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Attractive Affiliate Terms:

affiliate commissions


20% commission with 2 year cap on Revenue Share

affiliate payout terms

Payout Terms

Payouts Every 15th of the month

affiliate cookie terms

Cookie Terms

We give your leads time to convert... With a 60 days cookie.

affiliate creative freedom

Creative Freedom

We are open-minded and willing to create special creative assets and landing pages just for you.

affiliate marketing


We are always running updated re-marketing ads to engage your traffic & leave no leads behind.

affiliate high quality intel

High Quality Intel

Working with us, you can get access to our (PRO user only) content and use that to engage your own crowd.


*Trading Signals Results

Completed Trades - 2021
Winners Trade - 2021
Losers Trade - 2021

In 2021 we created a total of 2573 signals with

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of those turning into completed trades, hitting either a stop loss or at least 1 target!

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of our completed trades hit at least their first target! That’s a strike rate of almost



You can learn more about how signal statistics are calculated here.

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Stewart Townsend, UK - Consultant

“If you’re someone like me, who wants to do crypto trading, but is overwhelmed with all the information going around, then ProfitFarmers is perfect for you.”

Mads Singers, DK - Management Coach

“Its much easier to figure out than any other platform. I really like that my money is still in my own control. Almost any trader can benefit from this”

Benjamin Gorman, VT - Writer

“When I started using PF I didn’t know anything about crypto, but even with 0 knowledge I was making money in 24 hours.”

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Why Should I Promote ProfitFarmers?

Because What Benefits You is What Benefits Us. 

Here’s what we mean:

We don’t take any commissions or fees from trades made through ProfitFarmers. We only generate revenue from our monthly membership fees.

It’s in our best interest to keep members on our platform, month after month after month. We take care of this by consistently producing high-quality trading signals for our members.

So, you can get a revenue share of our member’s re-subscriptions. We want members to stay with us long-term.

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It seems like the real question to ask is “Why shouldn’t I promote ProfitFarmers?”

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