China FUD and The mind Control Operation


You’ve all seen the 3 letters ‘FUD’ (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) sprayed all over the internet every time there’s some bad news that people don’t like. But is there more to this than meets the eye?

In our previous episode ‘The Modern Ghost’ we spoke about fear being used as a weapon for softening up the mind and leaving people vulnerable to idiocy. Today we take it further and look into how/why this works by using the ever infamous “China bans Bitcoin [for the 100th time]” as an example to lead you in.

We’ll touch on some sensitive topics and this isn’t a quick read.

But this just might be the scariest story of them all.
Tin foil hat ready? Let’s go.

Bitcoin, China, and Freedom

Our rabbit hole begins with the empire that rules the East: China.
Freedom in China

Modern Chinese leaders have described China as a Socialist Democracy. Socialism and democracy are quite difficult to conjugate, but that’s what China has seemed to do.

In fact the country has changed its image in modern minds. From a backwater communist nation where freedom is a byword to becoming the fast paced, powerhouse economy it has become today.

But has China truly changed to a much more “free” nation?

Why do they do this?

Financial Freedom with Bitcoin. 🕊

There is a sort of Financial freedom that bitcoin offers to anyone that wants to use it.

  1. The freedom to buy what you want, when you want it.
  2. The freedom to send YOUR money to anyone without restrictions.
  3. The freedom to store money somewhere secure without giving any personal information.
  4. There is no fear of inflation so savings are secure and fair.

In China, Xi Jinping has the ability to track all of your transactions on Alipay and WePay, but it is impossible to orchestrate mass surveillance on anything paid with Bitcoin (under the right circumstances).

He can target anybody that speaks against him and freeze their bank account, but he can’t freeze a Bitcoin wallet.

In an Uighur refugee camp, they might not be able to access a bank, but as long as there is an Internet connection, they will be able to receive bitcoin, without asking permission and without having to prove their identity.

Do you see how this can be a threat to absolute power?

The Infamous Bitcoin Ban

BTC loss 50 percent
On May 2021, China released this now infamous statement:
  resolutely clamp down on virtual currency speculation, and related financial activities and misbehaviour in order to safeguard people’s properties and maintain economic, financial and social order,”
The People’s Bank of China (which is, no surprise, state owned) said the following:
  Virtual currency-related business activities are illegal financial activities… as it seriously endangers the safety of people's assets".

After releasing these statements, China immediately kicked out all of the Bitcoin Miners that were operating within the country.

This statement paired with the immediate action drove the price of Bitcoin into the ground, losing more than 50% of its value in a short period of time.

So, they’ve banned Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies within the country to safeguard their citizens and “maintain economic, financial and social order”.

China claims that they are a socialist democratic nation, but much of their policy is akin to dictatorial control.

China indeed has painted itself as a “Modern Nation” ready to blast the entire planet into the post-modern world and it may look decent to many foreigners, but there are practices ongoing inside the nation that would make Stalin proud.

The ban on Bitcoin is a tiny thing in comparison. Some examples are:

  1. China is tracking its citizen’s every move through modern surveillance techniques (Vaccine passports on steroids)
  2. Gross human rights abuse throughout the nation
  3. Putting religious minorities inside prison camps so that they can be turned into ‘good chinese citizens’.
China TOP SECRET files

Why does China ban Bitcoin and then un-ban it again? (repeatedly)

There is definitely something fishy going on here that transcends the simple conclusion of dumping the Crypto Markets.

But like a zombie rising back from the grave, Bitcoin is crawling back onto the scene. Recent reports coming out of China claim that they are planning to unban Bitcoin once again and are looking for public commentary and input. Just a matter of weeks after banning it!

The fear and confusion soften up the mind and disempower the people entirely. It leaves them susceptible to more subtle forms of control and manipulation. It certainly leaves them feeling more dependent on the state.

Here we go…

Warning⚠ The following information may cause your world view to be SHATTERED Continue at your own risk.

Slavery, Governments and Mind Control

Slavery goes back a long time according to our mainstream history books (think ancient tribes warring and kidnapping) and became big business for all of the largest empires on record.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ … It was built through centuries of war and enslavement. The problem the emperor overlords had back then was that people generally didn’t enjoy being slaves. Imagine that.

The Spartacus revolt of 73bc almost put an early end to the entire Empire. A warning shot to all dictators that has echoed through time for any evil doer trying to understand ‘what almost went wrong’.

The Haitian Revolution (beginning on 22 August 1791, and ended in 1804) sent shock waves through the slave trading empires (France, Britain, Spain) and ended with the former colony’s independence. Slavery just wasn’t being accepted anymore, enough was finally enough.

Abraham Lincoln is famous for abolishing slavery in the USA in 1863, but could it be the case that this was actually just a clever sleight of hand? An illusion of sorts, spun by darker forces looking to hide their intentions?

For slavery to continue the game would need to be better disguised, as any nation flying the slavery flag would be a target for the newly free world. What better way to hide than to create a nation based upon the very concept of freedom itself.

So how do you enslave people without them realising?

Step 1. Control the Money 🏦💰
Step 2. Control the Media 📺🎙
Step 3. Control the Mind 📱🧠

A war on the mind would be far quieter and much lower risk for a wannabe gang of clown overlords.

We don’t have time to cover steps 1 and 2 in great detail. Those of you looking to dig a little deeper into this graveyard you can start with what happened in 1971 for the money trail and central banking. Suffice to say that 2 companies, Vanguard and Blackrock now own almost everything on the planet. That also includes step 2, the media. Almost all mainstream media is now controlled by the same few people. This is all easy to publicly verify.

So we arrive at step 3. Total mind control (aka brainwashing) has been a wet-dream of the psychopathic classes for as long as there has been a struggle between freedom and authority.

Let’s look at some of the cornerstone research that’s enabled the tech giants to create a matrix of propaganda and manipulation all around you.


Hijacking the dopamine cycle - Pavlov 1902

Pavlov and his Doge proved that you can condition animals by using a stimulus (light/noise/etc) and reward (food/money/ego boost/etc). He went on to develop his theory of classical conditioning. Biologically the stimulus and reward loop activates the dopamine system inside the brain which is extremely addictive.

This knowledge was developed on and then effectively weaponized throughout mainstream media and social media apps like Facebook. Did you ever notice just how flashy, loud, colourful and insistent the media seems to be?

The rise of ‘freemium’ gaming and all the addictions and downfalls that come with that are also thanks to Pavlov and his successors.

The question is why was Pavlov really researching all of this in the first place? Was he just a very curious dog trainer or have we found a skeleton in the closet?

He won a Nobel Prize for dribbling dogs…isn’t that odd?

Mind Control Experimentation - Project MK Ultra - 1950-1963

The CIA spent a decade drugging people with hallucinogens and experimenting with mind control and mentacide (mind killing). We’ll leave the gory details out.

After this was closed down, at the first senate committee meeting concerning MK Ultra in 1975 it was said;

  From its beginning in the early 1950s until its termination in 1963, the program of surreptitious administration of LSD to unwitting non-volunteer human subjects demonstrates a failure of the CIA’s leadership to pay adequate attention to the rights of individuals...”
You can read more about MK Ultra here. Suffice to say, there has been a lot of interest in mind control and people have been willing to cross all ethical lines to further their research.

Obedience to Authority - Milgrim - 1962

Milgrim performed some grizzly experiments that show the average person is willing to comply with terrible and unethical orders as long as the subject feels the orders are coming from a person with authority.

The Milgrim experiments involved the subject being asked to electrocute another human being sitting on the other side of a 2 way mirror.

The higher the perceived authority the more likely the subject would be to comply with delivering higher and higher voltage shocks to the victim. ‘Authority‘ could be raised by simple things such as wearing a uniform or talking in a certain way.

Now think about police brutality and the classic quote “I was just following orders”.

Again, why was this research done? Over and over and over again?

Nudge Economics (a branch of Behavioural Economics) - popularised 2008 onward

We’ll be brief on this one, but to bring things into the modern age we think it’s interesting to look at the proliferation of Nudge Economics. This is the go to method used for controlling your spending habits.

In simple terms this is an entire industry based around giving you ‘stimulus’ (information) in different ways and at different times in order to influence (CONTROL) your behaviour without you knowing.

You can learn some more about nudges here.

Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his progress in the field of Behavioural economics. So again we see a grand prize being given out for research that’s only purpose would be to subliminally control other people’s minds.

And if nudges don’t work... there’s always Neuralink

Are you a mindless zombie? Did the screens eat your brains piece by piece?

So in the space of 100 years we can see a huge push on mind control research with a focus on obedience to authority.

Many people around you are effectively zombies.

People have been enslaved into a system that they had no idea even existed. So lost are the minds of the masses that they unwittingly uphold and protect the very system that has taken everything from them and replaced reality with the metaverse.

Did you think the Matrix was just a movie? Or was it a sick joke created by the Clown World Order?

How can you use this to your advantage?

Let’s bring this back to the glorious world of Cryptocurrency trading and talk about emotions.

You’ve probably heard the basic advice of ‘green candles are for selling, red candles are for buying’.

That’s a simplified explanation of how to avoid the mind control trap that the media is setting for you day in and day out. The China bans and unbans and bans again saga is just 1 example of how the media is used to prey on your fears and engineer price action on the charts.

A practical example: Fear and Greed index

When everyone is most scared, that’s usually a great time to buy. When everyone is being greedy and calling for the moon, that’s a great time to sell. You can check that widget to get an idea of the overall market sentiment.

Do you remember when Bitcoin was sitting at $30,000? The media was non stop FEAR FEAR FEAR with lots of different ‘bad news’ coming through with high coordination.

When everyone else was selling, we were buying.

This is one of the reasons why software will always beat the average human mind when it comes to trading.

Software will save you from yourself

If you think you aren’t vulnerable to the propaganda all around you, then they’ve already got you in their trap.

The quicker you realise how [unfortunately] fragile we all are, and how easily we are manipulated by the media and by our subconscious flow of thoughts, the sooner you’ll be ready to jump on board the software driven trading game.

Technology can be used to trap us but it can also hold the key to our freedom. It’s all about the intention.
Our intention is to help strip away the pain from your day to day trading by using software to eliminate emotional mistakes, heavily reduce the time needed to trade profitably and offer automated quality of life features so that trading can be more relaxing.

We’ve probably given you a scare with our creepy Halloween mind control research so here’s a discount coupon and an imaginary hot chocolate to get you back on your feet.

Sign up for a 3 month subscription and get an additional $150 off when you use the coupon code: SPOOKY. This will stack with the existing discount so you can get 3 months for just $450.

We hope you’re enjoying the creepy investigations because we still have 1 more to come. The good news is, you’ve probably heard the scariest stuff so you can relax…for now.

Disclaimer: Remember it’s Halloween and we’re just having some fun exploring the spooky concepts that are out there. Draw your own conclusions and do your own research.

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