Trading Signal Results September 22-28, 2020

Trading Signal Results September 22-28, 2020

Hey there ProfitFarmers!

Here is the latest trading signals statistics update covering September 22-28!

Watch the breakdown

Headline Numbers

Our algorithms generated over 40 signals in 7 days across the various strategies.

That’s an average of 6 seed signals closing every single day for our members all around the world. This is the lowest number of seed signals we’ve generated since the Platform went live and this is partly due to our ongoing upgrade of the algorithms.

6 trades per day is still a huge amount, given that the average day trader probably only manages to make 1 or 2!

Despite that, when we broke down the winners and losers we saw 70% of them hitting at least target 1! Quality over quantity!

That’s 28 out of 40 signals offering up at least some profit potential! Only 12 of the signals generated went directly to stop-loss.

sept 22-28 best trade
Our favourite trade over this period came in at the 23rd of September thanks to IRISBTC.
Look at the Chart

sept 22-28 chart

On September 24, IRISBTC shot up by 60%, activating all our radars and putting it in our wanted list. Almost immediately after its sudden increase, it begins to dip – this is where the Entry Zone was created. As expected, it begins to rise again hitting T1 for a gain of 35%. It then reached T2 a few days later for a total gain of +38%! Congrats to all who followed this winner!

Target spread and profit per target

We broke down the winners to discover which targets were being hit. This is what we saw:

sept 22-28 final target hit

36% of all the signals hit target 2, 3 or 4.

The average profit from each entry looks like this:

sept 22-28 average profit

Many of our signals still generated profitable opportunities for our members!

The average for target 2 is sitting at 12% due to the fact that IRISBTC gained +38% after closing at target 2! Discounting that particular trade would have meant an average peak gain of around +9%


sept-22-28 top 10 trades

We’ve listed out the other top 10 trades over the period for you too.

IRISBTC sits on top after leaping over every other coin pairing for a good profit of +38%!

Three DOWN signals made it into top 10 – BNBDOWNUSDT, ETHDOWNUSDT, and LINKDOWNUSDT. This shows that we can still generate a profit from the dipping market! This should be an eye opener to go for those down signals when they appear!

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Past results do not guarantee future performance. Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

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