Swing Trading Update

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Hey ProfitFarmers!

We recently launched our swing trade ideas to offer all of our members more opportunities and trading styles.

For those that missed this, we wanted to publish a quick update to show you what’s going on again!

Our first Swing Trade published on October 14th was for RENUSDT. Lets take a look at that (please excuse the messy charts):

And here we are now 8 days later:

So everyone should have seen a peak gain of 15%-30% already! The highest targets will depend on the key level of 0.75 breaking open. Remember this is a manual trade so you must monitor and react as you see fit.

We will continue to release Swing Trade ideas on an as and when basis depending on the opportunities spotted. In the meantime the standard algorithms and futures algorithms are crunching the market for you 24/7.

Best of luck with your trades!

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