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How ProfitFarmers Helped a Typical Family Man Grow his Account +15% During the Worst Bear Market in History
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Kingston Arthur experienced first hand the advantages of using ProfitFarmers Copy Trading Signals during a bear market.

In less than a month of using the platform, he sent us this message:

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“I just want to thank you guys. I’ve been trading less than a month with you guys. I’ve grown my account with 20 pretty conservative trades. I’m very pleased and very grateful. Just wanted to say thanks!.”

Kingston Arthur
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Member of ProfitFarmers
Kingston Arthur Profile

(*ProfitFarmers made this chart for easy viewing. Data was gathered from the screenshots Kingston sent us)

We’ll look at how Kingston Arthur managed this incredible feat during one of the most extreme Crypto bear markets of all time despite also needing to find the time and energy to be a husband, a dad and working two jobs.

What makes this story so incredible, as Kingston is an American citizen where is unavailable, is that he achieved amazing growth simply by using a solid trading plan and only the ProfitFarmers’ trading signals. None of the automations or special features were there to lend this hero a helping hand.

So, if you are struggling with making a profit during downtrends or choppy markets, then this case study will help you understand how to trade profitably even during a bear market and even without all our amazing copy-trade features.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this:
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How you can trade profitably even in a bear market

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The power of using high quality trading software and tools

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Be inspired by an everyday family man crushing the crypto bears single handedly

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How you can make your own trading strategy (read exactly how Kingston achieved his gains!)

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The benefits of having PRO trader advice

We managed to get on a call with the legend himself to talk about crypto, trading and life.

Watch our full interview with Kingston Arthur here!

Meet Kingston - Super Dad

Kingston and family

Not only does Kingston Arthur have an absolutely amazing name, he’s also a 30-year-old husband and father from Missouri, the United States.

On top of that, he’s a minister with a diverse working background:

Kingston with kids
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“I have a masters in Philosophy. I’ve done everything from cleaning toilets to modeling. From gymnastics coach to voice acting. I’ve worked formally in ministry for many years and I now work as a Realestate project manager. “

Kingston Arthur
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Member of ProfitFarmers

But like Batman he has a secret life: he’s been slowly growing his wealth through trading.

Speaking of his trading experience:

“I’ve been a retail (stock) trader for a few years now… I prefer to have a larger position and a tighter stop loss because I’m very intentional and patient with my entries… I’ve been slowly trading and growing my own capital.

My wheelhouse was more in the fiat world. I loved (and still do love) trading futures. “

Kingston Arthur Profile

Kingston Wanted to Embrace the Volatility that Crypto is Infamous for, Without Getting his Hands Burned

Kingston, like most traders, was looking for a way to profitably trade history’s most volatile assets. Why? Because volatility brings the opportunity for huge profits.

“I could see the crypto world exploding and started dabbling in it.

I was looking for something that would allow me to get in and out of the [crypto] market quickly (a few days max) that I could also add to my existing trading strategies… I wanted a solution that would help me embrace the volatility of the crypto space on a consistent and reliable basis.

“I found it very difficult to trust [crypto] projects and protocols to hold my funds over an extended period of time. And when it came to short term trading crypto, a lot of it felt like trading penny stocks in the stock market—very volatile and difficult to hammer down a consistent strategy”

He’s right, Cryptocurrencies are brutal as HELL – the price of a single asset can fluctuate violently, which leaves non-speculative traders/investors hesitant to dip their toes in.

But when you learn to predict this volatility – and how to ride the waves – you’ll have a real chance at making a huge income.

During its last bullrun from 2020-2021, Cryptocurrencies gained major media recognition when the total market cap for cryptocurrencies went from 100 Billion to 3 TRILLION, roughly a 2500% increase, in only 2 years.

Fortune website screenshot

Things change rapidly though and here’s the real kicker: When Kingston was looking for a Crypto trading platform, the world was literally falling apart. The war in Ukraine was ravaging, huge spikes in interest rates, and worries of inflation caused both traditional and non traditional assets to go into free fall.

In other words: BEAR MARKET.

These huge swings, from Bull to Bear, are daunting, even for experienced traders.

Speaking more on Crypto, Kingston said:

“I wasn’t trading much in crypto but I could see the opportunity (I just didn’t trust it). It kept me from taking advantage of this opportunity. I’m not a speculative trader – I want a statistical edge when trading. I was feeling that this might be impossible in the crypto space.”

Trading volatile assets during a bear market is like walking in a minefield with crutches: utterly impossible. But what if you had a mine detector, so you can safely navigate your way?

How Kingston Traded the Bear Market to Perfection and Grew his Account 15% Whilst Everyone Else went Broke

Kingston wasn’t deterred. He knew what he needed: a reliable platform with good historical data that could give him a statistical edge when making trades – so that he could successfully trade in any market condition.

His search led him to ProfitFarmers. When we asked him what attracted him to our platform he said:

I saw [ProfitFarmers] reported historical performance. It definitely stood out.

Kingston Arthur
USA flag
Member of ProfitFarmers
PF Gains with rocket
50+ signals with over 100% gains

Although he was impressed with our statistics and history, he weighed whether ProfitFarmers was the right choice:

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"I considered my own personal risk.

He saw the statistics, he saw the winrate, he saw the testimonials, he saw the capabilities of the platform, so he took a deep breath and jumped right into the world of crypto trading with ProfitFarmers.

Instantly he understood that ProfitFarmers was the one platform to take his crypto trading to the next level. Within the first week, he was impressed at the professional approach our trading analysts take with the markets.

I knew ProfitFarmers was legit when I didn’t get any signals for a week while the market was dumping. This impressed me because it showed me that they don’t feel pressured to give signals.

I would rather wait a week or two for good opportunities than subscribe to a system that feels compelled to give me signals even though the market isn’t providing good opportunities. This really impressed me because it showed that they are committed to the quality of signals they provide.

Kingston fell in love with our Trade Guardian feature which closes weak trades automatically.

I also like the fact that ProfitFarmers do not marry their trades. If there’s indication that the trade is not going to be profitable, I appreciate that they’re quick to get out and alert me to it.

Kingstons Results After Just 1 Month of Trading

Kingston messaged our team a few days after the first with some more good news:

I have completed 3 more trades and I’m in a 4th. Even if that 4th hits my stop loss I will have grown my account almost 15% in less than a month. Obviously if that trade is profitable then it’ll be even more so.

Standing ovation for Kingston. 15% account growth in just 1 month, during one of the most difficult Bear Markets ever, is truly amazing and just goes to show the power of ProfitFarmers trading signals combined with some grit and determination.

Remember, Kingston achieved these massive gains without even using all of our pro trade features. No copy-trade, no automated closing of trades (just alerts), no laddering mode or break-even stop-loss. Imagine what’s possible when you harness the full power of ProfitFarmers!

Kingston's +15% Trading Blueprint

Bitcoin drawn

So how did an ‘average family man’ do it?

First, he set up some ground rules:


Risk Management

"that I don’t risk more than 1.5% of my overall account balance on any trade."

3X RiskReward

Good RR ratio

"I don’t take a trade unless my gains would be 3x my risk by at least target 3, ideally target 2."

3X RiskReward
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Aiming for Realistic targets

"Most of my plays have been:
- 50% sell at target one and 50% at target 2.
- Or 50% at T1, 25% at T2, 25% at T3."

Next, he optimized his strategy:

"So when I get a signal I look at the buy zone provided by you guys and identify key supply/demand areas within that zone."

"I look for them starting on the 4H timeframe, if I don’t see any I go to the 1H, and move to 30min, then 15min until I identify at least one supply demand zone. Once I identify those zones I go to my ground rules and I put my entry as high up in the highest zone that I can while maintaining the standard of my reward being 3x my risk by target 2 or target 3."

"I ensure that if my SL is hit I only lose 1.5% of my overall account value."

"I exit early when you guys recommend exiting early. I also keep an eye on BTC. For example I exited all of my positions when BTC started to drop today. I was up on all of my entries so I took my profits instead of exposing all the trades to the risk of BTC dropping."

Kingston Arthur
Member of ProfitFarmers

If you want results like Kingston, even during a bear market, you just need to follow his advice. Make a plan, stick to it and listen to the ProfitFarmers analysts!

Join ProfitFarmers to Trade Like a Pro Even During Choppy Bear Markets

Kingston was facing an epic challenge:
Laptop dashboard
But he STILL came out profitable.

Kingston is proof that with a trading plan, the ProfitFarmers trading signals, patience and discipline you’ll have everything you need to be profitable.

If you had a $20,000 account size, +15% gains would be $3,000. In less than 1 month!

Imagine just how far your trading game will come when you take a ProfitFarmers PRO plan. That’s everything Kingston needed PLUS all the pro-tools and features whilst trading in a market that’s not trying to kill everyone.

How much are you going to grow YOUR account?
+15%, +30%?

Take a PRO plan now and let’s find out!

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