Pay for ProfitFarmers in Crypto

Enjoy secure and easy crypto payment via  
ProfitFarmers Crypto Payment method

Just follow these steps to get started

(Payment takes place on Coinpayments):
Number 1 Icon

Pick and Click on a Membership package

Quarterly Membership Crypto Payment:
Yearly Membership Crypto Payment:

*If you have a coupon code, please contact support

Discounted Yearly Membership
Black Friday Promo
/ month
Discounted Membership
Cyber Monday Promo
/ month
/ month
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Insert your details, choose your preferred crypto and start payment

ProfitFarmers Crypto Payment: Coin Payments
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Deposit Crypto to the given wallet address and wait 5-20 mins for confirmation

ProfitFarmers Crypto Payment: QR code
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Payment Complete - Now follow the account activation

ProfitFarmers Crypto Payment: Complete

NOTE: Activate your account by messaging support with your payment ID and PF user email
(See next steps)

To get your account activated, send a message to ProfitFarmers Support on either:

Message should include:

1. The transaction ID of the payment

Find this by opening the email you have received from [email protected] titled: [] Payment Funds Received

2. Your ProfitFarmers account email

If you don’t already have a ProfitFarmers account, create a free demo account here:

Your message should look something like this:

“Activate account – CPFG3Q2D5L4ZJNULG04XB6PGSQ –
[email protected]

Your account will be activated within 24 hours after


Choose your package:

Quarterly Membership Crypto Payment:
Yearly Membership Crypto Payment:

When you pay via crypto you agree to these conditions:

1. We will need to manually activate you account which means it could take 24 hours before you have access to your account.

2. Cryptocurrency payments are final and non-refundable. Meaning you waive your right to a refund once you have paid for your membership.

3. We will need your Proof of Payment to activate your account. If we do not receive it, we will not activate your account.

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