The Halloween Hub

The Halloween Hub: Lose your Mind, Find your Soul


Halloween is just around the corner and ProfitFarmers plan to celebrate it in style. We’ve got some mind altering knowledge to inject directly into your eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it (except close this page).

Join us as we release our diabolical findings and insights throughout the week. You can find a teaser below to get your evil juices flowing (we’ll add links to each of the main articles as we share them) but trust us when we say the scariest thing you can do right now is miss the Q4 bull run!

Deal with the Devil

“Sell in May, go away, come again St. Leger's day”

An ancient practice, an investment strategy that began with centuries old wealthy English families. Dating back a hundred years – birthed on Halloween.

They did it with equities, bonds, cash equivalents, real estate, commodities … and now it’s coming for Crypto.

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The Modern Ghost

Ghosts are terrifying, but there are already beings in this world that are akin to ghosts – Hackers.

They are not bound by physical barriers, nor can they be stopped with brute force. They can get you from anywhere even through technology.

They pose a greater threat than any ghost – they have the potential to bring whole economies to their knees.

…not to mention stealing your bag of BabyDogeCoins.

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China FUD: The Mind Control Operation

"Virtual currency-related business activities are illegal financial activities… as it seriously endangers the safety of people's assets." - Chinese Government

Bitcoin allows freedom in making financial decisions, yet it is villainized. It gives opportunity to the unbanked, but it is labeled as criminal.

Why are governing bodies constantly trying to paint digital assets as something people should be afraid of?

Is Bitcoin a threat to ordinary citizens, or to the government?

Do they truly wish the best for us, or do they have something else in mind?

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Demonic Halloween

Learn the truth about Halloween and catch up with some of the biggest Crypto Clowns in town!

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The number 1 Halloween costume for 2021

Number 1 Halloween costume

You can’t celebrate Halloween without looking at the ultimate meme coin. We think Doge is set to outperform most mainstream investments for Q4 but that’s not all…

Our scientists have confirmed, with 666% certainty, that if you choose to wear the meme, be the meme and live the meme you will have ‘success’ at your Halloween party.

ProfitFarmers In-house engineers have made a crude demonstration of how you can pull off this feat of great mystical power.

Halloween special offer

Bitcoin has been raised from the $30,000 graveyard and is on track for another ‘price discovery’ mission above $60,000. 

Alt season always follows Bitcoin season, much like the waning and waxing of the moon, so now is the time to get your hands on your very own Crypto Trading Co-Pilot.

Get 3 months access to ProfitFarmers for only $450. That’s a saving of $150 so you can buy more pumpkins, candy, toilet paper and Doge Coins straight away.

Keep it spooky everyone, until next time.

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