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The World's First Free Crypto Trading Co-Pilot

ProfitFarmers AI instantly improves your win rate with expert trade plans, copy-trading, and time-saving automations. Skip the years of learning, constant losing, and technical analysis. With our platform, you can trade like a pro today.

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How We Help You Trade Like a Pro Without Being One

How We Help You Trade Like a Pro Without Being One

Are you tired of the constant losing, confusing advice, and all the FUD and FOMO from the crypto industry?

So are we.

Truth is, even if you’re a decent trader, crypto is absolutely F***** brutal. You need years of experience, advanced tools, and complex trading strategies to stand any chance of winning in the long run.

Trade like a Pro

That’s why we created ProfitFarmers – an all-in-one platform that does most of the research, planning, and execution for you.

 Our AI analyzes the market, identifies high-probability trade opportunities, and displays them in your dashboard for you to copy. From there, you use our tools to optimize each plan and our automations execute, monitor, and complete your trades for you, even whilst you sleep.

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That’s why traders of all levels swear they’ll never trade without our platform again…
Instead of wasting the best years of your life bleeding money and tearing out the few hairs you have left (speaking from experience), skip straight to the good stuff. We’ll handle the hard technical analysis, timing, and monitoring so you don’t have to.

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That’s why traders of all levels swear they’ll never trade without our platform again…
Instead of wasting the best years of your life bleeding money and tearing out the few hairs you have left (speaking from experience), skip straight to the good stuff. We’ll handle the hard technical analysis, timing, and monitoring so you don’t have to.

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Here’s how it works:

Choose a trading signal - img

Choose a trading signal

Our algorithm scans the market for high-probability trade signals 24/7. Our experts handpick the best ones and give them to you - entry price, targets, and stop loss included. No research or planning needed.

You copy our plan - img

You copy our plan

All you do is copy a signal and customize your trade plan.

Our system executes for you - img

Our system executes for you

ProfitFarmers executes the trade from here completely on auto-pilot. Everything is done within Binance.com, so your money is 100% safe. We never touch it!


Sign Up Now And Start
Trading Like a Pro!

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Sign up

It’s totally free and takes 2 minutes - IF that.

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Connect Your Account - img

Connect Your Account

Connect your Binance.com account. Just generate an API key and connect your account to our platform. Skip this step if you don’t have a Binance.com account yet.

Start Trading - img

Start Trading

As soon as a signal pops up in your dash, you’re ready to start trading. Just click, copy, adjust the plan, and we handle the rest.


The Next EXTREME Crypto Catalyst

We uncover the hidden timeline for
the next BULL RUN. Spoiler it’s soon!


Your life now

Your life with PF


Trusted The World Over

Check these reviews from our members all around the globe

In the Last 3 Years, our Members had Access
to 77,000% Peak Gains

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Signals Produced

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Total Peak Gains

80+ signals with over 100% gains


Risk:Reward Trading Features

Embrace losses in your long-term trading 
goals by containing them within a strict R:R based
trading system.

Embrace losses in your long-term trading goals by containing them within a strict R:R based trading system.

Are You Tired of the Emotional Rollercoaster?

Say Goodbye to…
Not Making Enough Money - img

Not Making Enough Money

We spoon feed you AI trading signals handpicked by experts with a 78% win rate*. Now you can trade like a pro without being one. It’s time you start making some real money.

Sleepless Nights - img

Sleepless Nights

4am alarms driving you mad? Annoying your other half getting in and out of bed checking price charts? Our system handles all of that, so you can sleep like a normal person and wake up feeling refreshed.

Not Having Enough Time for What Really Matters - img

Not Having Enough Time for What Really Matters

Save countless hours staring at charts and analyzing the market. Spend time with your family, hang out with friends, or finally get a good night’s rest. With our platform, you can trade full-time AND live a normal life.

16-Hour Workdays - img

16-Hour Workdays

Make trades in minutes anytime anywhere. Stop sitting inside day and night glued to your screen. Once you set a plan, you’re free the rest of the day. Get out there and feel the sun. Talk to those human being things your family keeps mentioning. Or just crawl back in bed and catch up on sleep. It’s your life now - live it.


How ProfitFarmers Makes Trading
(Use All This FREE)

Your free ProfitFarmer’s membership includes all of the best crypto tools you need to trade like a pro.

PF Trading Signals img

Trading Signals

No need to research or plan trades again. We hand you 78%* win-rate signals daily with entry-zone, targets, and stop loss included.

PF Copy-Trade img


Select a signal and copy the plan. 0 backbreaking labor needed on your end.

PF Laddering img


Forget technical analysis. Laddering takes the pressure off and gives you an excellent entry price automatically without deep analysis or staring at charts.

PF Trade Guardian img

Trade Guardian

Keep your money safe without sitting in front of your screen 24/7. If a trade strays from your plan, Trade Guardian automatically cancels it. Now you don’t have to sleep with one eye open.

PF Market Analysis img

Market Analysis

No more FOMO, misinformation, or manipulation. Just straightforward, no BS crypto analysis including price predictions, trading strategies, breaking news, and vital education from our secret trading bunker deep under the Himalayas. There’s no unneeded hype, misleading info, or Lambos here - just real analysis from real traders with decades of combined experience.

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What Our Fellow ProfitFarmers Say

Our members love ProfitFarmers – check out these video testimonials

Play Video about stewart townsend bg

Stewart Townsend, UK - Consultant

“If you’re someone like me, who wants to do crypto trading, but is overwhelmed with all the information going around, then ProfitFarmers is perfect for you.”

Play Video about Mads Singers Testimonial Cover

Mads Singers, DK - Management Coach

“Its much easier to figure out than any other platform. I really like that my money is still in my own control. Almost any trader can benefit from this”

Play Video about Benjamin Testimonial Cover

Benjamin Gorman, VT - Writer

“When I started using PF I didn’t know anything about crypto, but even with 0 knowledge I was making money in 24 hours.”


*Trading Signals Results

Completed Trades - 2021
Winners Trade - 2021
Losers Trade - 2021

In 2021 we created a total of 2573 signals with

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of those turning into completed trades, hitting either a stop loss or at least 1 target!

Green Graph Up


of our completed trades hit at least their first target! That’s a strike rate of almost



You can learn more about how signal statistics are calculated here.

2020, 2021 & 2022

Celebrating 3 Years of Epic Results - Over 77,000% of Gains!

completed image assets
winners-lifetime assets
loser lifetime img assets
77k Gains
6020 Signal

In 2020,2021 and 2022 we created a total of 6020 signals with

Total Peak Gains

of those turning into completed trades, hitting either a stop loss or at least 1 target.

Total Peak Gains

of our completed trades hit at least 1 of their first target! That’s a strike rate of

You can learn more about how signal statistics are calculated here.

Sign Up Now & Start Using ProfitFarmers 100% Free

The Only Thing You Have to Lose is Your Time. We aren’t lying.

By now, you know what you’re getting:

All 100% free – no time limit. You’ve got nothing to lose.

It’s like you’re getting a crypto supercomputer with decades of experience to sit over your shoulder and help you trade – all for free.

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Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for market analysis, trading education and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that’s the whole point of your co-pilot.

ProfitFarmers shortcuts the frustrating crypto-trading learning experience by feeding you high-probability trades and auto-populating the trades for you. You don’t have to do any of the research or analysis.

With that said, our most successful members tend to have some trading experience (or are willing to learn) as it helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

No, we never charge trading fees. Instead, we operate on a subscription basis. This helps you control costs and optimize profits. Most services charge heavy commissions even if you lose money. We only charge one low monthly fee.


Your data is stored securely and for added security, we have no access to your trading account funds.


We never touch your money. We are just a service to help you increase your account balance. Your money is stored with Binance.com, the world’s leading crypto exchange – not with us.


If you no longer want to use the platform you can cancel your subscription renewal at any time.

Please navigate to your account settings and cancel from there. If you do not cancel then you will be rebilled as usual.

If you cancel your subscription you will still have access to your account until your original expiration date.

Most of our members start earning money fairly quickly, but it’s impossible to guarantee anything. That’s just the nature of the trading market.

No, we cannot track and analyse every members exact trade history. There are various tools available from 3rd parties that can help though.

Yes, a good portion of signals are based on the Binance Futures platform. Users can also choose to trade a Futures Signal via the Spot Market.

Not necessarily. You can choose to store your funds in USDT or other stable coins if you like.

Due to the volatility of Bitcoin it can mean that you “lose” money if you have your money stored in Bitcoin and the value drops.

The ProfitFarmers system gives its members the best opportunities when it has an optimal number of users. We prefer quality over quantity. 

If all slots are filled in your country, then you will have to wait for someone to give up their subscription. However, we have no control over this since cancellations are purely at the discretion of our members.

No. Binance.us is not compatible. You must use a Binance.com account.

ProfitFarmers functionality isn’t restricted in any country. However, it does rely on the Binance.com exchange platform. So, if Binance.com is not allowed in your country, then ProfitFarmers will not work for you (using a VPN may fix this issue).

NOTE: Binance.us is not compatible.

There is no minimum.

However, we recommend having at least $3,000-$5,000 to get started. ProfitFarmers is an extremely powerful service, but if you make low-value trades, your profitability is limited.

For example, an ROI of 10% is great for a $1,000 trade, but if the trade is only worth $50, then you’ve only made $5. Many of our members are able to pay for their subscription with a single trade, but that’s because they make high-value trades.

No. You can withdraw your money/Bitcoin from Binance.com directly.

ProfitFarmers cannot process monetary withdrawals because we do not have access to your funds. When you decide to buy or sell, the software creates an order form. This will be sent to Binance.com and start the trade.

If you want to cash out your profits, then you’ll have to withdraw from Binance.com and convert your cryptocurrency back into Fiat money (Euros, Dollars, etc). This process is usually very fast and convenient.

YES. Your funds are held securely with your exchange provider (Binance.com). However, you should follow their recommended security protocol such as using 2-factor authentication, email confirmation and strong passwords.

ProfitFarmers cannot withdraw or access your funds but our system can manage your trading orders allowing you to follow our signals as you choose, with a few clicks of a button.

Yes, of course. There’s no such thing as guaranteed profit in any trade. It’s just not possible to predict. You must manage risks if you want to be profitable long-term.

Almost all signals and trades that our team or algorithm selects will have a suggested ‘stop loss’ to prevent unexpected losses. It is normal and expected to lose some trades.

Yes, sometimes you will need to take action manually.

For example if you want to edit and ongoing trade or if you would like to chase a signal that you were late for.

Although we regularly produce 200+ signals per month, we cannot guarantee a particular number as it depends on the market. Check our most recent statistics for an up to date idea.

There are also times without any signals – This is totally normal as it depends on the market.

At times we also shut down certain algorithms/strategies if we feel there is too much risk or uncertainty.

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