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Share Your Feedback & Win: Congratulations Tomas & Chris M. on winning 1-month ProfitFarmers Premium!


Every month we pick 2 lucky winners to get 30 days of ProfitFarmers Premium, for free! Get your chance to win by sharing your ProfitFarmers experience through our survey.

July Lucky Winners - Feedback

How to claim your free month of Premium Profit-Farming:

Simply reply to our email message!

If you won, we’ve reached out to you through the email you used to fill in our survey.

But don’t forget to reply!

Please reply to us within 7 days or we'll have to find another eager farmer to give your prize to!

Didn’t take the survey yet? It’s never too late!

If you want a shot at winning 1 free month of ProfitFarmers Premium, then share your feedback through our survey below!

The next winner will be announced on:
August 31, 2021
I’m Using the Free MoonBag Kit:
I’m a Premium ProfitFarmers Member:

Please Note: You may only participate in this survey once a month if you are a Pre-Existing MoonBag Kit user or Premium ProfitFarmers member.

Why does “Share Your Feedback & Win” exist?

Because ProfitFarmers’ #1 goal is to make profitable crypto trading easier for YOU.

We take a close look at each survey response and take your feedback into consideration as we continue to develop our platform in ways that will benefit you most.

As a thank you for filling out our survey, you’ll get a chance to win 1 month of ProfitFarmers Premium!

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