User Interface Update

profitfarmers new ui

Hey there ProfitFarmers!

We wanted to give you an advanced alert that we will be releasing an updated version of the Dashboard. We’ve made some small updates to try and improve the user experience and make everything as straightforward as possible.

So things will look and feel a little different! But don’t worry, all the features remain unchanged.

Here is a preview of the new dashboard in our test environment:

profitfarmers dashboard new ui

As you can see the general layout remains unchanged so that no one gets lost! But we hope you agree this gives a cleaner and clearer view of all the information.

The signal preview page has also been given a clean up:

profitfarmers new signal preview ui

And for our final show and tell, here is the new basic trade form. It will now include the relevant wallet balances so that you can instantly see the available balance:

profitfarmers new basic trade form ui

We have fully tested the changes but as with any software based product some bugs may have slipped through the testing net. If you spot anything or have any questions please get in touch via the support ticketing system.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your trades,

Team ProfitFarmers

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