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We Make Farming Profits

Trading Cryptocurrencies is extremely profitable for experts.
But who really wants to spend months learning how to get there?
With ProfitFarmers, you don’t have to.

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1) Pick

Select one of our ‘Seed Signals’. These house the DNA for growing your profits.

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2) Click

Enter how much money you want to use - and that’s it. ProfitFarmers figures out the rest.

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3) Grow

Let Auto-Trade do the work. Sit back and relax as you watch your money grow.

Here’s How Profitfarmers Helps You Plant Money Trees:

Skip straight to the profits with a tool that works for you. (Literally.)

Instantly Discover Money-Making Opportunities

Our Seed Signals are like instruction manuals for growing your money through buying and selling cryptocurrency coins. ProfitFarmers frequently creates new seeds that you can plant into your portfolio with just a couple of clicks…

Make Trades and Farm Profits Entirely on Autopilot

Our AutoTrading feature plants your seed once it finds the best price to buy the coins. We make sure the value is growing healthily by monitoring the price 24/7. Finally, profits are harvested once your coin’s value grows high enough!

There’s nothing to worry about, just pick, click and grow.

Stuck in the Mud? There’s Help Every Step of the Way!

Our library of help and educational videos cover every problem you might run into. Whether it’s account related, placing a trade, or withdrawing your profits, instantly get the help you need!

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Join Us and Farm Fresh Finances the Easy Way

Start doing more of what you WANT to do
… instead of what you HAVE to do.

A passive income can change everything.

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Now you Know What We do. Here’s How We Do it:

A complex topic made simple – That’s the ProfitFarmers way. So let’s show you how our system turns that idea into a reality:

Spread the news, a seed signal has been born!

The ProfitFarmers algorithm finds profitable opportunities by collecting and analyzing data on 100’s of coins 24/7. It detects trends that we can exploit for a profit, which are then cross examined by our team of experts.

The best opportunities are turned into a set of instructions. These are packaged into a seed signal, ready for our auto-trading system to execute for you.

That’s how a seed signal is born!

“Finding the next trade to make is so quick and easy with ProfitFarmers. I used to spend hours every day looking for trades, it was really draining. It’s so much easier with seed signals, a real hack in my opinion!

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‘Trade’ it easy! We’ll handle the sowing & growing for you.

Your seed signal triggers our system to take action (even whilst you sleep!), starting with buying the coins you want at the best price.

ProfitFarmers continually tracks changes in your coin’s value to make sure it’s growing healthily. This includes a loss-prevention feature that sells your coins if the value starts moving in the wrong direction.

I’m making more profits than some day-traders while spending less than 30 mins a day! I thought to make money you had to stare at screens all day, but ProfitFarmers automates everything. The game’s been changed for good…”

It’s harvest time, enjoy the profits!

Now it’s time to take profits, which our system handles by selling the coins as they increase in value throughout your seed signals growth cycle.

Now that you’ve made some profits, all that’s left to do is start back at the top and choose more seeds!

“My trades are constantly watched over, and as soon as the value is high enough, profits are automatically collected. I can make 10+ trades a day without having to worry, since everything is taken care of for me!”

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A message from the Founders

Hey there!

We just want to say that we know how hard trading crypto is in the beginning. The unrealistic offers, overnight millionaire videos, nasty small print, and outright scams. We went through the exact same thing.

ProfitFarmers is your way to skip straight to the profits without all that hassle. It’s exactly what we wish we had in the beginning.

Other solutions charge hidden fees and commissions. Not us. Our system doesn’t touch your money, every cent of profit you make is yours to keep.

You can cancel your membership at any time if you decide ProfitFarmers isn’t for you. We won’t sneakily renew your plan beyond what you subscribed for.

So with no nonsense, no hidden fees and no crafty smallprint to worry about…

What’s stopping you from becoming the
next ProfitFarmer?

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How do I know if ProfitFarmers is for me?

We recommend having at least $1000. Remember this money is entirely yours, we don’t touch it nor require a minimum starting amount. However, the more money you have to trade with, the larger your potential profits will be.

After all, winning 10% on a trade could mean you earn just $10, or $1000+ in profit depending on how much you traded with at the start. Only use money that you can afford to risk losing.

Trading allows for huge potential gains but naturally, this means you can also suffer losses. Risk management is fundamental to being profitable.

Almost all signals and trades that our team or algorithm selects will have a suggested ‘stop loss’ that prevent unexpected losses. It is normal and expected to lose some trades.

If you agree with these two statements, then whip out your best farmers outfit and plant your first money tree today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


ProfitFarmers was designed for people who want to make money from trading but don’t have the time to master it! Simply follow our signals for instant success and read our educational material when it suits you.


Your profits are 100% yours. Simply pay your monthly membership fee, nothing more, nothing less.


Your data is stored securely and for added security, we have no access to your exchange account funds.


ProfitFarmers doesn’t store or touch your funds. These are stored in your Exchange Account and secured by the Exchange Operator using multi-factor authentication and encryption.

Any Time

You’re allowed to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. No strings attached. When you cancel you will not be renewed for the next month.

Even members who have had no experience with trading or cryptocurrency are able to get started within minutes.

Simply create your ProfitFarmers Account (if you qualify) connect it to your funded Binance account (this can be freely and instantly created on their website) and you will be ready to start!

The ProfitFarmers system gives its members the best opportunities when it has an optimal number of users. We prefer quality over quantity.

If all slots are filled in your country, then you will have to wait for someone to give up their subscription. However, we have no control over this since cancellations are purely at the discretion of our members.

In order to make a trade, there must be both a buyer and a seller. This transaction happens on an ‘exchange’ which is like a marketplace for Cryptocurrency.

Binance is one of the largest, most secure and well-respected exchanges in the world. It gives users access to a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies and good trading opportunities. Your Binance account will allow us to complete trades at your request with a few clicks of a button.

Not only that, but you can have a Binance account for FREE!

Our system talks to your exchange account to take care of the hard work. That means you wouldn’t need to learn to be a trader yourself.

However, it is important to know that we cannot withdraw or manage your funds, they are protected by Binance so you are completely safe.

ProfitFarmers’ functionality isn’t restricted in any country. However, it does rely on the Binance exchange platform. So, if Binance is not allowed in your country, then ProfitFarmers will not work for you.

There is no minimum amount required.

However, we recommend ensuring you have at least $1.000 available to fund your Binance account.

The more money you have available to trade, the larger your potential profits will be. However, you should only use money that you are happy to risk losing.

You can withdraw your money/Bitcoin from Binance directly.

ProfitFarmers cannot process monetary withdrawals because we do not have access to your funds. When you decide to buy or sell, the software automatically creates an order form. This will be sent to Binance and start the trade.

If you want to cash out your profits, then you’ll have to withdraw from Binance and convert your cryptocurrency back into Fiat money (Euros, Dollars, etc). This process is very fast and convenient.


Your funds are held securely with your exchange provider (Binance). However, you should follow their recommended security protocol such as using 2-factor authentication, email confirmation and strong passwords.

ProfitFarmers cannot withdraw or access your funds but our system can manage your trading orders allowing you to follow our signals as you choose, with a few clicks of a button.


Trading allows for huge potential gains but naturally, this means you can also suffer losses. Risk management is fundamental to being profitable.

Almost all signals and trades that our team or algorithm selects will have a suggested ‘stop loss’ to prevent unexpected losses. It is normal and expected to lose some trades.

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