Why The Top 1% Trading Whales ALWAYS Win (Unless You’re a Fish)

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TL;DR: In crypto, the whales ALWAYS win. 99% of crypto profits go to 1% of whales. As a small-time trader, there’s NOTHING you can do. The deck is stacked against you. You’re up against super algorithms, crooked media, and market makers so big they get tax breaks from Congress.

But there’s hope. You just need to become a fish. A fish that latches on to the whales/sharks and feeds off their scraps. The most successful traders on Earth do not FIGHT the whales – they go with them. In this article, we’ll cover how latching on and following the whales, and gobbling up all their leftovers is your ticket to MASSIVE gains…and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Time to become a F****** fish!

Are you struggling to make money trading?

Does it feel like you miss every major market move…or, when you do get in, the COMPLETE REVERSE happens and you lose everything?

You aren’t alone.

Here’s the harsh truth that nobody wants you to know:

The vast majority of traders – 97% – lose money. Only 3% make profit, and nearly all the profit goes to the top 1%.

Yes, you read that right. Crypto trading is pretty much a gigantic Ponzi scheme where the money filters up to the whales at the top.

As a small-time retail trader, you stand no chance.

It’s like being a little fish fighting sharks and whales for fish food – you can’t win.

That’s basically what crypto trading is now for anyone not in the top 3%.

There’s only one way to stand a fighting chance – learning to play the same game they play. You’ve got to follow them and gobble up the leftovers they leave behind.

You’ve got to become a fish that swims under the whale and eats everything that falls out of his mouth. Just like this…

Here’s How Crypto Whales Are Cheating You And Taking Your Money

Is this you?

  • New trader?
  • Beginner with some experience?
  • Small-time?
  • Journeyman?
  • Intermediate?
  • Pro stock trader just getting into crypto?

You are literally fighting a losing game from the outset.

It’s almost like gambling in Vegas: you might get lucky here and there, but the house ALWAYS wins.

The top 1% of whales/institutions invest millions of dollars into creating super algorithms that work around the clock 24/7/365 to spot trends and do insane calculations mere mortals could never dream of. There are massive market-making firms that invest 100x more money than you’ll ever see in your life just into developing algorithms.

You don’t even want to know how much they have in their collective trading accounts.

So, as if that didn’t suck enough, it gets worse.

The whales control the media, meaning they can create a fun house hall of mirrors that convinces the public to do WHATEVER their big, greedy, fully aquatic marine mammalian pockets want. They can literally socially engineer ANYTHING.

You think one thing is about to happen because “that’s what the media is saying”, then all your money is gone instantly.

All those influencer accounts? They’re bought and paid for. They’re purposely there to lead you astray. They only make it LOOK natural.


Sorry if this is ruining your day, but better you hear this now.

Even if you nail everything. Seriously, even if you get everything right and are primed to make a ton of money on a trade, whales can pull a scam wick and force the price in any direction they want.

All they have to do is open a massive order outside the normal buy zone. That’ll trigger a massive, cascading buy/sell-off and the market will head in any direction they want.

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Now For Some Good News

Just like in nature, whales and sharks can’t possibly gobble up literally everything. In every feeding frenzy of chum, plankton, mollusks, crustaceans, and un-recycled plastic, some scraps inevitably fall through.

That’s where nature’s smartest fish make their living. There’s a massive, easy-living ecosystem built around leftover whale and shark food. Actually, it might be even better than being a whale, because the whales assume all the risk and do all the work.

These bum fish just chill under the whale and eat whatever falls out of his mouth, and he eats so damn much that what falls out is actually a FEAST for smaller fish.

How to Become a Top 3% Trader By Becoming a Parasitic Fish

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Behold, nature’s most cunning creation. An elegant, majestic creature knowing no bounds of guile, ingenuity, and dexterity. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…

The Pilot Fish.

The best traders in the world are not sharks or whales. They’re Pilot Fish.

ProfitFarmers was basically inspired by this F****** fish.

Pilot Fish are smart. They realize there’s no way in hell they can ever fight a giant whale or shark for food. So they latch on to the bottom, ride through the ocean with them, and eat their scraps. And since whales and sharks eat a ton of food, Pilot Fish eat like KINGS.

pilot fish

The Pilot Fish of the crypto world are right below the crypto whales, and they’re constantly profiting off the massive moves all the market-making whales perform on a daily basis.

All you do is wait for the big whales and sharks to make their moves, gobble up most of the little fish (profits/gains), then you feast on everything that’s leftover. In the crypto world, these moves are so massive that even the “leftovers” are 100+% gains or more.

It’s really hard to become a Pilot Fish on your own. Unless you identify as one or something.

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But it’s really easy when you’ve got a platform that does it for you…

Introducing the Crypto Co-Pilot fish (badum-tshh)

pro trader meme

The thing is, all those supercomputers run on code created by humans, and you can reverse engineer it. And all that market manipulation works like clockwork. It repeats over and over again with the same patterns and themes. Our team spent years studying their every move and created various algorithms based on whale behavior.

Our algorithm detects what they’re going to do so you can follow their patterns, then gives you the same tools the top 2-3% traders use to execute winning trades perfectly.

That way, you can just use our tool and you immediately become a top 2-3% trader (A Pilot Fish). Our signals pop up at the right moment, and all you need to do is copy, adjust, and click “execute”.

Now, YOU TOO can join the feeding frenzy by jumping in at the perfect, most high probability moment, execute your kill and get the hell out of there before the sharks turn around and do it all over again.

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