Instantly Create High-Probability Trade Setups by Copying Our Expert AI

ProfitFarmers makes trading pro-level setups dead simple. Copy a signal, adjust the plan, and select your features. You’re ready to trade! No research or planning needed.

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Copy-Trading Solves All These Trading Problems:

ProfitFarmers copy-trading is revolutionizing crypto trading, helping anyone create pro-level setups and execute high-probability AI plans with just some simple adjustments (if you want).

Instead of trading on your own and exposing yourself to human error, our AI generates a full trade plan and you copy exactly what it does and adjust to your own strategy, risk tolerance, and desired features.

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Imagine you’re flying a plane. Think of it like your co-pilot plotting the optimal takeoff, flight path, and landing, and then YOU use your judgment to make adjustments if necessary.

Our completed trades have won at an historical rate of 78%. Meaning trades that don’t go directly to stop loss make at least some gains very often. It’s nearly impossible to get that with any human trader. Check our 2021 results breakdown here.

Everything works inside the exchange, meaning your account is always under your control and we never touch your funds.

How to Copy a Trade Signal From Entry to Exit Using ProfitFarmers:

Choose a trading signal to copy img
Copy a Signal

Pick a signal from the dashboard that you would like to copy. Each Signal includes Entry Zone, 4 Targets and a Stop Loss (free accounts are limited to 1 target).

Decide on your trade amount image
Choose a Trade Value

Choose how much you want to trade with. All trade values are calculated in USDT, making it easy to see how much you’re trading with.

Modify the trade to your own preference - confirm trade
(Optional) Modify the Trade to Your Own Preference

You can edit each part of the copy trading form to fit your own strategies, risk appetite and more.

That’s it. You’ve now made a pro-level trade. Everything is ready to go in your account. Our system will now execute your trade orders.

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Why ProfitFarmers Copy-Trading?

Even Traders Love Our UX - And Traders Hate EVERYTHING

No clutter, fumbling about, confusing buttons, or choice overload. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. 

After years of frustrating trading with other maddening services, we wanted to make a trader-friendly copy-trading platform that was as straightforward and pleasing as possible. 

Traders are the moodiest, grumpiest people on Earth (from lack of sleep), so if they like our platform that’s saying something! The number of people raving about our dashboard still surprises us! Thanks!

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Do As Much or as Little as You Like

The choice is yours. Just add fuel ($) and let the co-pilot handle everything or adjust your stop-loss, take-profit targets, and even entry zone if you’d like. With our copy-trading, you can adjust anything and everything. 

You can even toggle advanced features like Laddering Mode and Break-Even Stop-Loss. 

The better you are at trading, the more juice you’ll squeeze out of every setup, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Easily Review Signal Performance

We keep records of every trade. Feel free to check them out any time you want. 

To check your ongoing trades, choose “Watchlist” from the “State” section of the dashboard: ➡➡➡

Watchlist Signals
Close Trades Signals

You can get an overview of how every signal produced by ProfitFarmers has been performing by clicking over to the Closed Trades view on the dashboard.

Here you can scroll back as far in time as you’d like to see how signals from weeks or months ago have performed. To make things easier, head over to our results blog to get an easier look at performance results from times ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount to copy-trade?

It depends on which type of coin pair you trade. For example, BTC paired trades can be smaller than USDT paired trades.

The short answer is typically around $150.

The minimum value for a single trade on is around 11USD. (Copy trading happens through

Because of this, your minimum trade amount depends on how many targets you choose to use in a signal, and what percentage of your coins you sell at each.

What does copy trading cost?

Copy-trading is FREE with ProfitFarmers FREE. With ProfitFarmers Pro, it’s included in your membership. We charge no trading fees – everything is in one subscription fee. Check pricing here.

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How to use ProfitFarmers Without a Account

The ‘how to use’ section below covers all aspects of using our platform, however, it is done so from the perspective of a account holder. As the Crypto market has evolved, is no longer available to everyone, as a result not all of our features are available to everyone.

We still recommend watching all of the videos in the academy but if you have trading using exchanges other than you will need to execute your trades using the advanced trading terminal or by visiting your chosen exchange directly.

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