Signal Copy Trading – Advanced Trade Setups Made Simple!

Create Expert-Level Trade Setups by Copying Pro Grade Crypto Trading Signals

copy trading

ProfitFarmers Copy Trading Technology is revolutionizing Crypto Trading, making it possible for anyone to create pro-level trade setups.

Copy Trading is simple and user friendly. This feature integrates with (crypto exchange). This means that your trading capital is always under your control. We don’t hold your money and we take NO COMMISSIONS on your trades.

Inside the ProfitFarmers app, you can find expert trading signals (trade plans with instructions on buy price and sell prices). In 2020 our Signals won 3 out of 4 times*.

How to Copy a trade signal from Entry to Exit using ProfitFarmers:

Choose a trading signal to copy img
Choose a trading
signal to copy

Pick a signal from the dashboard that you would like to copy. Each Signal includes Entry Zone, 4 Targets and a Stop Loss.

Decide on your trade amount image
Decide on your
trade amount

Simply insert the amount you wish to trade with. All trade values are calculated in USD, making it easy to see how much you’re trading with.

Modify the trade to your own preference - confirm trade
(Optional) Modify the trade to your own preference

You can edit each part of the copy trading form to fit your own strategies, risk appetite and more.

You have completed your copy trade, and the trade set up is now inside your own Binance account. When the Buy- and Sell prices are met the system will execute your trade orders.

This is how copy trading looks inside the ProfitFarmers system:

copy trading inside PF

You are in full control

When you use copy trading, you keep full control over the administration of your trade and portfolio. Choose one or as many signals as you want at the same time. You can modify or cancel your trade manually at any given time.

Easily Review Signal Performance

To see how ongoing trades are performing, click over to the ‘watchlist’ view on the dashboard. From here, you’ll see both your ongoing and completed trades.

Watchlist Signals

You can get an overview of how every signal produced by ProfitFarmers has been performing by clicking over to the Closed Trades view on the dashboard.

Here you can scroll back as far in time as you’d like to see how signals from weeks or months ago have performed. Alternatively, you can head over to our results blog to get an easier look at performance results from times ago.

Close Trades Signals


Signal Copy Trading Historical Performance

We break down our signals performance results both biweekly, monthly and quarterly. This provides transparency while giving our members very valuable insight on what signals have been performing well historically, and also general trends in how our signals perform.

Check out our results blog here!

Our average signal win rate was 79% in 2020!*

October 1-31, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



September 1-30, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



August 1-31, 2021

Win Rate



Closed Signals



Wining Signals



Losing Signals



*Historical win rate – Past performance is no guarantee of future results


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum trade amount I can copy?

This depends on which type of coin pair you trade. BTC paired trades can be smaller than USDT paired trades.

Short answer: Typically around $150

The minimum value for a single trade on Binance is around 11USD. (Copy trading happens through Binance)

Because of this, your minimum trade amount depends on how many targets you choose to use in a signal, and what percentage of your coins you sell at each.

What does copy trading cost?

We charge NO FEEs. Copy trading is included in your ProfitFarmers Membership.

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