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ProfitFarmers Referral Program

Introducing: The ProfitFarmers Referral Program

Get FREE 10-Days of ProfitFarmers Premium (Worth $100!) for every successful referral.

Better yet, your referral will also get 10-Days of ProfitFarmers Premium when they sign up and pay through your link! Truly a win-win scenario 🤠

Login to your dashboard to get your referral link

Step 1: Sign Up to the Referral Program inside your dashboard

Register and get a referral link:

Referral sign up ProfitFarmers

Step 2: Share your referral link with your friends

Simply copy and paste the link:

Referral ProfitFarmers

Step 3: Receive your rewards

Once your friend has signed up and paid through your link, you will both get 10 days of ProfitFarmers Premium!

Refer a friend

How to see the status of your invitations and rewards

You can see the status of your referrals by clicking the “Invite a friend!” link in the sidebar. That will open a pop up where you will see this:

Status of referral

And thats it!

Get started Profit-Farming with your friends For FREE today!

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