Trading result sept 8-14, 2020

Trading Signal Results September 8-14, 2020

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Hey there ProfitFarmers!

Here is the latest trading signals statistics update covering September 8-14!

Headline Numbers

We are back to our usual after that huge dip in Bitcoin at the beginning of September. Last week, our platform generated over 109 signals in 7 days across the various strategies.

That’s an average of 15 seed signals closing every single day for our members all around the world.

Get this, when we broke down the winners and losers we saw a massive 82% of them hitting at least target 1!

That’s 89 out of 109 signals offering up at least some profit potential! Only 18% (20) of our signals generated and vetted by the experts went directly to stop-loss.

This week’s best trade​

Best trade September 8-14, 2020
Best trade September 8-14, 2020

Our favourite trade over this period came in at the 10th of September thanks to ELFBTC.

Look at the Chart

Chart September 8-14, 2020

ELFBTC was one of those trades that just flew all the way to the moon. We just managed to catch it as it was about to launch. This pairing was consistently rising, hitting all targets in just 8 hours for a profit of +39%! Take a look at the graph, it almost tripled its size at its peak! If you were expecting this rise and set your targets accordingly, you’d go home a very happy person.

Target spread and profit per target

We wanted to know how good the winning trades were. So we broke them down to discover which targets were being hit. This is what we saw:

Final target hit September 8-14, 2020

That’s 62% of all the signals hit target 2, 3 or 4!

Do you know why that is so awesome?

Well, the average profit from each entry looks like this:

Average profit September 8-14, 2020

This means that 62% of signals have been generating extremely profitable opportunities

Top 10 September 8-14, 2020

Here are some of the most profitable trades closed last week! Top spot goes to ELFBTC, achieving a beautiful 39% gain in only 8 hours. Binance’s leverage tokens make a comeback with BNBUPUSDT, making +32% in under a day. SAND pairings also did really well; SANDBTC made 31% gain and SANDUSDT made 29% gain in just 6 hours!

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1. Past results do not guarantee future performance. Only trade with money you can afford to lose
2. Whilst we do take great care to ensure our signal statistics are accurate and transparent, there may at times be small discrepancies caused by price tracking issues, server down times or other software related issues.

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