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Back to Basics: High Performance Trading Signals

At its core, ProfitFarmers is a high quality, high performance trading signals provider with a multiyear track record of excellent results and full transparency.

Unlike most signal providers our trade results are represented with 0 leverage, every % gain we show is raw, obtainable power. Not only that, but the vast majority of our trade ideas pack a powerful risk:reward punch meaning that you are trading with the statistics in your favor over the long run.

Amazing cryptocurrency trading signals is what we do, all other features are just extra bells and whistles that you don’t necessarily need in order to make money. If you were to give all of our trading dashboard features to another signal provider, guess what, they will still give you a poor value outcome.

It’s the trade ideas themselves, and the strategies that drive them, combined with the knowledge imbued by our Pro Trader 5x Blueprint training course, that form the cornerstone of our long standing reputation in the crypto space.

We use price data to feed our trading strategy algorithms due to its reliability, vast numbers of coinpairs and superior liquidity.

But you can still use our signals for other exchanges.

If the coin pair we are signaling exists on an exchange you do have access to, you can simply use our trade idea to complete your trade plan outside of our trading dashboard. We’ll cover some different options further down in this article.

Golden Rule: Plan Your Trades With Risk:Reward in Mind

It doesn’t really matter which exchange you decide to trade on.

What’s important is that you trade with the statistics tilted in your favor over the long run. To do that you have to trade with an understanding of how Win Rate % and Risk:Reward ratio conspire to make or break your trading fortunes. You can learn all about this when you access our Pro Trader 5X Blueprint training course as part of your PRO plan or PRO trial access (when available).

Strategically, our trading dashboard is jam packed with Risk:Reward features and calculations to make sure you know exactly how good your customized trade plan really is before you pull the trigger.

Regardless of chosen exchange, everyone can make use of the signals dashboard and trade planner forms to view signals, check Risk:Reward, and even calculate blended Risk:Reward on complex trade plan setups involving multiple entry and exit prices.

Risk Reward
Latest Update

Supercharge Your Trading With Our Powerful Risk:Reward Features

Sign up today and we will teach you the secret sauce behind every profitable trader, Risk:Reward (R:R) Profiling!



R:R is a measure of how much you stand to win vs how much you stand to lose on any given trade setup. E.G Risk losing $1000 if you’re wrong but stand to gain $3000 if your trade idea is right? That’s a 3:1 R:R or 3R.

When you combine this with your expected win-rate % you can quickly see if you have a profitable long term trading strategy.

Risk Reward
Risk Reward

You’ve just seen how consistent our win-rates are year after year (78% strike rate!) and our signals are often offering 2R all the way up 10R+.

A solid win-rate combined with taking good R:R trades means you can embrace losses into your long-term trading goals simply by containing them within a strict R:R based trading system.


Not only will we teach you exactly how to do this, our smart trading platform helps you craft professional grade trades with a couple of clicks. Our latest features show you exactly which signals have a good R:R and give you direct feedback on your trade plans as you make them!

Now you can enjoy a stress free and professional approach to your trading, day in day out.

Risk Reward

How to Execute Trades Without Access

Trading Terminal

Let’s review the simplest ways to trade our spicy crypto signals if you don’t have a fully functional account.

1 - Direct to Your Exchange

By far the most obvious option is to simply open your exchange and make the trades directly there.

Just follow this checklist to ensure you don’t make a mess:

  1. Check the coin pair we are signaling exists on one of your active exchange accounts
  2. Check the coin pair price levels are similar between and your chosen exchange
  3. If the price is different, adjust your trade plan accordingly or skip the trade if you feel like it’s too unpredictable
  4. Plan your trade using our trade form to ensure your Risk:Reward looks good.
  5. Enter your market or limit orders directly to your exchange and then stay on top of it as price action develops
  6. Take Action on any close early alerts we send you

2 - Our Advanced Manual Trading Terminal

We partnered with (formerly to provide our users with a feature rich trading terminal offering you more trade options than most exchanges offer directly to their customers.

The advantage of this is that you can easily setup more complex trade plans involving laddered entries and exits, mobile stop-loss and more.
Just follow this checklist to ensure you don’t make a mess:

  1. Open the trading terminal and select the exchange you wish to trade on (you can add/remove exchanges via the settings menu inside the trading terminal by configuring API keys)
  2. Check the coin pair we are signaling exists on one of your active exchange accounts
  3. Check the coin pair price levels are similar between and your chosen exchange
  4. If the price is different, adjust your trade plan accordingly or skip the trade if you feel like it’s too unpredictable.
  5. Plan your trade using our trade form to ensure your Risk:Reward looks good
  6. Create your trade order using the terminal. If you want to make a ProfitFarmers style trade with multiple entries and exits check out this video for some guidance
  7. Remember to enable auto-volume for OSO orders, and set DCA mode to true for laddered entry orders. Toggle on breakeven stop loss and other features as needed
  8. Manage the ongoing trade from the terminal or login to your exchange directly if you need
  9. Take Action on any close early alerts we send you

Future Updates Still Under Consideration

Kingston Arthur - Featured img

The Cryptocurrency market is a volatile beast and so it’s not always easy for us to plan things far in advance.

We may connect the ProfitFarmers trade planner up to more exchanges so that it functions similarly for all exchange accounts supported by Growlonix. But exchanges seem to come and go, regulations keep evolving and so we are watching and waiting to see where traders settle and which exchanges have good volumes before making any decisions.

For now the checklists above should provide ample options for anyone looking to make use of our high performance trading signals. Kingston’s case study is a prime example of how our powerful trading signals pack a punch even when trading manually on other exchanges, in his case Kucoin.

Current Feature Availability vs Trading Exchange

Supported Exchanges*
Other Minor exchanges
High Performance Trading Signals

When coin pair is available

When coin pair is available

Risk:Reward Trade Planner
Execute Trades Directly from Planner
Advanced Trading Terminal
Laddering Mode

Via trading terminal

Break-Even Stop-Loss

Via trading terminal

Trade Guardian

*Current Supported Exchanges

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • Binance Margin
  • Kucoin
  • Bitget
  • Bitgetfutures
  • Bybit
  • Bybitfutures

*The following exchanges can be activated on the terminal if there is demand

  • Hitbtc
  • Huobipro
  • Okex3
  • Kraken
  • Binanceus
  • Bybitinverseperpetual


In conclusion, ProfitFarmers stands as a beacon in the crypto trading space, equipping traders with high-performance signals and a powerful trading system focused on risk-reward strategies.

Our platform is a testament to the power of professional, disciplined and patient trading, exemplified by the successes of our users like Kyne Myers who managed to grow his account from $10,000 to $35,000 in just 9 months. As we continue to enhance our services and adapt to the evolving market, we invite traders of all levels and using all exchanges to join us now.

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