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Trading is HARD

97% of traders lose money. In fact, 80% of new traders go broke in the first 6 months.

Trading is absolutely BRUTAL.

That’s because it’s an unfair game that’s rigged against you.

If you even want to stand a chance, you need:

Years of experience analyzing charts

Hours and hours of free time to research, plan, and execute complex trades

Complex strategies that take years to develop and master

Knowledge and discipline to know when to get in and when to get out of trades

Advanced algorithms crunching millions of data points

And even IF you do have all of this, trading is a miserable life. 5am price alarms, the endless emotional rollercoaster, no family, friends, or partners – it’s ROUGH.

Not anymore…

ProfitFarmers is an all-in-one pro trading toolkit that eliminates all of these problems. We put all the knowledge and crypto analysis tools of the top traders directly in your hands in one platform.

Our platform researches, plans, and executes high-probability trades semi-automatically so you don’t have to research the market, create full trade plans, or waste time executing and monitoring your trades (if you don’t want to).

Now you can trade with ease and confidence all while saving hours of time.

All of these features come in ONE platform…

Signal-Accuracy: Bullseye

78% of our completed signals resulted in gains for our members in 2021.

Our AI scans the market 24/7 for the highest probability trade plans based on airtight strategies. Then, our traderoom approves only the most certain ideas. That’s how we consistently deliver steady gains to our members.

We aren’t just monkeys with charts passing off random signals – we’ve hacked the system. Say goodbye to the emotional rollercoaster and finally start trading with confidence, every time.

Bernhard Wagner Messenger Private Message
"Loving it so far, took a 10% gain on my first trade!"
Bernhard Wagner Messenger
Bernhard Wagner
ProfitFarmers Member

Our Signals won 3 out of 4 times in 2021!*

We break down the results of our trading signals month by month. See the last 3-months results breakdowns below, and go into more detail by clicking on the buttons.

April 1-30, 2023

Win Rate



Completed Trades



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



*Past performance is no guarantee of future results

ProfitFarmers Is Now 100% Free

ProfitFarmers, an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets anyone trade like a pro, is now 100% free to use.

Open an account, connect your, and start trading – you can get started immediately for $0.

Copy-Trade: Click - Copy - Trade - It’s That Easy

No human error. No second guessing. No need to research or plan anything.

You’re copying AI-generated trade plans, adding money, choosing your features, and trading. That’s really it.

Now anyone can instantly have pro-level trade setups regardless of their trading level. Everything works directly in your Binance account and completely under your control. Feel free to keep or edit anything you want.

The better you are at trading the more juice you’ll squeeze out of every setup, but this is a great start. Our AI has a historical win-rate of 78% on completed trades. Trades that don’t go directly stop-loss or close early win at very high rates, and trades that do go directly to stop loss lose very little. That’s a long-term winning strategy.

"It is the convenience and time saving of this feature of your service that is one of the most appealing aspects"
Tim Griffith Icon
Tim Griffith
ProfitFarmers Member

Here’s how they look for premium members on the ProfitFarmers Dashboard:

For more information, watch this video to fully understand how a trading signal works: How to Use ProfitFarmers Signals

"It is the convenience and time saving of this feature of your service that is one of the most appealing aspects"
Tim Griffith Icon
Tim Griffith
ProfitFarmers Member

Laddering Mode

Optimize your average entry price and stop missing trades for good – all at the flip of a switch. This is how pros do it, and now you can too. 0 experience needed (though it helps…).

Activating Laddering Mode tells your co-pilot to automatically split your entry across 5 different prices within the entry zone. No math, planning, or manual work needed on your end.

You’ll never have to play “entry zone tag” again.

Break-Even Stop-Loss

No more waking up to disaster. Break-Even Stop-Loss locks in your profits, minimizes losses, and frees up your time from staring at charts.

Ever gone to bed thinking you were rich only to wake up to trades gone bad? Crypto never sleeps. Pros know you need tools to protect your gains.

Break-Even Stop-Loss automatically moves your stop-loss up when a coin price reaches the next target. That way, you lock in profit without needing to manually monitor trades or move your stop-loss. This might be worth our subscription price alone!

Trade Guardian

The hero every pro trader deserves. The silent guardian. A watchful protector.

Trade Guardian automatically exits any trade that deviates from the plan, so you don’t have to constantly stand guard, watch your phone, or wake up in the middle of the night. If our system senses danger, the trade is closed.

Protect your money and improve your strike rate, all while actually getting some sleep and enjoying your free time away from the charts. Our members consistently rave to us that they’ve never felt this level of freedom ever before in their trading lives.

Market Updates

Actionable market insights that keep you on the right side of this volatile market.

The experts behind our signal algorithms regularly update our members on their views and time and time again have shown that they can ride the market highs and lows with precision.

Stop flying blind and get your hands on analysis, predictions, trading tips, market alerts, and anything else we feel will help you make money with crypto.

ProfitFarmers Is Now 100% Free

ProfitFarmers, an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets anyone trade like a pro, is now 100% free to use.

Open an account, connect your, and start trading – you can get started immediately for $0.

Price Action Scanner

Our Price Action Scanner cuts through the noise and instantly identifies the most interesting coin pairs in seconds by summarizing pricing trends in easy to understand colors and patterns. It even highlights the day’s most interesting price action. This is easily all your day’s research in a single tool. Want to take your life back from the charts? This is how.

Skip the shill posts, misinformation, in-depth research, and confusing technical analysis. It’s all right here in our price action scanner. Our members use this tool to instantly identify high probability trades and get ahead of the action.

"I'd say the Price Action Scanner and RSI Scanner are worth half the subscription value by itself. I saves me tons of time with research and reading /biz/ shill threads!"

"This [PAS] scanner gives me a condensed view of what I'd typically use for my analysis, making it infinitely faster for me to find good price action."
Jaime Oliveira Icon
Jaime Oliveira
ProfitFarmers Member

RSI Scanner

Spot overbought and oversold assets at a glance and predict reversals, bounces, and other exciting plot twists before they happen.

This tool instantly processes oscillations from 300 coin pairs across 8 time frames to help you find profitable price action. No switching charts or time frames. Nobody has the time for that.

For example, look for big movers that have pulled back to a relevant Fibonacci level, then tie this up with oversold conditions in smaller time frames to catch the next wave of the uptrend!

Advanced Trading Terminal

Finally, a simple to use, uncluttered, and fully functional trading terminal that connects with every major crypto exchange.

Our Advanced Trading Terminal makes it easy to trade most order types, and contains 25+ tools including Tradingview. That’s why pros love ProfitFarmers. You can either let the co-pilot handle nearly everything, or you can take over, plot the course, then let the co-pilot fly the plane, and you land it. Do as much or as little as you want.

ProfitFarmers Is Now 100% Free

ProfitFarmers, an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets anyone trade like a pro, is now 100% free to use.

Open an account, connect your, and start trading – you can get started immediately for $0.

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