4 Differences Between Winning and Losing Traders

4 difference between winners and losers

Harsh truth: 97% of traders lose.

If you’ve read our article on how the whales manipulate the market and gobble up all the little fish, you know the cruel reality already. It’s just not a fair fight.

The cold truth is there’s a statistically overwhelming chance you will lose trade after trade and go broke unless you’re one of the top 3% of traders on Earth. It’s possible for sure, but it requires education and experience.

What we’re saying is making money at trading is REALLY HARD. Only 3 out of every 100 do it.

Don’t worry, our expert trading team has been winning trades for years, and today we’re going to share with you the 4 key differences between winning and losing traders. This is inside info on how elite traders win trade after trade. Master them and you’ll be a top 3% trader. Forsake them and get gobbled up by the whales.

The choice is yours.

First, Don’t Feel so Bad - Trading is Absolutely Brutal

Don’t beat yourself up too much. Pretty much everyone struggles with trading crypto.

Crypto is the most brutal asset class in human history.

Research shows that 40% of traders go broke in the first 3 months of trading and 80% go broke within a few short years.


traders make money meme

There are two main problems preventing the masses of “regular” traders from making any money.

Problem #1 is that the whales control pretty much everything and gobble up the vast majority of profits. It’s really hard to compete against multi-billion dollar market making firms. It can be done, but it’s not easy. If you haven’t read our article on the harsh truth of crypto trading, read it.

But there’s another major issue: Lack of proper trading education.

The majority of “regular Joe” traders don’t put in the time to learn how to actually do this right.

You wouldn’t try to become a doctor without going to medical school or a lawyer without law school, right? Trading is no different.

Yet, for some reason, most traders just jump right in thinking they’re going to “learn as they go”. It doesn’t work that way.

“Trading to learn” crypto is the same as “playing to learn” roulette: You’re essentially gambling, and the house is going to win.

Actually, trading crypto without educating yourself about what, why, and how to trade is like fighting in the Roman Colosseum with a wooden spoon.

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Knowledge and education make all the difference. This is where almost all traders – new, intermediate, and even experienced ones – fail miserably.

97% of traders are lifetime losers mostly because they start trading without actually learning how to do it.

What Separates The Top 3% of Traders From the 97% of Losers?

If 97% people fail at trading and only 3% are successful, then those 3% must be doing something right while everyone else is screwing up royally.

Let’s look at this secret sauce recipe step by step.

1. Risk Management

pf risk management

Proper risk management prevents you from blowing your entire account before you’ve had a chance to make money.

Never risk more than 2-5% of your account per trade. That means, if your trade hits stop loss, you don’t lose anymore than 2% (or whichever % you choose) of your trading balance.

With a $10,000 account you would only want to risk losing a maximum of 2% ($200) per trade. In other words, if a trade hits a stop loss, you should not lose more than $200.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. For example, a multi-millionaire trader might risk more than 5% for quick profits, while someone with $5,000 might risk only 2% and never deviate from it. It’s all about finding what works for you.

Learn more about risk management in our complete guide on risk management for stress-free trading.

2. Trading Strategies

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This is your standard operating procedure (SOP). It’s how you trade day-in and day-out.

Think of it like your religion.

Everyone’s trading strategy or style is different. The benefit of having a strategy is you’ll reduce decision fatigue and simplify your decision-making process, all while avoiding situations that are uncomfortable (and letting emotion take over).

For example, you may stick to oversold indicators alongside price action, volume, and support zones for a long trade setup.

The best traders adjust their strategies based on different market themes and patterns. At ProfitFarmers, we approach the market in a mind-bending number of different ways. We have internal strategies for every different type of theme. For example:

  • CM2, CM4, and CM5 target new listings
  • Breakout 61 targets breakout coins
  • PF111 and PF999 target trending coins

We even have some that target swing trade reversals…the list could go on and on.

It takes YEARS of experience to develop these strategies. The benefit of a platform like ProfitFarmers is that these strategies are baked into our algorithm, so you don’t actually need to learn any of them or do any technical analysis at all. Each signal you get is the optimal signal for that point in time, no matter the market, the coin, the current theme, etc. It’s all done for you.

3. Trading Plans

pf lskusdt trade form

The top 1% of traders have detailed parameters for entering and exiting trades, and they stick to them. It’s like an outline where you define what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Plans usually include:

  • Coinpair
  • Entry zone
  • Take-profit targets
  • Exit plan
  • Leverage (optional)

This ensures that you always remain emotionless. Not only will it be less stressful to trade, you’ll make much more objective decisions.

Think of it like taking a map into a new country where you’ve never been before. Without one, you’ll get lost.

Creating trade plans isn’t easy either. Every coin pair behaves differently and price action changes with every candle. Knowing where to enter and exit in the heat of the moment is a complex task that can take years to master.

Each one of our trading signals comes with a full trade plan including everything you read above.

This drastically simplifies the entire process by putting a full trade plan in your hand based on those fancy underlying strategies I was just telling you about. You don’t have to do any analysis at all (although we recommend doing at least a bit!).

All you do is add money to the trade, toggle on your features, and click TRADE NOW. No staring at charts, finding entry and exit zones, or defining targets. It’s right here for you.

4. Technology


Nowadays, trading is pretty much millions of computers fighting with each other 24/7.

Computers don’t need sleep. They don’t need “to human” either. No eating, drinking, sleeping, driving to work, or browsing Facebook while they should be checking charts. All they do is watch every price tick and make the optimal trading decision. It’s not fair.

So the best traders know they need to harness (I hate this word) the power of this same technology if they want to compete. If you’re relying on your gut, you’re dead in the water.

You either need to get yourself a super computer and army of robot slaves, or you need a platform like ProfitFarmers that puts that same power back in your hands.

Here are a few ways we help you level the playing field:

Trade Signals

pf lskusdt trade form

Like I mentioned before, our signals come straight from our AI algorithm that’s programmed with our underlying strategies. All those massive market-making firms have tools you can’t compete with that help them make the exact, most optimal trade at the right time. Our algorithm puts that power in your hands too.


copy trading inside PF

We give you a signal. You copy it and adjust to fit your budget/strategies. It’s really that simple. Instead of going it alone and making poor decisions (or letting human error or emotion enter the picture), you just copy a ruthless AI that knows exactly what it’s doing.

Laddering Mode

The best traders know how to get the optimal result by laddering into trades. They “buy in” at several different price points to hedge their bets and get the optimal average entry price. You might need to spend a significant amount of time staring at charts and have in-depth technical knowledge to do this properly.

With ProfitFarmers, it’s done automatically. You just enable Laddering Mode, and our platform gives you 5 different entry prices within the entry zone. That way, you get a solid average entry without the risk of a major miscalculation.

Break-Even Stop-Loss

The ultimate profit locker-upper.

It sucks, but you aren’t one of the massive whales at the top with an infinite bankroll and 0 risk aversion. None of us are.

Our Break-Even Stop-Loss feature gives you peace of mind and the best chance to “lock-in” profit, and prevent winning trades from becoming losers.

Toggle this feature on and our platform automatically moves up your stop-loss whenever you reach the next take-profit target. So basically, if your coin price hits take-profit target 1, Break-Even Stop-Loss moves your stop-loss from its original point up to the entry price so you lock that profit in.

As a small-time trader, this drastically reduces risk and frees up your time since you don’t have to sit and watch your trade all day worrying about price action. Remember, you aren’t an evil whale with computer slaves!

In Conclusion, ProfitFarmers Puts All 4 of These Winning Elements in Your Hands Instantly

Sorry for the direct promotion, but there’s really no other way to say it. 97% of traders lose because they don’t have the right risk management, technology, trade plans, and trading strategies.

Remember, trading is absolutely brutal. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’re screwed. And even if you do know what you’re doing, the whales have so much power and influence that it’s insanely hard to compete.

So, you can either invest years of time into learning how to do it right and lose a ton of money along the way, or sign up for ProfitFarmers and start trading like the top 3% of traders.

Feel free to develop your own trading strategies, and learn ideal risk management and trade planning, but it’s a long grind and you’ll most likely go broke along the way.

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