The Modern Ghost

Modern Ghost Klaus

Technology and ghosts have a very odd relationship.

Tales and rumors of ghosts have always been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the turn of the 19th century that ‘evidence’ for ghosts surfaced.

It was when new technology, such as the camera and the cassette recorder, were able to capture things that are beyond this world.

Haunted old burial photo

Fear is an incredible thing

It can distract you from seeing anything else, and can completely capture the imagination. The evidence for ghosts, now seen and heard in pictures and cassette recordings, has overwhelmed the collective imagination.

Fear is like manure for the brain. It fertilises and softens up the ground so that new seeds (or thoughts) can be planted.


Ghosts stories prompted many children’s stories, books, newspaper articles, advertisements and ever since then spooky spectral spirits have been buried deep into your mind. When you were home alone or walking down a dark alley, and they were mentioned around a dinner table or the campfire a little buzz deep in your mind activated and gave you a chill.
Haunted news and cursed tapes

But as technology progressed and information became easier to access – it came to light that many of these photos and recordings were ‘faked’.

Photography experts identified different methods that could aid in the photographic imitation of “spirits” like in the photo below—techniques such as multiple exposure and combination printing.

Haunted old photo

Indeed, the best tools for tracking down spirits have always been the ones fallible enough to find something. In other words, try not to step in the Bullsh1t.

Despite many ‘evidences’ being deemed as fake, technology and ghosts continue their teamwork to scare the public.

There’s something to take note here though: The ghost scared the individual and technology transported the fear, but governing bodies and powers never considered them as dangerous.

In other words, the government won’t protect you from ‘ghosts’ (afterall, nobody was killed by a ghost… well, at least not on record).

But what happens when the ghosts haunting you are actually other unhealthy thoughts and fears?

“We need to prepare for the coming ‘cyber pandemic”
CEO of Israeli Cybersecurity Firm, Check point
But as technology advanced, a new kind of ghost was born from it - the Hacker.
A poltergeist and the hacker share many of the same characteristics:

Yet there is one very important aspect of the hacker that the ghost does not possess: Hackers are real, and they can actually do some damage if you aren’t careful.

It’s for this reason that governments have labeled them as ‘dangerous’, therefore, WE MUST BE PROTECTED.

In fact so dangerous that world leaders have now gone under one roof to discuss another pandemic they fear coming – something they’ve labeled as the ‘cyber pandemic’.

Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a guy who 100% looks like a James Bond villain, has warned people that they need to envision what would happen to the world where a planned cyberattack would take place, sharing his fear with much of society.

In summary, here’s what hackers can do in Klaus’ hypothetical attack:

  1. Bring a complete halt to power supply
  2. Disrupt transportation
  3. Halt hospital services
  4. Destruction of our society as a whole
  5. Things so bad that Covid-19 is tiny in comparison

Why would you take this seriously? Well the World Economic Forum and similar organisations such as the Davos Agenda (all the richest people that give zero sh1ts about you) have a great track record of predicting things that just so happen to come true.

A bit like Bill Gates getting into the vaccine industry (with Davos and WEF backing), running pandemic simulations (check out ‘event 201’) and then magically a ‘real’ pandemic shows up months later. Look into this if you think we are being ridiculous. You’ll see the truth quickly.

Fear can be incredibly distracting and paralysing

The public is being taught to pay special fear to the hacker, but the real misuse of technology has already been happening.

According to Freedom House director for democracy and technology Adrian Shahbaz,

“Political leaders used the pandemic as a pretext to crack down on free expression and limit access to information”.

He also states that there are three commonly used tactics:

Number 1 Icon
First, in at least 45 countries, activists, journalists, and other members of the public were arrested or charged with criminal offenses for online speech related to the pandemic.
Number 2 Icon
Second, in at least 20 countries, governments cited the pandemic emergency to impose vague or overly broad speech restrictions.
Number 3 Icon
Third, governments in at least 28 countries censored websites and social media posts to censor unfavorable health statistics, corruption allegations, and other Covid-19-related content.
“We’re sleepwalking into a world where our most sensitive personal and biometric data will soon be at the mercy of private companies, security agencies, and even cybercriminals.” – Adrian Shahbaz

The real issue, it seems, are threats to freedom, not Hackers.

Fear is used to soften up your mind and create a sense of panic and urgency. Once they have everyone running around like headless chickens a ‘solution’ will be presented. In this case, they are hoping to win support to entirely censor the internet as we know it.

They will tell you it’s “for your safety”

Can your Crypto be Hacked?

While it is true that hacks are a problem, do not fall for panicked urban legends. Although there’s been (major) hacks on cryptocurrencies, they’ve almost always been thwarted.

Two of the biggest hacks concerning cryptos, the 2020 twitter hack and 2021 Poly network hack, ended with the bad guys either ending up being caught or having to return all the money without them being able to spend a single penny.

As for you, you have all the knowledge you need to operate. Critical thinking, smart planning and common sense are precautions that everybody possesses and can keep you safe from hackers stealing your digital assets (or publicizing your selfies).

Crypto Security Tips

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