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What is ProfitFarmers?

A platform that enables anyone to make profitable trades, even with 0% experience.
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ProfitFarmers is a subscription-based trading  Our system functions similarly to copy trading services, except that members directly copy our trade suggestions (called Seed Signals  and not other traders.

Our Seed Signals are generated by an A.I algorithm that scans cryptocurrency market data 24/7 to detect trends that we can exploit for a profit. The best results are hand-picked by our team of professional traders, wrapped up into a Seed Signal, and placed on the ProfitFarmers’ dashboard.

Trading with our Seed Signals can be semi-automated thanks to our integration with, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This also gives our members complete transparency and control over their money, as it always stays within their exchange account (independent of our platform).

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To make a trade, a user simply picks any Seed Signal, sets how much money they want to trade with, and hits ‘confirm order’. From here, ProfitFarmers connects with to track and act on the best price to buy or sell the coins on the users' behalf. This also includes a stop loss, which is a safety feature that automatically closes the trade if the price starts going in the wrong direction.

Once a Seed Signal hits certain stages in its growth cycle, ProfitFarmers starts collecting the profits! The money lands directly inside of a user’s wallet, totally free of commission or fees.

What’s in this for you?

Well, a way to make even more money from the traffic you already have.
One Commission Structure, One Fantastic Offer.

Rev Share Deal

20% Lifetime Rev Share

Hassle-Free Affiliate Management

ProfitFarmers' Membership Pricing:

pf monthly payment
pf quarterly payment
pf yearly payment
pf lifetime payment

Steps to Success: Get started!

We make sure becoming an affiliate promoter is as simple as possible. Here’s how you do it:

1. Apply for Account

Sign up for our affiliate program by spending 5 minutes to get started, just apply here.

2. Get Your Affiliate Link & Marketing Kit

When you have been approved you will get full access to banners, links and content swipes inside your own affiliate dashboard.

3. Start converting & Making Money!

With everything set and ready, it’s time to go live! Payouts are made on the 15th each month.


*Trading Signals Results

Completed Trades - 2021
Winners Trade - 2021
Losers Trade - 2021

In 2021 we created a total of 2573 signals with

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of those turning into completed trades, hitting either a stop loss or at least 1 target!

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of our completed trades hit at least their first target! That’s a strike rate of almost



You can learn more about how signal statistics are calculated here.

Your Media Kit

Sign up as an affiliate and get our first-class media kit for free.

Email Swipes

Instantly give and get tons of value from your lists with our benefit-driven emails.
Not spammy, not annoying. Written to invite conversions.

Sales Pages

Turn your leads into conversions with our sales page. Created alongside industry-leading creative marketers, we present a clear offer that compels user sign-ups.

Conversion Focused Landing Pages:

Home Page

Visit Page

Academy Page

Visit Page

Results Page

Visit Page

Testimonial Page

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Pricing Page

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Why Should I Promote ProfitFarmers?

Because What Benefits You is What Benefits Us. 

Here’s what we mean:

We don’t take any commissions or fees from trades made through ProfitFarmers. We only generate revenue from our monthly membership fees.

It’s in our best interest to keep members on our platform, month after month after month. We take care of this by consistently producing high-quality trading signals for our members.

So, you can get a revenue share of our member’s re-subscriptions. We want members to stay with us long-term.

It’s a win-win situation. By partnering with us, we work together to benefit each other.

It seems like the real question to ask is “Why shouldn’t I promote ProfitFarmers?”

Feeling uncertain?

If you’re not sure if this is for you, please consider these questions:

Do you want to promote a high-quality, fully functional offer to your audience(s)?

Would you like to save time and money with free, high-performance marketing material?

If your answer is YES to any of those questions, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is contact us, get your affiliate link, publish your marketing materials and start earning!

Affiliate terms

  • Affiliates MUST NOT promise users to get rich overnight. This is not a get rich scheme.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT guarantee profits from using Profitfarmers.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT use fake celebrity endorsements to promote Profitfarmers.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT promote Profitfarmers by using fake discounts/coupon codes.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT use any form of cookie stuffing in order to send leads directly to any ProfitFarmers order pages, or any other unauthorised page, including (but not limited to) using i-frames.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT bid on any paid keywords including the term “ProfitFarmers” in any variation.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT use the term “ProfitFarmers” in any variation in their site URL. (eg.,, etc etc.)
  • Affiliates MUST NOT advertise ProfitFarmers discounts of any kind unless we authorize any special discount promotions and expressly give permission to advertise a discount.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT promote other alternative or similar platforms & services to ProfitFarmers in the same publishing where ProfitFarmers is being promoted.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT use the word “SCAM” in any positive review headline, in order to generate clicks at the expense of tarnishing our brand by suggesting ProfitFarmers MIGHT be a scam. (ProfitFarmers is NOT a scam so DO NOT suggest it in any way, even if your review is positive.)
  • Affiliates MUST NOT share or allude to any form of communication with the ProfitFarmers team without EXPLICIT consent from a ProfitFarmers company representative.
  • GEO restrictions: Affiliates must NOT promote ProfitFarmers in the following countries: United States Minor Outlying Islands, American Samoa, Israel, Japan, Algeria, Ecuador,  Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and such regions as Crimea (disputable territory between RU and UA).
  • Affiliates Must NOT say that users of ProfitFarmers earn money automatically.
  • Affiliates Must NOT allude to the idea that ProfitFarmers is a solution that will handle 100% of the trading for the user.
  • Affiliates Must NOT revolve their content around ProfitFarmers being a ROBOT or AUTOTRADE. ProfitFarmers is semi-automated and still requires the user to perform manual actions.
  • Affiliates Must NOT suggest that ProfitFarmers STARTS trades for users. However, it IS okay to say that ProfitFarmers handles the trading from entry to exit AFTER it’s explained that the user must first CLICK on a signal to copy it.
  • Affiliates Must NOT state that ProfitFarmers never lose and that this is a guaranteed way of making money.
  • Affiliates Must NOT promise any specific returns within a monthly period – the amount a user earns depends on how well they use the system.
  • Affiliates are required to educate themselves on what ProfitFarmers is before promoting our services and as a minimum, you must watch the 10-minute explainer video on the homepage.
  • Affiliates must be able to answer the following questions prior to publishing any form of promotional content:
    • 1. How do you copy and follow a signal, how do you select different strategies (and what does each mean?)
    • 2. How do you manually exit a trading signal that you’ve followed?
    • 3. Where do you find & how do you navigate the key parts of the manual trading terminal?
    • 4. What does it mean if you copied a signal and the coins haven’t appeared in your wallet yet?
    • 5. Why might some of your trade orders not appear inside Binance?
    • 6. Why might you not be making the same gains as shown on the trading signals?
    • 7. How do you use the trading signal results breakdowns to help make better trading plans moving forward?
  • Any affiliates found to be breaking these rules agree they will be banned from promoting ProfitFarmers upon discovery, affiliates will forfeit all commissions generated whilst breaking the above rules and will be banned from promoting all future products we release.
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