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Signals are a well known “trick” in both stocks, forex and crypto trading.They’re used by both beginners and pros. But first, what is a signal?

A signal is a trade plan idea that suggests you buy (long) or sell (short) a particular coin pairing. This is based on fundamental- or technical analysis.

You could say that a signal is like a roadmap. Instead of having to find your own way to the moon, you can follow a roadmap which has been laid out for you by traders and smart trading-tech.

ProfitFarmers Crypto Signals are Premium Grade, with a 79% win rate in 2020! Trade like an expert by copying our signals directly into your own trading account.

Free Premium Signals

Exclusive Trading Signals for our fellow ProfitFarmers

Save hours staring at charts and end the emotional rollercoaster by taking advantage of our historically high win-rate signals.

Copy a signal by using our Copy Trading feature, which sets up the signal inside your own Binance Spot Trading account. (We don’t hold your funds)

Our signals cover SPOT and USDT Futures market, and on a monthly basis we create between 200-300 signals.

Signals include:

  • The coin pair symbol
  • Price feed: Spot or Futures
  • Suggested Leverage
  • Strategy name (so you can check the strategy guide!)
  • Direction: Buy/Sell
  • Entry Zone
  • Target 1/2/3/4 (some targets may be hidden)
  • Stop Loss

Here is an explanation of the basics of the signal:

Basic of the Signal

number 1 Recommended Coin pair

There are literally hundreds of coin pairs you can trade through Binance. Fortunately the system tells you exactly which one is interesting right now!

number 2 Entry

This is a price range most ideal to buy the coin within. If you use our copy-trading feature, the system will monitor the coin and then buy it at a specified price within this zone automatically!

number 3 Target

Profits are the name of the game and this is how you make them… By selling your coins later at a higher price (Well, for BUY trades at least!). Again, with our copy trading feature, the system will monitor the coin and then place your sell order once the target price is reached.

number 4 Stop Loss

Trades don’t always go as planned. If prices move too far in the wrong direction and hit the stop loss price, our software places a sell order to help you keep losses at a minimum. In some cases we’ll send you a notification suggesting you manually exit your trade even before the stop loss is hit, helping you minimise losses even more..

The Stop Loss feature is built into every signal you follow, giving you that extra peace of mind with your trades.

Confirm Trade Button

Save hours and hours of effort! By using our copy trading feature you don’t need to manually execute every single trade order. After you copy, our system will buy and sell the coins at your set price.

Learn more about copy trading here


See how Copy Trading Signals Work:

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Signal Results and Profits

Each month, we break down our signals’ performance for members to analyse. We also make these breakdowns available to the public here.

This is very valuable information, since you get insights on which signals would’ve been good to follow, and also general trends in signal performance.

Our signals had a 79% average win rate in 2020!

September 1-30, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



August 1-31, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals




What do we do in the background & how do we detect which coins to play?

We Scan 6000 Charts in Real Time to identify particular trading setups. In the simplest terms, the core principles are Range Breakout logic and Trend trading.

For example, the algorithms identify coins that are typically stuck in a range for a few days before eventually breaking out of their range. Some Strategies aim to catch breakouts on their initial pullbacks to Key Support Zones. The bigger the consolidation period and tighter the range…the bigger the breakout & better the continuation of trend.

In simple language if a coin was trading in a tight range for days & pops higher with good volume, we can try to catch the move when price comes down to some important zones. Once we enter, price may come down little further at times but eventually resumes the trend and hits T1 & T2 very consistently. Stronger Breakouts with less resistance on the topside will result in T3 & T4 also being achieved, especially in a market that is trending upwards.

The reverse of the example given would be true for SHORT signals, where we make money when the market is dropping.


Disclaimer: ProfitFarmers provides and execution only service and signals do not constitute and should not be considered as investment advice. You act on the signals entirely at your own risk. Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

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