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I know you’re busy, and like most of the world you’re probably suffering from an ever shortening attention span, so I give you my word that you’ll be glad you watched this entire video and not only that, you can benefit from this entirely for free with no catch.

In 2020 people thought we were crazy to call for a bull run in the middle of the COVID pandemic but whilst everyone else was panicking our trading experts and algorithms casually picked up over 2600 trades for a total peak gain of 24,845%

And if that wasn’t enough, in 2021 we ended up with another 48,500% of peak gains from 2151 completed trades.

Now that’s a lot of trades!

We also called the previous top for Bitcoin in 2022 and gave several opportunities for people to exit the market on the way down before everything fell apart entirely.

A painful crash, but not for everyone!

And as the dust was settling on the carnage we caught the local bottom all over again

So, it pays to pay attention to our trading wizards if they have something to say and guess what!?

We’ve got another prediction that could see you picking up the next +1500% move!

Something’s coming up in that you absolutely don’t want to miss.

But wait, Crypto is dead right?

I mean, we’re in the middle of a war

North Korea News of testing Nuclear at South Korea

Europeans are facing a massive energy crisis

EU facing energy crisis

There’s absolutely no way now is the right time to be involved in crypto trading…. right?


Most people are running scared right now and gobbling up all the fearful news like a fat kid eats cake.

But something really big is happening in the crypto markets that’s going to drive the next wave of mass adoption to levels never seen before!

And at the heart of this matter is your own personal financial freedom, and when I say that, I don’t just mean getting rich, I mean genuinely there is a fork in the road coming up that will change your life whether you’re paying attention or not!

If we’re right, you’ll be the next person to make +1900% gains just like Bernhard

Bernhard Wagner Case Study

And we’ll see more signals just like these

Who wouldn’t want to be involved in crypto trading when you can make gains like these overnight?

There’s an EXTREME crypto catalyst sneaking around and the parastical elites are hoping you’re to stupid to see it.

Mark Zukerburg hiding the golden bull

Let’s start with the big picture.

Markets always move in cycles. Up and down, up and down, forever and ever whilst the media spin stories to explain why it’s all happening, keeping people in a trance.

The media are distracting you with stories of nuclear warfare and climate change so that you don’t look at this chart…

PAY ATTENTION: Can You See a Better Time For Trading Crypto Than Now?

Let me explain,
This is the Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap on Weekly Timeframe

The price on the chart represents the entire crypto market place as one investment.

What do your eyes tell you?

Here’s the blurb from the ProfitFarmers trading wizards:

  • Macro perspective we see a potential bottom within this zone
  • Fractals in the past years clearly display a trend with clear sight for the upcoming bull run
  • RSI has already touched 30 meaning it’s oversold and right now the market is accumulating
  • Breakout over local EMA’s will accompany resumption of major uptrend in the overall market
  • Market has already experienced major downside and deleveraging events along with new regulation

In simple English: LETS F***ING GO!

Take another look at the chart

Can you see the COVID crash in 2020 and what happened to the market afterwards?

What was the news like at that time?

covid world wide news

That’s right. Those sneaky little guys were up to the same old tricks. The world is ending!

Sounds familiar right?!

Sing it with me – Buy the FEAR. Sell the GREED.

I don’t know about you, but what scares me more than anything is losing my freedoms.

I think the same is true for almost everyone and the fight for freedom and liberty has been the catalyst for some of the biggest events in recent history. Particularly the bloodiest revolutions and wars…

World War 2

If you’ve been living under a rock you might not have heard about the so called ‘Great Reset’ involving the rather devilish Klaus Schwabb, the World Economic Forum and various big organizations like BlackRock and the Rockefeller foundations.

the great reset

These fine folk are aiming to reset, or in other words – destroy- the current FIAT based economy and usher in a new form of global communism under the flashy name ‘stakeholder capitalism’.

Own nothing and be happy

Sounds fun right?!

I’m not going to cover all of that in this video. Instead I want to focus on an absolutely critical juncture that’s coming up for western civilisation.

The fight between Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDC’s and Cryptocurrencies.


Some form of money system will need to replace the existing Dollar based fiat system, in full or partially, as the old economic system begins to fall apart.

CBDC’s are the preferred option for our current overlords and masters over at the central banks and international monetary fund.

Let me cut to the chase…

CBDC’s are scary. Why?

They’re effectively programmable, digital money that allows for things like:

  • Social credit scoring to be tied to your income
  • Money that can only be spent on WHAT they say
  • Money that can only be spent WHERE they say
  • Money that can only be spent WHEN they say
  • Money that can have a time limit and then *poof*…it’s gone
  • Negative interest rates (watch your savings disappear if you don’t spend!)
  • Total surveillance of transactions
  • Total Dystopia

Essentially, CBDC’s are a mechanism for pure totalitarian control and, as it stands, there is only one alternative.

Bitcoin as Messiah

That’s right, BITCOIN and friends are here to save the day.

If it wasn’t obvious to you already. Bitcoin represents freedom and the idea of decentralizing control of the global financial system.

Bitcoin means monetary freedom and none of the spooky CBDC stuff I just mentioned.

So zoom out for a minute and you’ll realise that the stage is being set for the ultimate Slavery vs Freedom showdown to happen all over again.

Who’s going to Win? CBDCs and the spooks behind them, or Bitcoin and all the normal plebs around the world?

This framing is important, think carefully and you’ll realize that the entire world is being offered a false choice.

Wake up and fight for freedom, which in this case means rallying behind politicians that will support crypto use and adoption.


Quietly accept digital serfdom and slowly decline into a totalitarian state akin to North Korea or China.

North Korea Culture

Obviously that’s not going to happen…right?

The rallying cry to fight for financial freedom is going to go absolutely supersonic. If you thought all the Bitcoin = messiah stuff from 2021 was weird… I bet you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If you thought the last bull run was a big one, imagine what’s going to happen when the world wakes up and realizes that if they don’t start moving to crypto…they risk total enslavement. And yes that’s exactly how it’s going to be framed!

In those circumstances, with the backdrop of the current financial system falling into ruin, crypto adoption will move like wildfire!

bitcoin rocket

Another giveaway that crypto is about to go crazy can be found in the Markets in Crypto Assets framework (MICA) which provides regulatory guidelines for the EU.

The MICA guidelines are thousands of pages long so I’m not going to summarize them, but suffice to say, they’re bullish and being well received on the whole.

Here’s what’s interesting about the MICA rollout. It gives us a timeline to work with for the next bull run.

Let’s take a quick look at the chart we had before

It tells us we’re moving into an uphase soon and should be looking for signs for a bottom NOW.

Guess what, the bullish MICA guidelines become law in February 2023 with certain parts expected to be adopted across 2023 and into 2024.

It’s expected that other jurisdictions around the world will use the EU’s MICA guidelines as a reference point. So the good news will spread globally.

Well, well well, it’s starting to look like a pretty good time to be getting back into Crypto trading despite the world apparently ending!

If that wasn’t enough to make you stop and think then what about this chart…

The next Bitcoin halving should happen in early 2024 but if you look closer you’ll realize there’s another pattern here that tells us that crypto is looking HOT.

After each market crash, prices begin racing upwards in the lead up to the next halving and turn absolutely parabolic!

Buying the yellow zones whilst everyone else panics is the way to make insane returns. Bitcoin could pull off another 10x and if it does you can be sure that all sorts of other cryptos will be going 100x or even 1000x.

It’s times like this where we start to see the fabled ‘Magic Entry’

This is a favorite of our trading team because it almost always means HUGE GAINS.

Here’s a look at this exact pattern on the UNFIUSDT chart

Look at that, an explosive 1400% move.

With just $10,000 you could have made over $140,000!

Here’s another one our experts caught

FLMUSDT, another magic entry giving up over 400% gains!

That could have been a quick $40,000 from your $10,000 investment and I’m just scratching the surface.

All signs point to now being the best time to get back into crypto trading if you want the chance to start making some absolutely epic returns.

Think about it…

We’re at or very close our market cycle bottom

A huge parabolic move to the upside usually follows on from the major market crash. And the media is used to fool you into staying on the sidelines.

The MICA laws are coming into effect in Europe and they are widely accepted as BULLISH for crypto and expected to roll out globally over time.

Magic entries have already been popping up all over the place just like you saw with UNFI

And let’s not forget the big one.

The fight between CBDCs and BITCOIN has set the stage for the biggest rush to mass adoption we’ve ever seen!


You’re now one of the few people that really understand the situation that’s developing and all you need to do now is set yourself up to benefit from this BIG TIME with our help.

If you do that you’ll be the next person picking up incredible trades just like SANDUSDT which surged from 0.27c to $6 and beyond.

Or MIRUSDT which moved up 98% in just a matter of days

Or how about GMTBTC which exploded 252%

These moves were crazy! But the even more crazy thing is that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

With the right support, the right software and the right training you’ll be able to cash in on this EXTREME crypto catalyst like never before.

This is why we’re offering you free access to our platform so that you can stay informed and start picking up some of those amazing trades that you saw just before.

If you open a free account you’ll get:

  • Extremely accurate trading signals
  • Trade automations that will make your trading easier and more relaxed than ever before
  • Access to our trading wizards and their on point market analysis
  • Trading Education
  • And more

I’m entirely convinced that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don’t want you to miss out!

This is exactly why we made the ultimate crypto trading platform, so normal people like you can start making money instead of being bullied around by big media and big institutions.

In fact, Luka went as far as describing ProfitFarmers as the “Holy Grail of Crypto”

Mike said joining ProfitFarmers was one of the best decisions in his crypto career

And Hugo says we provide a great platform for Crypto trading and fantastic training and support

Our trading team are genuine experts that you can rely on time after time

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now for a free account and get started on your crypto journey. Like I said before you’ll get access to everything you need, to stay in the loop as this once in a lifetime opportunity turns into a reality.

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PF Pro Trader 5x Blue Print

Create your free account now and I’ll see you on the other side!

Thank you for your time.

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