge Wave of Crypto Adoption

At this stage, I don’t think we can make it any more obvious just how big of an opportunity there is for you to make money from the crypto markets and escape the dying FIAT world.

The Central Bank ‘Digital Slavery’ narrative is going mainstream and Rishi Sunak (UK Primeminister) is already pushing ahead with plans that will obviously draw tons of attention to alternative options, such as Bitcoin.

If you want to learn more about the EXTREME crypto catalysts that are flying around the markets then you’ll want to watch our 15 minute presentation here:

Before we close off though, we wanted to point out Elon’s Musk – ‘Burnt Hair’. According to the advertising, Musk wants the world to know that “The Flames begin – Q1 2023”.

The old economies are going to burn down and crypto culture will rise from the ashes. Will you be a victim or a beneficiary?

burnt hair essence

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