The “Magic Entry” Blueprint: How I Kicked the Bear Market’s Ass And Made 156% Almost Overnight

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ProfitFarmers is an all-in-one crypto platform offering free signals, copy-trading, market analysis, and trading education. This story is from a real member who learned our Magic Entry Blueprint and turned around his crypto trading career in just two months.

…There’s only one word to describe this market: HELL.

Here are a few fun highlights of my year so far:

This market has been brutal.

Do you want to hear the best part?


I managed to earn back everything I lost (and then some).

It’s all because I found a little secret that turned out to be one of the best decisions of my crypto career. Finally, some Hopium I could rely on.

I went from losing more than half of everything I had, to earning 150%+ on a single trade, AND trading the choppy market to perfection almost on auto-pilot. And it all happened pretty much overnight.

I even found out exactly where BTC was going to hit bottom and got out before losing the rest.

Their team just told me that, based on market indicators and historical behavior, a massive price reversal is most likely happening in the coming weeks (analysis provided below) – there could be massive opportunities. 

Wake up, people! Something big is coming, and if you get in NOW before everyone else, you can turn 4-figures into 6-figures if you play your cards right.

I can’t wait to stick this bear in the eye and earn back 5x, 10x, or even 100x what I lost (maybe my wife will come back…).

Even in this bear market, these last two months have been the best of my trading career BY far. And honestly, it wasn’t hard at all. I managed to do it all only with free signals, copy-trading, and market analysis from a pro trading team.

By the way, I am not a pro trader – if I can do this ANYONE can…

I spent 2 frustrating years with no idea what I was doing.

Crypto is so D*** confusing. Everyone feels like a scammer, and everything is misinformation, FOMO, and FUD.

Anyways, about 3 months ago BTC was ranging around $40,000 and I was torn between throwing more money in or getting the hell out. Was it going to go to $100,000? Or crash to $0. I had NO CLUE.

That’s when I found historical analysis from ProfitFarmer’s Trading Room in my group’s Discord. I LOVED it. No BS. No big promises. No gURu nonsense. Just real, legit analysis based on historical data. 

Basically, they said all signs pointed toward BTC breaking down and heading toward $30,000 then down to $20,000, and that I should trade the bear market instead of HODL’ing.

They called it exactly. If it weren’t for them, I probably would have put another 4 figures in BTC chasing my losses from before. 

Instead, I’ve earned back everything and more trading. All I had to do was sign up, connect my Binance, and the signals were there waiting for me.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but within a few days I knew I’d found something special.

Then, the team reached out and announced they’d analyzed hundreds of newly listed coins and found a hidden pattern that predicted how these coins behaved and when they’d skyrocket, sometimes 100x or more. 

Their algorithm automatically detects this behavior and generates trading signals that you can just copy and trade right inside the platform.

So I waited a few days…

Then something amazing happened:

BOOM! 156%+ peak gains on a single trade! They called it exactly again.

And then again:

60% gains in 8 hours.

This platform is all-in-one, by the way. You just copy the signal and choose your automations (they have break-even stop-loss, automatic laddering, and other helpful tools). The platform then does the rest.

By the way, here’s the BTC price action update they gave me before BTC crashed a few months ago:

They broke down in simple terms how BTC prices normally follow the supertrend indicator over long periods of time. That was when prices were hovering in the ~$40,000 range.

Now prices are hovering in the $30,000 range after touching the EXACT supertrend support they had talked about. I could never have done this type of analysis alone. They gave it to me for free.

This is why I’m so pumped for their most recent update about the next breakout. They’re usually spot on.

Check it out:

Their analysis shows that we are in the early stages of a sustained high volume bottom reversal. In simple terms, this means more people are buying and sticking around. This is the critical first stage of a massive reversal candle, and we are right on the brink.

If you’ve been getting REKT, now’s your chance to smack this bear market in the throat and earn back whatever you’ve lost and more.

They’ve analyzed dozens of data points and hundreds of coins and proven that strong momentum over multiple days on the bottom area often leads to coins breaking out and increasing in value 500 – 1,000%. 

Normally, I’d be skeptical. But they’ve put 25 years of hard work into analyzing financial markets and now crypto. They know their S***.

What I’m Trying to Say is – Start Preparing Now

Look, I don’t know how else to say this. I was getting my ass kicked for years. This BTC crash almost made me quit completely. I had the McDonald’s application in my hands.

I went from rock bottom to having the two best trading months of my life just from this platform. I’m always ahead of the curve and I’m copy-trading winning signals, even in a brutal market where everyone is getting REKT.

If I were you, I’d get ready NOW. Something big is about to happen. All you have to do is sign up and connect, and you’ll be in prime position to cash in huge when the reversal comes. I can’t say when, but it could be any day.

Learn to use this platform, keep your eyes on your inbox, and start learning proper risk management. 

When the rush hits, you’ll be ahead of 99% of traders. The people who catch the run early are the ones who make 6-figures or more.

Just remember to stay active and keep your eye on the updates. When it comes, it’ll be your turn to kick the bear market’s ass.

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