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PF News – Monthly Edition – July 1-31, 2021


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Binance futures halted in some European countries

This comes as the biggest news for us this month. As scrutiny and regulatory pressure mounts against Binance, they’ve decided to disallow some European countries to use Binance Futures. Specifically Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

“The European region is a very important market for Binance, and it is taking proactive steps towards harmonising crypto regulations, which is a positive sign for the industry,” the exchange said on Twitter.

“We understand that many regulators at local levels may have their own positions on crypto, and we welcome the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue on local requirements.”

Users in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands will have 90 days to close any open Futures positions, Binance said.

At the moment Binance has not provided enough information regarding this announcement so there is no need to panic as things could change and Futures trading will be allowed in these countries when there is a bit more legal clarity.

 Things change rapidly in Crypto and we aren’t too concerned at this stage. 

As we have members all over the world and some of them are based in said countries, will this mean that they will no longer be able to trade our futures signals?

Well, no.

Right now we are making the system is flexible to handle whatever outcome binance will come out with in the future.

German, Italian and Dutch users will still be able to trade our futures signals on the Spot market. However, they will no longer be able to use any leverage on these signals. To learn more about this, scroll down to our “new features” section to see what we did to work around this inconvenience.

The crypto community has fallen in love with Elon Musk all over again

Elon's prediction

You know the saying, “you can’t spell cryptocurrencies without Elon Musk.”

In the third week of July, Elon Musk once again finds himself inside the fickle hearts of crypto enthusiasts, as he mentions that he personally holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge at the B Word conference, an event hosted by the Crypto Council for Innovation.

Ethereum, which was already rallying on the day, touched its high of the session after Elon’s mention. It was up more than 12% and near the highs of the day.

Musk also repeated his support for cryptocurrency saying, despite the potential risk to the environment (which was already debunked by the way), “One thing you do need to watch out for with crypto, especially Bitcoin, using proof of work, using energy that’s a bit too much and not necessarily good for the environment.”

As bitcoin mining is increasingly powered by renewable energy, Musk said, Tesla will likely move to accept bitcoin for transactions once again.

Elon also revealed that he is a Bitcoin HODLER.

“If the price of Bitcoin goes down I lose money. I might pump but I don’t dump,” Musk said. “I definitely do not believe in getting the price high and selling or anything like that. I would like to see Bitcoin succeed.”

Elon Musk also confirmed that the two companies that he helped create, Tesla and SpaceX, own Bitcoin.

Shortly after his interview, bitcoin pumped 10% on the day, and continued pumping during the week and was up by 41% since its bottom. We had long expected Bitcoin to move up in price, and with this 10% jump the “AmazingMan” signal hit its targets after 1 month.


We love it, Elon!

Axie infinity and the rise of gaming cryptos

Gaming cryptocurrencies. Yes, that is a thing and they have been the craze recently. This is partly due to the sudden rise in popularity of one particular game in south-east Asia, a game called Axie Infinity (AXS).

What is it and why it became popular

Axie Infinity is a trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players. Players collect, breed, raise, battle and trade token-based creatures known as Axies.

Axies can have various forms because there are more than 500 different body parts available, such as aquatic, beast, bird, bug, plant and reptile parts.

Parts from each type class come in four different rarity scales: common, rare, ultra rare and legendary — and Axies can have any combination of body parts, making them highly variable and often rare and unique.

See why it’s so popular? Its mechanics are very similar to popular games like Pokémon and Tamagotchi.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem also has its own unique governance token, known as Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). These are used to participate in key governance votes and will give holders a say in how funds in the Axie Community Treasury are spent.

Because of decent fundamentals and crazy hype, It has risen 1600% since last month – from a little over $3 for each AXS token by the end of June to $53 at its peak. Naturally, ProfitFarmers was ready to jump on that hype train as soon as it got going. Take a look at all of our AXS trades:


Whew, that’s a total of 408% peak gains!

Due to the nature of crypto where price can move rapidly due to hype, when a crypto of a certain type pumps you can be 74% sure that cryptocurrencies of the same type will follow (in this case, the gaming genre).

So of course we were there to profit from this opportunity.

Gaming tokens such as Alienworlds (TLM), My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Sandbox (SAND), and Chromia (CHR) were all traded furiously on the platform, creating amazing results.

Take a look:
ALICE had a total of 199% gains
AliceUSDT Group Trades
CHR had a total of 299% gains
SAND had a total of 121% gains
TLM had a total of 145% gains


1. Spot trading our Futures signals

In response to the sudden announcement of Binance where futures trading in some European countries was disallowed, we’ve created a feature where you can trade Futures signals with Spot.

This means that members from these countries can still trade our Futures signals without a hitch, as futures and spot markets more often than not mirror each other.

Whenever you open a futures signal, before you can trade it you will be asked if you’d like to trade with Futures or Spot.

ProfitFarmers Trading Types

If you were one of those affected by the decree, just click on Spot whenever you trade our Future signals.

2. Breakeven Stop loss #3

Move SL UP (2 steps behind) when TP target hits
breakeven and stoploss

Here’s how it functions:

It will not move your stop loss to the entry price when T1 is hit. But when T2 is hit, this moves the stoploss to your entry price. Continuing the logic, Once T3 is hit, the Stop loss will move to T1. In other words, the stop loss is moving two steps behind the current take profit target.

By doing this, it will effectively decrease the risk of you being stopped out prematurely while keeping your gains relatively safe. 

Watch this quick video explaining how it works for better understanding:

Here's our monthly results!

ProfitFarmers Monthly Result - July 2021

Our algorithms generated over 106 signals in 31 days across different strategies.

We saw a massive 78% of them hitting targets 1,2,3 and 4!
That’s 83 out of 106 signals offering up at least some profit potential! Only 22% (23) of our signals generated and vetted by the experts went directly to stop-loss.

When do we publish signals?

Our signals are produced algorithmically. They may appear at any time of the day! Here’s a graph showing when our signals were created for the month of July.

Our Favourite Trade

AXSUSDT is our favourite trade over this period. It came on July 4, 2021 and the trade was closed on July 7, 2021.
A closer look at the chart

We just can’t get enough of Axie. Just take a look at this Axie trade our algorithms conjured: A picture-perfect trade where all Take profit targets were hit.

That’s a 90% peak gain in only 3 days. The signal accuracy was EXTREME.

Overall target spread and profit per target

Here’s the result of the final target after we broke down the winners to discover which targets were being hit.

Approximately 40% of all the signals that hit target 2, 3, or 4!

Some of our signals have been generating profitable opportunities! Considering July was having a quiet trend during this month, it still generated great gains!

Here’s the Average gain per target:

ProfitFarmers July Average gain per target

When we take a look at the average peak gains for each target, the results become even more impressive starting from T1 to T4.

In Summary:

38.68% of trading signals generated hit Target 1 and achieved an average peak gain of +12%

15.09% of trading signals generated hit Target 2 and achieved an average peak gain of +23%!

11.32% of trading signals generated hit Target 3 and achieved an average peak gain of +35%!

13.21% of trading signals generated hit Target 4 and achieved an average peak gain of +54%!

Only 22% of our signals hit stop loss and had an average loss of 

Average Depth

Based on the chart of our average depth, The overall average depth is ranging from 40-43%. The ideal way to play this month is to set your entry prices to around 48-52%* from the top of the buy zone if you were trading SPOT or Around 33-37%* if you were trading FUTURES.

If you are unsure of how to get the best entry zone, we highly suggest using our
Laddering Feature!

Our top 10 trades in July

ProfitFarmers Monthly Results Top Trades July 2021

Our top 10 trading signals managed to rack in peak gains of more than 44%. AXSUSDT comes first with a peak gain of almost 90.57% in just 3 days! followed very closely behind by CHRUSDT reaching an impressive peak gain of 87.89% in just 10 days! Gaming cryptos on fire this month!

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1. Past results do not guarantee future performance. Only trade with money you can afford to lose
2. Whilst we do take great care to ensure our signal statistics are accurate and transparent, there may at times be small discrepancies caused by price tracking issues, server down times or other software related issues.

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