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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that’s the whole point of your co-pilot.

ProfitFarmers shortcuts the frustrating crypto-trading learning experience by feeding you high-probability trades and auto-populating the trades for you. You don’t have to do any of the research or analysis.

With that said, our most successful members tend to have some trading experience (or are willing to learn) as it helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

No, we never charge trading fees. Instead, we operate on a subscription basis. This helps you control costs and optimize profits. Most services charge heavy commissions even if you lose money. We only charge one low monthly fee.


Your data is stored securely and for added security, we have no access to your trading account funds.


We never touch your money. We are just a service to help you increase your account balance. Your money is stored with, the world’s leading crypto exchange – not with us.


If you no longer want to use the platform you can cancel your subscription renewal at any time.

Please navigate to your account settings and cancel from there. If you do not cancel then you will be rebilled as usual.

If you cancel your subscription you will still have access to your account until your original expiration date.

Most of our members start earning money fairly quickly, but it’s impossible to guarantee anything. That’s just the nature of the trading market.

No, we cannot track and analyse every members exact trade history. There are various tools available from 3rd parties that can help though.

Yes, a good portion of signals are based on the Binance Futures platform. Users can also choose to trade a Futures Signal via the Spot Market.

No necessarily. You can choose to store your funds in USDT or other stable coins if you like.

Due to the volatility of Bitcoin it can mean that you “lose” money if you have your money stored in Bitcoin and the value drops.

The ProfitFarmers system gives its members the best opportunities when it has an optimal number of users. We prefer quality over quantity. 

If all slots are filled in your country, then you will have to wait for someone to give up their subscription. However, we have no control over this since cancellations are purely at the discretion of our members.

No. is not compatible. You must use a account.

ProfitFarmers functionality isn’t restricted in any country. However, it does rely on the exchange platform. So, if is not allowed in your country, then ProfitFarmers will not work for you (using a VPN may fix this issue).

NOTE: is not compatible.

There is no minimum.

However, we recommend having at least $3,000-$5,000 to get started. ProfitFarmers is an extremely powerful service, but if you make low-value trades, your profitability is limited.

For example, an ROI of 10% is great for a $1,000 trade, but if the trade is only worth $50, then you’ve only made $5. Many of our members are able to pay for their subscription with a single trade, but that’s because they make high-value trades.

No. You can withdraw your money/Bitcoin from directly.

ProfitFarmers cannot process monetary withdrawals because we do not have access to your funds. When you decide to buy or sell, the software creates an order form. This will be sent to and start the trade.

If you want to cash out your profits, then you’ll have to withdraw from and convert your cryptocurrency back into Fiat money (Euros, Dollars, etc). This process is usually very fast and convenient.

YES. Your funds are held securely with your exchange provider ( However, you should follow their recommended security protocol such as using 2-factor authentication, email confirmation and strong passwords.

ProfitFarmers cannot withdraw or access your funds but our system can manage your trading orders allowing you to follow our signals as you choose, with a few clicks of a button.

Yes, of course. There’s no such thing as guaranteed profit in any trade. It’s just not possible to predict. You must manage risks if you want to be profitable long-term.

Almost all signals and trades that our team or algorithm selects will have a suggested ‘stop loss’ to prevent unexpected losses. It is normal and expected to lose some trades.

Yes, sometimes you will need to take action manually.

For example if you want to edit and ongoing trade or if you would like to chase a signal that you were late for.

Although we regularly produce 200+ signals per month, we cannot guarantee a particular number as it depends on the market. Check our most recent statistics for an up to date idea.

There are also times without any signals – This is totally normal as it depends on the market.

At times we also shut down certain algorithms/strategies if we feel there is too much risk or uncertainty.

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