trading signal results october 8 14

Trading Signals Results October 8-14, 2020

Hey there ProfitFarmers!

Here is the latest trading signals statistics update covering October 8-14, 2020

Watch the breakdown

Headline Numbers

Our algorithms generated over 8 signals in 7 days across the various strategies.

That’s an average of 1 signal closing per day which is less than usual, but still not bad considering!

As we have said in the previous BLOG, we are still waiting for a confirmed breakout or trend change before the algorithms are going to pick up some solid trade ideas.

To complement this though we have recently added swing trades to our arsenal. We will publish these just for our members, the first of which offers a potential 300%+ gain!

But back to the results, 5 out of 8 signals offered up at least some profit potential! The remaining 3 signals were closed early by the system as neither losers nor winners. Although technically they all closed in profit, we only class winners as having reached Target 1 as a minimum.

neutral trades october 8-14

Here are the charts to show you what happened to these trades in real time.

STORJUSDT chart october 8-14


Lets take a look at the first one, STORJUSDT. Shortly after the success of the first signal, another one was generated. However our systems indicated that things could go sour really quickly, which triggered it to list down this signal as a close early trade. This would have sent you a close early notification. Sure enough, it dropped by 6% soon after.

ethusdt chart october 8-14


The same thing happened with ETHUSDT

RUNEUSDT october 8-14


As well as RUNEUSDT. Thankfully since we’ve been really cautious due to the instability of the current market, the system managed to warn our members before these trades went in the wrong direction. Hence, the signals were closed with a small amount of profit and avoiding stop loss.

Best Trade

october 8-14 best trade
Our favourite trade over this period came in at the 11th of October thanks to STORJUSDT.
Look at the Chart

best trade chart october 8-14

This is a sight we’re sure we’ll all enjoy – a perfect trade hitting all 4 targets. The entry zone was created just before this trade increased about 19% in under a day.

 To all the members who managed to ride this wave, we hope you enjoy the profits!

Target spread and profit per target

Here is some data on which targets are being hit and how much profit per target:

final target october 8-14

So 50% of all the signals hit target 2 3 or 4!

Well the average profit from each entry looks like this

Average profit october 8-14

The majority of signals were still generating extremely profitable opportunities! If you’d notice, none of the trades hit stop loss as most of the members would have received a close early notification just before the neutral trades went the opposite direction! We’ve been really defensive with these signals as the market has been looking a bit unstable recently.

top 5 trades october 8-14

We’ve managed some very profitable trades despite fewer signals than usual. STORJBTC gaining 19% in just under a day. SUSHIUSDT is also a surprise addition, making 12% gains in 3 days.

We hope many of you managed to get into these profitable trades. Let’s continue staying optimistic for the future!

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Past results do not guarantee future performance. Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

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