Capitulation, Anger and Depression – A Story of Politicians, Pedophiles and Ponzis

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FTX insolvency rumors rocked the market in November triggering maximum pain, fear and anger as many thousands of people are under threat of losing their trading funds. This is a strong indication that we are now entering the final stages of this bear market cycle.

There have almost always been major events to trigger the worst phase of crypto bear markets:

  • 2014 heralded the mount gox implosion.
  • In 2018 we had the ICO scam bubble popping as fears of SEC regulations put a stop to the party along with Tether (USDT) FUD in full swing, spooking people into believing that prices could hit 0 any day.
  • In 2020 we had the Corona virus shaking markets out.
  • In 2022 we had wars to kick things off, Celsius and other companies collapsing, and now the FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried bankruptcy to wrap things up.

Every single time the world was convinced crypto was dead, everyone had been scammed to pieces or had lost their funds… prices went on to recover and reach new highs, without fail.

It’s clockwork.

The final moves down are almost always the fastest and most violent and the price action we are witnessing in November 2022 is no different as double digit drops for almost all coins came in across the board.

Maximum Fear = Maximum Opportunity

History is set to repeat itself again as new positive crypto narratives will rise from the ashes of the most recent crash. If you watched our presentation on the extreme crypto catalysts you’ll understand why this is inevitable.

The stage is now set for the next phase of the digital slavery VS financial freedom narrative. Battle lines are being drawn and it’s becoming obvious who the good guys and bad guys are in this story.

Note – in our opinion it’s all WWE, fake drama, fake rivalries, fake chair shots and cage matches. It’s just designed to draw attention and manipulate opinions or behavior. Team good and team bad are all one team, (although some of them perhaps don’t even realize it).

Do you remember the console wars between Sony and Microsoft etc? Isn’t it amazing marketing? You’re forced into a false dichotomy whilst becoming emotionally attached to one particular side.

Keep that in mind…

Team ‘Good Guys’:

‘CZ’ of Binance, all round nice guy, once wore shorts to a suit and tie event. Recently tried to save FTX from going under (after partly triggering the problems in the first place by publicly outing the FTX issues). Famous for keeping funds ‘SAFU’. 

CZ Binance Tweet

Binance assisted Elon Musk in purchasing Twitter to the tune of $500,000,000. Elon is obviously the people’s champion and the DOGE father. Known for being involved in tech and presents himself as different to the other elites. Quoted as saying “Love is the answer”.

We’ve already covered the twitter + crypto payments + Binance stuff in our dog day conspiracy series.

Elon has also been showing some affinity with Donald Trump and also Kanye West.

Elon Musk Tweet

What is ‘X’? Well supposedly this will be the name for Elon’s ‘super app’, an app covering social media, banking, travel, shopping, you name it. More than likely, crypto will be used to fuel and pay for these services.

For whatever reason, the masses see all of these characters as white knights, opposed to the darker forces in our society. This team represents truth, freedom, liberty.

Layah Heilpern Tweet

Team ‘Bad Guys’:

Alright there are a lot of people being portrayed as villains such as ‘disgraced’ Do Kwon, the founder of collapsed stablecoin project Terra, and Su Zhu, the co-founder of bankrupt hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. Even Gary Gensler of the SEC is becoming a crypto villain.

But let’s look at the bigger names.

Let’s start with Sam Bankman-Fried of the recently struggling FTX. Now clearly labeled as a crypto villain as he was caught lobbying for crypto policy changes that would kill competition. And obviously he lied about being solvent and crashed the market. Bad boy.

Jagoe Captial Tweet
Bruce Fenton Tweet

FTX has backing and partnerships with Blackrock and Circle, which are institutions that represent the elite dream of centralized control and CBDCs.

Mark Zuckerburg is now infamous for creating Facebook. He changed the name to META[verse] and is focussed on making sure he can strap goggles to your face and send your eyeballs some ads.

Bill Gates is also seen as a bit of a suspicious villain considering his moves in the vaccine industry. Microsoft has been partnering with META to work on their version of a digital world.

META links to the others through crypto projects MATIC and AR and other partnerships.

Many of these characters and institutions are also directly involved with the now infamous World Economic Forum. You can see how easy it will be to generate a resistance force (and therefore gain attention) against these people.

Own nothing and be happy

Although you can’t say all of these guys are a ‘team’ exactly, you can see that we have plenty of characters floating around who represent a more sinister side of crypto or our potential digital futures.

It’s no coincidence that all of the ‘Sam bankman-fried is a deep-state plant’ has suddenly gone viral. The populace is being built up to stage a revolution.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Just like we have left vs right, vax vs no vax, open borders vs closed borders and so on, soon we will see a fight for supremacy of the metaverse. We don’t know exactly what will happen but you can assume SHOTS WILL BE FIRED.

Just like with CBDCs vs Bitcoin the bad guys aren’t really here to enslave us, they’re here to provoke you. To get your attention. To make you really, really want whatever the good team is offering instead of the bad stuff.

This is how you make a global population fight for and demand their own digital slavery. Save us Elon! Don’t let Zuckerburg control the Metaverse, he’s bad!

Most people know that a ‘paper please’ society is bordering on Nazi land. But for some reason no one minds when Elon discusses making it mandatory to identify yourself on his apps or to use cryptos. He promised to clean up bots on twitter, but instead made a new blue badge verification for $8. That’s not going to stop big money bots (Elon is just taxing them for using his lands now), but it is going to train users into giving up their personal information in exchange for privileges and features.

We expect to see this ‘King of the Metaverse’ narrative heating up quickly once the dust settles on the recent crypto collapse. Alternate Reality and Virtual Reality aren’t going to disappear.

People will rush to crypto as fiat collapses whilst they are told Bitcoin is freedom and the way to fight CBDC’s. Meanwhile, Elon Musk + Binance and friends build out the new digital infrastructures under the Project X banner to global applause.

Maybe we sound crazy…but we’ve been right about too many other things in the past to ignore the signs.

The narratives just keep getting crazier and crazier. We’re looking at the early stages of the ‘pied piper brigade hoovering up audiences, ready to influence their opinions for the next part of the cycle. The stories are just too juicy for people not to share and gossip about.

Do You See the Wider Narrative Now?

The people must rise up and overthrow the corrupt pedos, politicians and ponzi runners, who have directly attacked crypto in an attempt to push through a villainous CBDC plot. The people must reclaim their individual financial freedom and save themselves from tyranny of all kinds.

Don’t forget, the masses are also being woken up to the vaccination scandals. More corruption, more victims. More demand for personal freedoms…’down with centralization, down with governments, down with the WHO and central banks’.

The population is being mentally manipulated and financially coerced (through hyper-inflation etc) into demanding a change and it just so happens that a group of ‘white knights’ are emerging to save us all.

Enjoy the show and let’s get ready for crypto to explode all over again! If it all goes to hell, at least we’ll have tons of metaverse monopoly money! 2023 is going to be an amazing and interesting year! Things could be faster or slower than anyone expects, the key is simply keeping your head in the game, ready to jump when those special moments on the charts arrive and the narratives give confirmation.

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