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Instantly upgrade your strike rate to pro-level with our 78% win-rate* signals. ProfitFarmers is not “just another trading signals provider”. It’s the first signals provider of its kind.

Do any of these sound familiar?

ProfitFarmers: A Different Type of Signals Provider

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Trading signals are like cheat codes that skip you to the front of the class by instructing you on exactly how, what, and when to make a trade.

They allow anyone to trade pro-level setups regardless of their experience, skill, trading balance, or time constraints. Of course, the more skill and experience you have the better your results will be. There’s no escaping that. But with these high win-rate signals, you’ll have a massive head start.

Instead of spending hours and hours researching and planning a trade (and probably getting it wrong), we hand you a trade blueprint. All you have to do is follow the directions.

We’re pretty dang good at what we do. In 2021, we won nearly 4 out of every 5 completed trades. That means any trade that didn’t go directly to stop-loss and wasn’t closed early (it’s impossible to win every trade) made at least some gains 78% of the time. So while you’ll inevitably lose a small amount on some trades, you’ll be in a strong position to make steady gains on the majority of your trade setups. That’s a long-term winning strategy to say the least.

ProfitFarmers Is Now 100% Free

ProfitFarmers, an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets anyone trade like a pro, is now 100% free to use.

Open an account, connect your, and start trading – you can get started immediately for $0.

You Don’t Get This With Other Signals Providers

Granular Monthly and Yearly Reporting

Most signals providers just say “we won. Don’t ask questions. Upgrade YOLO”. Not us. We’ll annoy the hell out of you with monthly and yearly report blogs and videos including wins, losses, target hit averages, average gains at each target, and even average entry depth.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If we don’t deliver a 60% win-rate on completed signals in your first 30 days, you get your money back. That’s how confident we are that our trading strategy is airtight.

Ruthless AI - Not Monkeys With Charts

We don’t F*** around. There’s no overworked hack in a backroom staring at charts playing guessing games. There are no trade “maybes” here. Our AI is based on decades of real trading data and undeniable human market psychology proven to work over and over and over like clockwork (read below). When you get a signal from us, it’s a very high-probability idea.

Trade With Confidence and Ease

Most signals providers just hand you some random charts and numbers. It’s on YOU to make sense of it. With ProfitFarmers, all you do is choose a signal, add some dollars, adjust, and execute. If you know trading basics, you barely have to think.


How Are ProfitFarmers Signals Different?

Please, please, please take the time to read this. It could change your trading life.

Forget the Lambos. Forget the Rolexes. To hell with all the gurus and signals psychics.
ProfitFarmers is all about reliable, day-in-and-day-out gains based on real data and market psychology.

adapt or die featured image

The crypto market behaves in a series of trends and patterns like clockwork. If you catch these trends and ride the waves, you’re in a very strong position to achieve regular, low-risk gains day-in-and-day-out…just like clockwork.

Most signals providers just want to hit home runs and forget about these small, stable wins. Why? Because they want to WOW you with fake results and promises of overnight millions and lambos.

It’s all pure BS.

Ever wonder why Warren Buffet – one of the richest men ever – tells everyone to invest in proven, low-risk index funds?

Because they’re nearly guaranteed to return stable, steady gains every day…like clockwork.

But people are people. They want Lambos and they want them NOW! Instead of regular, compounding daily profits.

So they continue to try to “beat the market”, because they somehow “know better” than Warren F***** Buffet how to win at stocks.

They try to make riches based on stock-market astrology and numerology, as if they know the secrets hidden within the numbers that billionaire investors don’t.

They still turn to “stock picking services” despite ALL RESEARCH showing they NEVER WIN IN THE LONG RUN AND THAT NOBODY ACTUALLY BEATS THE MARKET.

It’s the same with crypto…

Everyone wants to predict the reversal. They want to catch a falling knife. They want to make 1,000% on a trade just to prove they’re “smarter than everyone” and they “knew it was coming”.

This homerun strategy almost never works, especially for retail and small-time traders.


You’ve got to do it the smart way. Don’t try to hit home runs. Play it safe and focus on high-probability wins.

It’s 100% possible to make stable, steady gains like clockwork. Here’s how…

number 1
Focus on the highest probability setups that happen between the tops and the bottoms
number 2
Identify emerging crypto themes early and create strategies to profit from them
number 3
Understand reversal points and how to find confirmation to avoid fakeouts

Our team has done this over and over, day in and day out since the beginning. It works. If you stick to this safe zone and make low-risk, high-probability setups, you can make a killing.

The bottom line is that you need to understand how the market REALLY works and then create a strategy that’s hardwired to find these perfect moments.

We really know our S***.

We’ve even created our own strategies with fancy sounding names. Here’s just a few of them:


This focuses on coins with a long price history that are counter-trending the market. It identifies a local breakout and aims to ride the continuation. If not, our Trade Guardian feature exits the trade early.


 Finds newly listed coins with less than 6 months of history. Aims to join local breakouts after the coin price has collapsed (as is typical of fresh listings)


A rare signal popping up during strong uptrends with several validation checks that give these setups a phenomenal win-rate.

We create new strategies and adapt old ones as the market dynamics change throughout the year.

Adapt or die – this is trading.

Exclusive Trading Signals for our fellow ProfitFarmers

Save hours staring at charts and end the emotional rollercoaster by taking advantage of our historically high win-rate signals.

Copy a signal by using our Copy Trading feature, which sets up the signal inside your own Binance Spot Trading account. (We don’t hold your funds)

Our signals cover SPOT and USDT Futures market, and on a monthly basis we create between 200-300 signals.

Signals include:

  • The coin pair symbol
  • Price feed: Spot or Futures
  • Suggested Leverage
  • Strategy name (so you can check the strategy guide!)
  • Direction: Buy/Sell
  • Entry Zone
  • Target 1/2/3/4 (some targets may be hidden)
  • Stop Loss

Here’s What’s Included In Your Signal

arrow Trading Pair

Our algorithm detects the most probable trading pair at the exact right time. This is not a “maybe” or a “keep on the lookout”. This is one of the most probable trading pairs on at this point in time.

arrow Entry Zone

This is the optimal range in which to purchase the coin. No math needed. You can either find the optimal price within this range yourself or automatically “ladder” in using Laddering Mode, and you’ll buy in at the best average entry price.

arrow Take-Profit Targets

We got gains, baby! Once you’ve made some profit, it’s time to lock it in. We provide 4 pre-determined price levels at which you should sell off a portion of your position. Free members receive 1. Pros get all 4!

arrow Stop-Loss

We pinpoint the optimal price to exit the trade that both minimizes your losses while still giving the trade enough time to spike back up. If the trade goes South, your stop-loss automatically exits and protects your funds without you needing to monitor the trade.

arrow Confirm Trade

That’s it. You’ve just saved hours and hours of time. All you need to do is click confirm and our platform auto-executes the trade for you.

Signal Results and Profits

At ProfitFarmers, we are all about transparency and honesty.

Each month, we break down our signals’ performance for members to analyze for themselves. We also make these breakdowns available to the public here.

We include:

March 1-31, 2024

Win Rate



Completed Trades



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



February 1-29, 2024

Win Rate



Completed Trades



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



January 1-31, 2024

Win Rate



Completed Trades



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



This is very valuable information, since you get insights on which signals would’ve been good to follow, and also general trends in signal performance.

Our completed signals had a 78% average win rate in 2021!


How we Create Our Signals

We can’t tell you the entire secret recipe. Then you’d just go make our sauce and sell it for cheap.

But we can tell you that we scan 6000 Charts in real time to identify particular trading setups. In the simplest terms, the core principles are Range Breakout logic and Trend trading.

For example, the algorithms identify coins that are typically stuck in a range for a few days before eventually breaking out of their range. Some Strategies aim to catch breakouts on their initial pullbacks to Key Support Zones, others may be looking for the elusive ‘double breakout’. The bigger the consolidation period and tighter the range the bigger the breakout & better the continuation of trend.

In simple language, if a coin were trading in a tight range for days & pops higher with good volume, we can try to catch the move when price comes down to some important zones. Once we enter, price may come down a little further at times but eventually resumes the trend and hits T1 & T2 very consistently.

Stronger Breakouts with less resistance on the topside will result in T3 & T4 also being achieved, especially in a market that is trending upwards.

Trend trading is the most reliable strategy available. You’ll need some patience to wait for the trends to appear, but when they do we identify the right moment to jump on board and ride the wave.

Basically, what we’re saying is THIS WORKS.


Disclaimer: ProfitFarmers provides an execution only service and signals do not constitute and should not be considered as investment advice. You act on the signals entirely at your own risk. Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

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