Jaime 'Gondola' Oliveira

How a Software Engineer Used ProfitFarmers to take back his most valuable asset: Time

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Think a ProfitFarmers membership is just for making money? Think again…

Software Engineer didn’t join ProfitFarmers just to stack satoshis. He wanted to transform into a hyper-efficient trader, making every second he spends trading as profitable as possible.

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“Money? – You can always get that back. Lose money, gain money, you can do that over time.

But “time itself, that’s the only asset you can “never get back.

This is what makes “ProfitFarmers such a powerful tool for me.”

Jaime 'Gondola' Oliveira

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Member of ProfitFarmers
Jaime's Binance Spot Wallet
(Screenshot of Jaime's Binance Spot Wallet)
Keep reading to see how ProfitFarmers enables Jaime to spend his time trading as efficiently as a quantum-computing machine!

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Jaime Gondola Oliveira Profile

He’s a highly skilled software engineer by day:
“So I’m Brazilian by blood but moved to Germany 3 years ago for work. – I’m now a principal engineer for Angler, a front-end framework developed by Google. It’s full-on, but I enjoy it.”

But a crypto-trading meme god by night…

“I’ve been trading crypto for fun for the last 6 years. I originally started trading in forex and stocks but it was just so boring, I mean people get excited over 5% Price action – in crypto that’s a joke.”

Jaimes Bobo Gondola

What’s with ‘Gondola’ in your name?
“Oh it’s a meme. Pretty much the wholesome version of a Spurdo Sparde which is a Finnish meme from 4chan. Gondola has no hands, just a head on legs so he embodies the Taoist

principle of wu-wei, or non-action.”

“Also, here’s an NFT I just commissioned.
It’s a Bobo Gondola haha:”

Jaime ‘Gondola’ Oliveira

Member of ProfitFarmers

But even for the experienced, Crypto Trading can still be difficult. This is what Jaime struggled with:

Sure, Jaime’s got a killer trading game. But the fact that there’s just one of him and countless coins still leaves him stuck needing to make that critical choice:

I often feel decision overload. You have so many coins out there, it’s impossible to do technical analysis for every one of them every day. I’m not a day trader in the sense that this isn’t my job – this is something I do for fun…”

And to add to his time-consuming decision paralysis…

“The problem is that the same amount of time spent looking at one coin might be worth 50% more (or less!) than another coin – you just never know! I understand how valuable my time is so I want to make sure I’m using it as efficiently as possible when trading.

Homer Crypto confused
Jaime Trying to Pick Coins to Trade (Cartoonised)

What led Jaime to ProfitFarmers: A story of tasting his own (profitable) medicine

Way before Jaime ever used ProfitFarmers for himself, he’d sent our Free Moon Bag kit to a few of his friends:

“I’m constantly on 4chan /biz/, and I think it was on a sunday at like 4am that some guy posted “hey you guys should check out ProfitFarmers” and whatnot. That’s when I saw your MoonBag Kit with the Tools and education inside, I was amazed you gave it away for free!


At the time I was getting 3 of my newbie friends into trading so I thought, perfect! I’ll just send it [the MoonBag Kit] to them so they can learn about how to get started trading with your scanners and use the [Educational] PDFs to learn the basics.”

Moonbag Kit Everyting in it
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This was when Jaime really caught a glimpse of
how powerful ProfitFarmers could be:

2 out of 3 of them ended up subscribing to ProfitFarmers and really stepped up their game and started making money.

That’s when I thought oh sh*t, maybe I should try using ProfitFarmers too then!”

And that’s exactly what Jaime did…

How Jaime makes High-Profit Trades at Superhuman Speed with ProfitFarmers

ProfitFarmers Copy Trading

By copying our signals, getting rid of “Decision Overload”

Delivered right into Jaime’s hands through his ProfitFarmers dashboard, he uses our trading signals to find high-probability trade plans in seconds, not hours.

“I’ve found ProfitFarmers signals pretty great for finding some scalp trades. My favourite signal strategies have been PF222, PF999 and Lightning-3. I just gotta pull up the charts for 5 minutes to tweak the trade setup and then I’m done!”

By using our market scanners to analyse the entire market almost instantly

Instead of being stuck worrying about where to spend his time, Jaime uses our Scanners to quickly spot and focus on coins with high-probability price action.
ProfitFarmers Market Scanners

“I’d say the Price Action Scanner and RSI scanner are worth half the subscription value by itself. It saves me tons of time with research and reading /biz/ shill threads!”

“This [PAS] scanner gives me a condensed view of what I’d typically use for my analysis, making it infinitely faster for me to find good price action.”

With the PAS, the hard work of identifying price action is simplified for Jaime into an easy-to-understand, color-coded chart. It does this by tracking Fibonacci Levels in 11 Periods & Price Trends in 8 Timeframes. Learn more about the PAS here.

Market Update

By reading (and sharing!) our market updates to stay one step ahead

Even with his background in trading, Jaime understands the importance of getting a second opinion. By sharing the updates from our free telegram channel, his friends were able to benefit from them too!

“I like how PF’s Market Updates give you the bigger picture of what’s going on. For experienced traders, it’s more of a “palate cleanser” or a grounding thing since it’s easy to tunnel vision on the immediate NOW.”

For newbies, these updates are amazing! Full stop. I started sending them to my coworker/best friend, which I’m training in the arts of Trading, and I’ve noticed that he reduced the amount of emotional trades. I’d attribute that to the digestible nature of the Market Updates.”

Jaime's tips for anyone thinking of using ProfitFarmers:

Education Icon

1. Educate yourself! Use ProfitFarmers Materials

“Do your due diligence – READ THE PDFs! You don’t need to be a technical analysis genius, just learn the basics. Actually take the time to read and understand the materials that Matthew has made available to learn from.”

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2.Trade with a Plan, Understand Your Risk Levels

“Calculate how much you can reasonably risk per trade – then only trade with money that you can afford to lose. If you can do this, you’ve figured out the hardest part in trading. Oh and DON’T CHASE PUMPS/BIG GAINS. Learn to take profits and don’t get attached!”
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3. Take Responsibility. Your Money, Your Trades.

“Don’t contact the support team just because you want to complain about your trade going wrong. That’s your fault, try to ask yourself what you can learn from it. This comes back to properly educating yourself, because it’s really not that difficult at the end of the day.”
Hey. Stop wasting
your precious time.
Be Like Jaime:
Jaime Oliveira Trade Gains
Jaime's Binance Spot Wallet Gains
and Experience Extremely Efficient Crypto Trading today.
Since using ProfitFarmers, Jaime spends less time analysing and more time executing high-probability trades. In other words; he spends his time where the money is actually made.

Now’s your chance to do the same.
Because Seriously;
you don’t want to be this guy:

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Moonbag Astronaut
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