Hooman Attaran

From Stocks to Betting to Pro-Trading: How Hooman Turned $5000 into $14,300

Hooman understood that to become rich, he would need to have another source of income apart from his day job. Luckily, he knew a friend who was killing it using the best crypto copy trading platform (that’s us!) and Hooman was invited to join the party.

Just 2 months after joining, Hooman found himself achieving what he thought was impossible. He was making huge profits trading crypto with less than 15 mins screen time a day.

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Hooman Attaran
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Hooman Attaran gains
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I learned about ProfitFarmers through a friend at the gym, who had used it during the alt season in October 2020. He had made big profits so I wanted to try it myself. I funded my Binance account with only $5k and subscribed to ProfitFarmers.

After starting only for a few weeks and making a few good and bad trades, my trading balance was stuck at $5000.

Then all of a sudden it went to $8,000 – then it went down to $2,500 then it went to $10,000 – but after a string of successful trades where I really made a lot of money, my account balance went to $14,300!

Hooman Attaran
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Hooman is 24-years old and was already making a decent salary working as a Kindergarten teacher. Like most of us, he wanted to buy nice things, travel around and not be so concerned about his finances. His day job only really paid for his bills, so he had to find other ways of making extra money.

I did not like not having enough money and only making money from spending my time at a job. I enjoy being a kindergarten teacher and the salary is okay, but I could never get rich like that.

So I looked for ways to make some money online. I had heard about trading and I wanted to figure out if it was possible to live from it – I thought it would be a great supplement to increase my income through my savings.”

What Led Hooman to ProfitFarmers

Since Hooman knew about the massive opportunity there is in Trading, he had already looked into stocks trading:

I’ve been looking at stocks. – after trying my hand at it for a while, I was starting to feel overwhelmed.

In my opinion, stocks are also very long term – I put money into it and I have to wait for a couple of years before I can see huge profits. I felt it was kind of boring in a way. I wanted something to happen within the next couple of months.

After dabbling with stocks for a while, Hooman faced a problem every beginner Trader eventually faces: Getting overwhelmed.

Who can blame him? Trading can be a very complicated undertaking, and without a guiding light to start you off, you’ll just end up wandering aimlessly and lose money.

I was frustrated that I didn’t know how to get started making money online, and especially trading just seemed too complicated for me.

I had the opportunity to try it but I just didn’t have an idea of how to start.

So Hooman tried something simpler but of the same nature as Trading: Betting.
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I wanted some quick action – either I make money or i dont – i dont have to wait. So I dabbled into betting and odds. I like how either you win or you don’t. With stocks it’s staying at the same price for a long while and you wait and wait.

His relationship with betting didn’t last long, as he knew he couldn’t rely on 50/50 chances to make a stable source of income.
Although it’s fun, betting feels like it’s very much dependent on coincidences. This is no way to create a reliable income.

Hooman was starting to get frustrated about not having an income method that suited his needs.

The Friend Who Told Hooman About the “Goose that Lays Golden Eggs”

golden goose + golden egg

Then one day it all turned around for Hooman.

His friend at the gym mentioned that he had discovered a trading tool, which took away the stress and hassle of trading, while increasing profitability chances massively.

Hooman wanted the high stakes and high reward nature of betting, but he also favored the analytical approach found in trading stocks – So the friend that introduced cryptocurrency trading to Hooman was heaven sent.

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In 2 months
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Unbeknownst to Hooman’s friend, his innocent deed of sharing ProfitFarmers opened the door for Hooman to earn $9,300 in just 2 months!

How Hooman grew his trading account
from $5,000 to $14,300

Hooman had the attitude to make him worthy of becoming a poster boy for r/wallstreetbets (subreddit with high risk traders), so that reflected on how he traded with ProfitFarmers:

Note from the editor: We don’t recommend a gamblers approach in the long term! Make sure you read Hoomans tips and lessons learned further down the page.

“I simply insert the trade amounts, the platform automatically sets all targets and stop loss for me and then I just go. I really don’t have to do much other than making the trade. I would sometimes use my whole trading balance on one signal, to see how much I can make.

As for the strategy, I’ve only used the Aggressive option.”

Using the Aggressive strategy on ProfitFarmers means that you buy the majority of the coins at the highest points of the entry zone or even at the market price. Therefore keep the following things in mind:

Pros & Cons of choosing Aggressive Strategy:


a very high chance that you enter the trade.


When a trade hits the targets, you win less.

When a trade hits a stop loss, you lose more.

ProfitFarmers has 3 pre-set strategies which determine the entry price of a trade.

ProfitFarmers pre set strategies

(highest point of entry zone)

(middle of entry zone)

(lowest point of entry zone)

Aggressive (highest point of entry zone)
Standard (middle of entry zone)
Defensive (lowest point of entry zone)
We suggest making use of our laddering mode feature which will help you spread your entry across the zone!

Hooman was protected by the Break-Even Stop Loss

Trade Guardian

Although he was taking major risks with how he traded, he knew there was a safety net for him to fall on to, namely the pre-set Stop Loss and the Breakeven Stop Loss feature.

Trade Guardian

I found it interesting that even if I put in $5000 I knew that I was protected by a stop loss. There was a safety that ensured me that not everything would disappear.

I always keep the Breakeven stop loss function activated because I find it very smart – because if you for example make 30% profit and hit target 2, and it then falls down, your profits are all kept secured and none of the initial profits are lost.

Pros & Cons of choosing Breakeven stop loss:


Secure your profits by automatically moving stop loss as the price hits your targets

Can make your trading more hands off


Higher risk of getting stopped out early on a winning trade

Break-even stop loss is a great way to protect your profits. If standard break-even is activated, your stop loss automatically moves when:

yellow target icon
Target 1 is hit: Stop loss moves to entry price
yellow target icon
Target 2 is hit: Stop loss moves to target 1 price
yellow target icon
Target 3 is hit: Stop loss moves to target 2 price

Hooman Made Amazing Profits with Only Basic Knowledge…

Hooman Attaran gains
When Hooman started out with ProfitFarmers, he basically had little to no knowledge of crypto trading and only the most basic knowledge of trading. But that didn’t stop him from making $9,300.
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Profit Gains
in 2 months
Profit Gains in 2 months
He reached out to us at customer support to ask for advice on how to improve his trading. After our conversation with him, he pointed out some pain points and where he could have done it better.
Hooman Attaran gains
Hooman explained to us how he had been using ProfitFarmers and after a couple of emails back and forth, we identified how Hooman could have done even better!

Here’s the ProfitFarmers’ Way to Go From ‘Degenerate Gambler’ to ‘Professional Trader’

Hooman's trading style:

Used the Aggressive strategy for all trades
Didn’t close trades when PF alerted to close early
No risk management

How that Affected His Trades

High entry prices for his trades = not as much profits/bigger losses

Does not get out of high risk trades

The possibility of getting rekt remains open

ProfitFarmers Solution

  Use Laddering to get good DCA
  Do Technical Analysis to increase trade quality – find a better entry price

Hooman’s Key Takeaways for anyone looking to Join ProfitFarmers

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1. Use Technical analysis

“I’ve used aggressive strategy all the time, which means I would buy the coins at the highest end of the entry zone or the current market price. I should have done a bit more technical analysis before entering these trades, since that could have meant I would get a better entry price.”
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2. Due diligence before starting a trade

“I also should have watched all the videos before starting trading with ProfitFarmers. There was a lot of information there that just makes sense”
Trade Guard icon

3. Risk Management

“I didn’t do much risk management. I was maybe a bit too arrogant in the start, and I didnt watch the videos so much. I think I could have done better If I did that in the beginning. ”

Why Drift in Crypto Confusion?

Your Answer for Clear Crypto Profits is Sitting Right in Front of Your Eyes.

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Hooman threw out his state of money making confusion and became an insane gain-maker right from his 1st day ProfitFarming!
All it took was one simple step; his decision to say “yes” and pop on his ProfitFarmers hat.
So now’s YOUR chance to take action. Join ProfitFarmers today and experience what it’s like to trade with the world’s best crypto co-pilot by your side.
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How to use ProfitFarmers Without a Binance.com Account

The ‘how to use’ section below covers all aspects of using our platform, however, it is done so from the perspective of a Binance.com account holder. As the Crypto market has evolved, Binance.com is no longer available to everyone, as a result not all of our features are available to everyone.

We still recommend watching all of the videos in the academy but if you have trading using exchanges other than Binance.com you will need to execute your trades using the advanced trading terminal or by visiting your chosen exchange directly.

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