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ProfitFarmers presents, in collaboration with Classical Traders…


For beginner and experienced traders looking to milk the crypto bull-run dry. Cheat like crazy with high powered trading signals, learn advanced trading strategies, get one-on-one training and ongoing group support plus so much more.

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Sack, Pillage & LOOT this Bull Run

Our mad trading scientists are back with another insane, value packed bundle, and this time they brought friends.

This is the ultimate membership package designed to help ANYONE increase their gains from this crypto bull-run and beyond.

And let’s not forget, earning money is only half the battle, escaping with your treasure before the market implodes (and potentially takes down society as we know it)… well that’s a whole other story.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back through the celebrations and the chaos.

Let me tell you a story, it will take you a little time to absorb it all, but once you’ve digested it, you’ll understand why…

The Opportunity of a Lifetime Awaits
Man listening to music
Jan Hortsman
"About 70% of my used signals were profitable"
J. H.  trustpilot star
"I made in 3 weeks 20k with an account of 4k"
Hanshofmans  trustpilot star
Patrick profile
"I've just started with ProfitFarmers and it's top class... you can learn as you go... and earn"
Patrick P.  trustpilot star

Man listening to music
"I made in 3 weeks 20k with an account of 4k"
Hanshofmans  trustpilot star
Patrick profile
"I've just started with ProfitFarmers and it's top class... you can learn as you go... and earn"
Patrick P.  trustpilot star
Jan Hortsman
"About 70% of my used signals were profitable"
J. H.  trustpilot star

Previously We Publicly Predicted the End of the Bear Market in 2022

Back in October 2022 we laid out our thesis for why the bear market was coming to a close:

If you had listened you would now be significantly richer. Will you listen this time?

You can watch the full video if you’re curious about how the market arrived at this exciting moment.

Now We Predict a ‘Blow Off Top’ Bullish Feeding Frenzy

The market is now due an explosive move to the upside, why?

Because an intense amount of FOMO and GREED need to be created in order to usher in a fresh new wave of capital into the crypto markets.

A lot of that fresh money is going to come from pillaging the Boomers and their pension pots.

Watch the video for the full breakdown on why this [potential] trap creates an opportunity for you to ride a huge bullish wave, and walk away with a massive chest of crypto LOOT.

ProfitFarmers Members Already had a Taste of the Treasure

In March 2024, the signal engines exploded generating over 3000% of Net Peak Gains across almost 100 signals. Almost 4x the amount seen in January and February. Our signal algorithms are always watching and waiting, so you don’t have to.

This is just the beginning.

Hear it from real users.

Turning $100 to $100,000,
Will History Repeat?

This is exactly what happened during the 2021 bull run. Our long term member coolfire managed to turn $100 into $100,000 of open profits using a handful of ProfitFarmers signals.

This just goes to show what’s possible during a bullish frenzy. You just have to remember to walk away with your gains before the market collapses or your emotions get the better of you!

We will be here to help.

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Exclusively for 2 years and Lifetime Plans
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Milk the FULL BULL with a Long Term ProfitFarmers PRO

2 years of access or ‘Lifetime’, you decide.
You already know how powerful our signals, technical analysis and macro market reads are. But if you need another reminder, you can scroll down the page.


1 on 1 strategy onboarding session

Get off to a running start.
A personal session covering how to be profitable, risk management, your trading goals and more.

prosignal training

NEW - Pro Signal Trader Training

Become a master.
Learn to dominate the signals with our NEW – Liquidity ‘SMC’ strategy combined with ProfitFarmers signals provided by LegenDarylX (see below to learn more).

signal wizards personal altcoin

The Signal Wizard's Personal Altcoin Picks

Magic Money.
Our signal experts will share their personal altcoin hotlist as the market develops.

advance training course

Advanced Trading Course

You are a hunter.
Advanced liquidity trading strategy course and ongoing training provided by LegenDarylX (see below to learn more).

live community

Live Community Support

Never trade alone.
12 months Discord community access with other advanced traders and ProfitFarmers.


LegenDarylX’s Signals and Analysis

Next level signal trading.
Get Daryl’s input on ProfitFarmers signals as they come in PLUS his own trade ideas and analysis.

bitcoin boomer

The Bitcoin Boomer -And Crypto Cutthroat- Bull Run Domination Guide

Attain the basics.
40+ pages of things we wish we knew before starting crypto trading.

Trader Education Cards

Nourish your eyes.
More than 70+ infographics with great trading tips, tricks, strategies and crypto education.

spotify icon

The ProfitFarmers - Dark Edition Spotify Playlist

Adjust your frequencies.
Unleash your trading profitability with the power of sound.

More about LegenDarylX and ProfitFarmers Collaboration

Daryl is a professional trader with a deep understanding of how and why markets move the way they do. Check the video if you want a full introduction to Daryl and his advanced teachings.

Daryl is now applying his strategies to the ProfitFarmers signals to help you identify the best entry zones and take profit targets. You can get his LIVE support inside his community with this bundle offer.

Here are a couple or examples of how he applies his strategy to fresh and ongoing signals.

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Long Term Thinkers Make Money

Why spend hours staring at charts and reading the news when our signal algorithms can do all the hard work for you? Our system scans the market 24/7 365, looking for opportunities that can arise at ANYTIME. Often when most people are least expecting them.

The Power of Profitfarmers: +472% in real time

It’s time to show you just how powerful the trading system can be!

The ProfitFarmers Copy Trading Co-Pilot spotted 5 entry zone opportunities for Loop Ring Coin (LRC) pairing across a 5-day period.

We made almost a 500% total peak gains across these trades and it would have taken you less than 5 minutes to copy these trades!

Check it out in the video and ask yourself, how much profit could you have made?

ProfitFarmers Advanced Signal Algorithms Are Always Watching

APTUSDT - Result +360% in 6 days
PROSBUSD - Result +20% in a day
HIGHUSDT - Result +50% in 14 hours

We cashed in on the 2023 boom whilst everyone else was running scared, calling for Bitcoin to $10,000 after the FTX debacle.


ALPINEUSDT - Result +150% in 5 days
GMTUSDT - Result +134% in 4 days
GMTBTC - Result +135% in 4 days

These trades happened in March 2022 when the market was DEAD for the average trader. ProfitFarmers is a totally different BEAST.

Choose Your Plan Wisely

A Scarcity Mindset Only Brings Scarcity, Think Bigger.
This Bull Run could last for 2 years, and guess what, they’ll
be more down the road regardless.

A Scarcity Mindset Only Brings Scarcity, Think Bigger. This Bull Run could last for 2 years, and guess what, they’ll be more down the road regardless.

Inclusions and Bonuses Crypto Classic

1,499 USD
Crypto Cutthroat

3,499 USD
Crypto Genius

4,499 USD
ProfitFarmers PRO
12 Months
24 Months
Lifetime Access
Bitcoin Boomer -And Crypto
Cutthroat Bull-Run
Domination Guide
1 on 1 strategy call with
Matthew and Classical
Traders mentor - Daryl
Advanced Liquidity Trading
Daryl’s ProfitFarmers Signals
+ SMC Training
Classical Traders Advanced
Traders Community
12 months
(renewals are possible)
12 months
(renewals are possible)
Signal Wizards Altcoin Picks
ProfitFarmers Dark Edition
Spotify playlist
70+ Infographics for Crypto
*Warning slots may be limited or staggered due to the nature of 1 on 1 support First come | First Served

Payment Instructions

  1. After making payment please contact support via the help center (linked to on the left hand menu of your dashboard after you login to your account).
  2. Click the live-chat bubble and click ‘Ask’ in order to create a ticket and send us a message. (Alternatively email te**@pr***********.com if you got lost)
  3. In the message please confirm your payment method, send us a screenshot and confirm your profitfarmers account email address and your payment email address if you used something else during checkout.
  4. We will double check things and then credit your account with the PRO access + arrange your additional inclusions if applicable.

Drastically Groundbreaking for crypto traders
Dancefloor Disrupting for everyone else.

Drastically Groundbreaking
for crypto traders
Dancefloor Disrupting
for everyone else.


“The ProfitFarmer – Dark Edition playlist has the ability to send any trader into a deep state of hyperfocus, showing extreme levels of mental efficiency, clarity and attention.

Based on over 1,000,000 hours of clinical trials, I’ve seen a 469% average increase in mental performance. This playlist is truly revolutionary.”

– Elon Tusk, #1 Martian Neuroscientist

Here's a few dark and dirty tracks for you to sample..




Awaken the crypto cavalry: Garner the strength of 1,000 crypto cowboys through the sound of this track’s steady, heavy and unwavering rhythm. Let the techno trumpets announce your victory and seal the market’s defeat.

Awaken the crypto cavalry: Garner the strength of 1,000 crypto cowboys through the sound of this track’s steady, heavy and unwavering rhythm.




Rise above the crypto FUD: With a dream-like synth set that captures the aura of the galaxies, this track eloquently throws you into a steady rhythm of deep drums, faint cowbells, sudden fret shreds and vocal harmonics.

Rise above the crypto FUD: This track captures the aura of the crypto galaxies with it’s dream like synth set, steady rythm and vocal harmonics.




Crush your competition: This track’s angelic vocals, dark shredding basslines and ricocheting overtones combine together to strike deep into your nerves. Increase your confidence while grounding your spirit self and you’ll be unstoppable.

Crush your competition: Angelic vocals, dark shredding basslines and ricocheting overtones combine together to fire up your nerves from deep within.  

Najaatu Nuhu

"The platform is beginner friendly... at first I was a little bit confused and made some mistakes... but after I studied Tim's case study it all changed."
Naja'atu N.  trustpilot star

Xuan T.

"The Signals are very accurate and profitable... I am a beginner at trading and lost money from trading by myself, and all the loss I've done was soon recovered by ProfitFarmers"
Xuan T.  trustpilot star

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can get everything for free except anything linked to LegenDaryl’s support. That’s the training course, the 1 on 1 call, new signals training and community. We can sell this separately though as a bolt-on, please contact support if you want to join us there.

Yes for sure, please contact support so we can extend your plan and arrange the extra items.

Lifetime means for as long as our service is running. That’s roughly 4 years so far! Crypto markets are dynamic and our exact service or value proposition may change from time to time. We’re into trading for the long haul.

Yes please reach out to support so we can arrange a discount based on your existing Classical Traders membership.

No, he’s human, sorry! Sleeping, eating, having a life are all required. Daryl can’t be there for ‘every’ signal and ‘every’ situation. But you will also be able to learn to help yourself, which is far more valuable in the long run anyway.

“No approved therapeutic claims”, but adjusting your brain frequencies with sound can and will impact your performance! You’ll just have to trust us.

Yes, after you make payment please send us proof of payment (screenshot), the transaction ID and confirm your profitfarmers email address so we can match your payment to your account. Crypto payments are non-refundable.

Using Binance.com does increase the convenience but it’s not necessary. You can still use our trading signals and ‘know how’ to make trading profits, but you will have to create the trades using our trading terminal or directly on your chosen exchange, read this article to learn more.

The Crypto Cutthroat and Crypto Genius bundle offers you lots of direct support to make trading as easy as possible even if you don’t use a binance.com account. In fact most of our team no longer use Binance.com so we are in the same situation as you!

This bundle has different moving parts so we will need to activate everything manually. This typically means a wait time of 12-48 hours (not including weekends) to get your account updated. The 1 on 1 and other support will need to be arranged one by one, we will do our best to get you sorted as quickly as possible.

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