Bernhard Wagner

Plants $400, Harvests $8,000! How ProfitFarmers enabled a Master Gardener to Farm Crypto Profits without breaking a sweat.

‘‘Master Gardener’’ and Private Chef Bernhard Wagner was so close to giving up on crypto trading after trying to learn for months with no luck…

But then he discovered his inner ProfitFarmer… and that’s when he achieved the impossible:

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I started ProfitFarmers with 400 USDT in my Binance and I’ve traded that up to 8,000 USDT now. I’m pushing for 100k lol but of course this is a great start.”

Bernhard Wagner

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Bernhard Wagner Profits
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Get to know Bernhard Wagner

Bernhard is a 37 year-old Private Chef, Fitness Instructor and self-made Gardener living in Germany.

“I’ve been in private service for the last 10 years of my life, and the nature of my work and hobbies are very much outdoors, hands-on activities. That’s probably why I never [want to] sit behind my computer all day to trade. I want to trade for fun, not for a job.
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Why Bernhard almost gave up on crypto trading:

It seemed his green thumbs didn’t translate into a natural ability to pick healthy profits out of the crypto markets.

“Back then, I thought maybe crypto trading just isn’t for me. I spent 6 months going through some mainstream course that ‘teaches’ Technical Analysis.

At the end I still found trying to read the charts like staring at a completely different language. When to enter and exit trades was still my biggest problem.”

“I guess you could say trying to understand trading on my own was like trying to plant seeds in soil where nothing would grow…

Bernhard Wagner

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Bernhard dedicated 6 months of his free time trying to learn crypto trading only to feel just as confused and hopeless as when he started. That’s a LOT of time he wasn’t ever getting back. Ouch.

Feel similar to Bernhard? You’ve probably been infoxicated without realising…

Information overload, or infoxication, is when there’s just so much noise that you never end up learning what you should. This is exactly what’s taking place in the Cryptocurrency space.

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Bernhard was feeling seriously overwhelmed. He saw countless courses for this, endless gurus for that, he simply found it impossible to know what he actually needed.

Losing hope and frustrated with all the time he’d wasted, Bernhard decided to join ProfitFarmers:

“At first glance I instantly loved the look of the platform, the user experience looked fun and engaging!

I knew if I didn’t try ProfitFarmers, then I’d just remain exactly where I was with trading; uncertain and unprofitable. I didn’t want that to be my story…”

Bernhard Wagner

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Member of ProfitFarmers

Breaking Through the noise and into Profitability: Bernhard Becomes a ProfitFarmer

Bernhard clearly made the right choice! After chatting with our “fabulous” support team for some help getting started, this is what he messaged us after copy-trading his first signal:  
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Bernhard messenger testimonial
Bernhard messenger testimonial

Then he really started milking profits from our trading signals’ 78% historic win-rate. Here’s what he messaged us after his next few trades:

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Gardener Turned ProfitFarmer:
Long-Term Results (+$7,600 / +1,900%!)

Six months down the road without hearing much from him in between, Bernhard wrote back to us and shared how he turned his $400 starting capital into a whopping $8,000.

I started ProfitFarmers with 400 USDT in my Binance and I’ve traded that up to 8,000 USDT now-”

“I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I’d say I’m now as good at farming profits as I am at farming vegetables XD.

Bernhard Wagner Profits
Bernhard Farming
Bernhard Wagner Profits
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That’s a +1,900% total increase, or an average earnings of $316 per week! – Pretty impressive when you consider he only started with $400 in the first place.

Bernhard’s Key Takeaways for anyone looking to Join ProfitFarmers

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1. Have the right mindset, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

“I wasn’t expecting millions overnight. It’s just like gardening, a seed doesn’t become a fruit-bearing plant in a week – sometimes not even a month. It’s taken me 6 months to get to where I am with my trades. Slow and steady wins the race!”

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2. Understand your risk appetite, trailing stop loss is your friend.

“I use the break even stop loss because it makes it much easier for me to trade knowing that I’ll exit as soon as the prices start to fall below my last take profit target. I am not an aggressive trader, I am comfortable with moderate risks.”
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3. Don’t be greedy, stick to your trading plan and be patient.

“Be Patient. I’ve experienced that sometimes signals will rocket out of the entry zone or go up a little bit before coming back down into the entry zone. There’s no need to over pay, just be patient. I trade in coins I believe in or have good fundamentals.”

Why Drift in Crypto Confusion?

Your Answer for Clear Crypto Profits is Sitting Right in Front of Your Eyes.

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Bernhard threw out his state of crypto confusion and became an insane gain-maker right from his 1st day ProfitFarming!
All it took was one simple step; his decision to say “yes” and pop on his ProfitFarmers hat.
So now’s YOUR chance to take action. Join ProfitFarmers today and experience what it’s like to trade with the world’s best crypto co-pilot by your side.

“Be Patient. I’ve experienced that sometimes signals will rocket out of the entry zone or go up a little bit before coming back down into the entry zone. There’s no need to over pay, just be patient. I trade in coins I believe in or have good fundamentals.”

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