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How Tim Went from Trader Zero to Hero
Using ProfitFarmers

“Still killing it with the trades – [I’ve] gone from $2800 to $14000 in the last 30 days… that’s 400%! I could be retired by the Summer!”

Tim Griffith

Tim Griffith

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Stewart Townsend, UK - Consultant

“If you’re someone like me, who wants to do crypto trading, but is overwhelmed with all the information going around, then ProfitFarmers is perfect for you.”

Mads Singers, DK - Management Coach

“Its much easier to figure out than any other platform. I really like that my money is still in my own control. Almost any trader can benefit from this”

Benjamin Gorman, VT - Writer

“When I started using PF I didn’t know anything about crypto, but even with 0 knowledge I was making money in 24 hours.”

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quote  Loving it so far, Took a 10% gain on my fitst trade!

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Trustpilot User Review
Bernhard Wagner
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  By the way I'm 50% up from my initial Investment and very thankful. Cheers

Trustpilot User Review
Pecirep I.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  I love your signals, they're the best on the web.

Grace's testimonial
Grace Ibiezugbe
Grace I.
ProfitFarmers Moonbag Member
quote  The trading terminal is amazingly good, and very advanced compared to other I have tried.

Michael H's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Michael H.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  Your service is exceptional.

Ali P's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Ali P.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  Your reply and your response are really amazing, thank you!

Ali P's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Hugo g.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote   I've just started with ProfitFarmers and it's top class.

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Trustpilot User Review
Patrick P.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  Good Job.... Just want to commend you guys for keeping it up checking on trade which will not do well and give notification to close the trade, this will greatly reduce loss.

Irabor's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Irabor E.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote   I'm sure, with your help I can improve my trading skills and will soon be profitable

Irabor's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Pascal H.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  Even though I've studied price action in the past I've never had the balls to place the actual trades. This system allows me to take action and then I can study the charts to see how you guys got the signal.

testimonial screenshot
Trustpilot User Review
Edward Thomas G.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote   After three weeks of looking into your strategies and statistics I am convinced, and I think your system has a high probability it's going to work in the coming year.

Najaatu N. Testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Harm van D.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  I'm very happy until now with your trading strategy and tools

Jan H's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Jan H.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  I apply the T2 optimised strategy with a 1000$ at signal, keeping ALL signals, even quite aggressively. It worked very well, I gained 600$ in a week.

Federico's  testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Federico V.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  What do you like most about the platform? I like the most that I do not have to be a pro trader, I have time to learn and practice in the same time. I do my trades and in the meantime I understand why and what I did 🙂 This is helpful

Rita testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Rita S.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  I used the free signals that are published on the [Telegram] channel constantly with excellent results, thanks to this I decided to subscribe to the service and I was extremely satisfied with it

Omar Testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Omar S.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  Thank you very much for your kindness and fast Service.

Nagy's testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
Nagy R.
ProfitFarmers Member
quote  I’m now a Full Member for at least 3 months and I have to say that I’m really impressed. In one day, I was able to get the investment back!"

There were a lot of signals two days ago, and they were to 80% "perfect" for me, and that will maybe happen not so often, but it did. As I said, impressive...

Andreas' testimonial
Trustpilot User Review
ProfitFarmers Member

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Tim Griffith

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How to use ProfitFarmers Without a Account

The ‘how to use’ section below covers all aspects of using our platform, however, it is done so from the perspective of a account holder. As the Crypto market has evolved, is no longer available to everyone, as a result not all of our features are available to everyone.

We still recommend watching all of the videos in the academy but if you have trading using exchanges other than you will need to execute your trades using the advanced trading terminal or by visiting your chosen exchange directly.

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