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Expert Level Trading Signals

Save hours and end the emotional roller coaster by copying expert crypto signals from ProfitFarmers. A trading signal is a trade plan idea that suggests you buy (long) or sell (short) a particular coin pairing.

It’s safe to say that our signals are Premium Level, since they have had a 79% win rate in 2020!* Our signals cover spot market and also the USDT Futures market.

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"Loving it so far, took a 10% gain on my first trade!"
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Bernhard Wagner
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Our Signals won 3 out of 4 times in 2020!*

We break down the results of our trading signals month by month. See the last 3-months results breakdowns below,
and go into more detail by clicking on the buttons.

August 1-31, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



*Past performance is no guarantee of future results

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Copy Trading

With ProfitFarmers technology, trading signals can be copied from entry to exit through Binance with the click of a button.

This feature massively saves you time, stress and the risk of human error from having to execute everything manually!

"It is the convenience and time saving of this feature of your service that is one of the most appealing aspects"
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Tim Griffith
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Here’s how they look for premium members on the ProfitFarmers Dashboard:

(Disable adblock to see interactive signal)

For more information, watch this video to fully understand how a trading signal works: How to Use ProfitFarmers Signals


Price Action Scanner

Trading can be very time consuming with a lot of researching and analysis but actually very little action. This tool helps remedy that by allowing you to identify interesting coin pairs out of hundreds in a matter of minutes.

Get your life back rather than wasting your time scanning hundreds of charts for a trade setup. Use this tool in parallel with ProfitFarmers Copy Trading, and find high probability trades faster than ever before.

The Price Action Scanner summarises the trend of each coin pair into easy to understand colours and patterns. It also highlights coin-pairs automatically when it recognises interesting price action setups.

"I'd say the Price Action Scanner and RSI Scanner are worth half the subscription value by itself. I saves me tons of time with research and reading /biz/ shill threads!"

"This [PAS] scanner gives me a condensed view of what I'd typically use for my analysis, making it infinitely faster for me to find good price action."
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Jaime Oliveira
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RSI Scanner

Use this tool to pick out coins that have been making large moves, up or down. You can at a glance spot overbought or oversold coinpairs across multiple timeframes.

Combine this with the Price Action Scanner to pick out reversals, bounces and other exciting moments on the charts.

For example, look for big movers that have pulled back to a relevant Fibonacci level, then tie this up with oversold conditions in smaller time frames to catch the next wave of the trend up!

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Trading Terminal

We all know how frustrating it can be to trade directly on the exchange. Cluttered displays, complex user experiences and most damning of all…a complete lack of order types.

We took care of that by creating an advanced trading terminal that can be connected to all the major crypto exchanges (of course our signals work with


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