World Environment Day

Farm Profits and Plant Trees at $100 OFF for World Environment Day!


In support of World Environment Day we are giving away a wholesome $100 off for new memberships!

As a crypto-loving community, we believe in taking individual responsibility to reduce crypto’s carbon footprint. Afterall, where’s the point in making juicy crypto gains if we’re destroying the world we can enjoy them in…

But worry not cryptonauts! For today you’ll learn how you can pluck more profits from those crypto whale’s wallets while doing your part in healing our planet.

Elon Musk betrayed us, but we escaped the knife in the back, did you?

Crypto’s energy consumption has become such a ‘hot’ topic that some speculate it’s to blame for the savage dumping that happened to almost every coin.

And sure, maybe Elon’s tweets about Bitcoin’s environmental impact were a factor in the recent ‘dumpening’. But regardless, he makes a very valid point about the need for greener mining solutions. Perhaps this is the wakeup call the crypto community has needed…

Elon Musk stab image

If you lost money during the market crash, it’s time to get our help

We don’t base our financial decisions off of tweets or hype! Our expert’s market updates kept us safe from bleeding out like the rest of the market by accurately predicting this downard price action:

On top of reading the market ebb and flow, our trading team has been pushing out the best setups available during these stormy trading sessions and calmly securing some nice profits.

PF Dashboard live

In fact, for the adventurous traders following our high risk plays we caught a tasty +60% gain on SHIBUSDT. Here’s how that went:

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We might be good at trading, but we need your help to save our world, here’s how:

Eradicating crypto’s CO2 footprint might seem as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest 10x in a row… But if we never take that first step in the right direction, then our chances of ever reaching the top of this mountain will always remain at 0%.

We’ve partnered with non-profit One Tree Planted to plant 1 tree every month that you’re a member of the ProfitFarmers Platform! But what can 1 tree do in the grand scheme of things? Well, a lot:

3 (of many!) Environmental Benefits of Planting More Trees:

  1. Reversing Climate Change: CO2 emissions are the leading cause for global warming, and continued deforestation is only advancing this issue. Trees absorb and store CO2 while releasing oxygen. 1 tree can provide enough oxygen for 4 people!
  1. Purifying our Air: “Fresh air makes the doctor poor” – A Danish Proverb. Trees are the #1 air purifiers on this planet, absorbing all sorts of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia and sulfur dioxide. Want to breathe cleaner, healthier air? Plant more trees!
  1. Purifying our Water: Rainwater contains harmful chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants. As with air, trees filter these pollutants out of water too. Trees prevent these chemicals from entering our soil and oceans, protecting food supplies!

Take the first step: Join ProfitFarmers at $100 off and we’ll plant a tree for you every month

To celebrate World Environment Day, we’re offering $100 off to anyone who would like to make money trading crypto while giving life back to the environment that sustains us all.

To get $100 off, simply head over to our registration page and enter code “PLANT-A-TREE” during checkout.

Together as a community we CAN build ourselves a better future, both financially and environmentally. Happy farming!

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