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The market is dumping hard, and we invested all our money in Venezuelan Petro coin before the crash. It’s over.

We regret to inform you that we’ve sold ProfitFarmers to Elon Musk for an undisclosed sum, and we’re all going to take jobs at fast food restaurants.

The big dump is here, my friends:

Don’t worry, your portfolio might be totally F**** but your wallet won’t be. Elon is making the platform free.

Just kidding…we still own the platform.

Seriously, though – in celebration of the entire crypto world going broke and working at McDonalds, we’re launching our 100% FREE platform.

Now anyone with a account can trade with our signals, copy-trading, and advanced automations 100% free (with limitations).

Read that again.


Watch this video where Carlo gives you a quick tour of the NEW dashboard and the tools available to free members!

Just register, connect your account, and start trading our 78% win-rate completed signals without paying anything.

All free accounts come with the following:

Again, all 100% free.

profitfarmers is free meme

A Full Tour of Our Free Platform

Joking aside, this has nothing to do with the current dump or your new job at whichever soulless microwaved food joint is in your hometown (we hear the benefits are great, though).

The timing is perfect but not planned.

Our team has been hard at work for months and months on the new free version of ProfitFarmers, so we are PUMPED that it’s finally here. 

We’ve had hundreds, maybe even thousands of inquiries from lurkers in our groups to pro traders – all wondering if there was any way they could try the tool first before committing to a longer plan.

Now, it’s here. A fully functional trading platform including signals, copy-trading, tools, and advanced automations – all 100% free for the first time ever.

Check Out Your New Trading Dashboard

So fresh and so clean.

This is your central command. It’s where all the magic happens. You’ll see your USDT and BTC balance (with cool icons), plus it’s where you’ll access your trading signals, trading tools, and advanced manual trading terminal.

It’s also where you’ll interact with support.

Your hub also contains your:

Free Signals

Inside your dash, you’ll find both free and Pro signals. Free members get roughly 20% of our total signals. However, we don’t hide the best signals behind a paywall.

There are restrictions, but free members still get the same quality signals as Pro members.

Is that making sense? What we mean is that both Pro and free members all get the same signals, just free members only receive about 20% the total number of signals. That could still be 100+ signals or more in busy months.

Here’s the main difference:

Free members only receive 1 take-profit target. However, average gains at T1 are still over 10% according to our 2021 signals results. Sometimes it’s almost 20%!

So, while there still are limitations in terms of quantity and take-profit targets, free members can still make easy, steady gains 100% free with our platform.

Trading Features and Automations

Most signals services or telegram channels just hand you some random trade signal and say “Hey, you. Figure this out. Don’t ask us, we just work here”.

By the time you even punch the damn numbers in your trading terminal, the move has already happened and you’re left with your candlestick hanging out.

At ProfitFarmers, we give you high win-rate signals AND high-octane automations that save you a ton of time AND produce better results.

You know all of the technical analysis and trade optimization tips that pros use? We’ve turned them into automations. You just click a button or flip a switch and it’s all pretty much done for you.

Here’s what’s included in the free subscription:

Copy-Trade and Auto-Trade

No analysis, research, and mind numbing hours spent staring at charts – our AI and trade team does that for you. Just copy a signal, adjust the plan, and execute. Our platform handles it from there.

Laddering Mode

Laddering is the safest, fastest way to optimize your dollar cost averaging strategy and improve long-term results. 

With ProfitFarmers, all you need to do is flip a switch and our platform instantly ladders you into a trade at 5 different points across the entry zone – no analysis needed, although we do recommend it.

Trade Guardian

Choppy crypto markets are hell. You need to control your emotions and pay constant attention. Disaster could strike at any time.

Trade Guardian protects your money 24/7 by automatically exiting trades marked “close early”. So, if a trade deviates from your plan, Trade Guardian gets you out. No need to monitor the markets. Feel free to go enjoy life and stop stressing.


Break-Even Stop-Loss is only for Pro members. This is a game-changing, extremely high-value feature that completely changes your entire trading lifestyle and takes your game to the next level. 

It automatically moves your stop-loss up to the next level to lock-in profits, even while you’re away. We can’t offer it for free.

If ProfitFarmers is Free, Why Upgrade?


We don’t know how else to say this – ProfitFarmers WORKS.

You take one of our signals and copy it. If the trade runs to completion, you make profit 78% of the time. Not every trade gets completed. And not all win.But if you do get there, you make gains. If you don’t get there, you’ll lose a very small amount (if you keep Trade guardian on).

It’s just math. Numbers don’t lie. If you manage risk properly and don’t F*** things up, you’ll win in the long-run. Take a look at our new guide to trading in bear markets for some cool tips.

Free is great for making small gains, testing out the platform, and cutting your chops as a trader in as low-risk an environment as possible.

This is literally trading training wheels. We’re driving the bike for you – you just need to stay on and pedal a bit.

But if you’re serious about making money and growing financially, you’ll eventually have to upgrade.

Here’s why:

5x the Signals

Again, it’s just math. Five times more signals means five times the opportunities for gains. In busy months, that could be literally hundreds of more trading opportunities.

If your goal is to double, triple, or even 10x your trading balance, your Pro membership will get you there 5x times faster – at least.

All 4 Take-Profit Targets

Here’s where the real money is. Average gains at Target 1 are a tad over 10%. At Target 4, it’s 60% (heck, some have been over 1000%). And more than half of our signals go past Target 1. 

In fact, 20% go all the way to Target 4. Your Pro membership 6x’s your risk:reward ratio without increasing your risk.

This is crucial to being a long-term, profitable trader.

Risk:Reward is simple – how much do you stand to win vs. how much you stand to lose. For free members, the ratio is usually pretty low. 

But when you unlock the higher take-profit targets, it’s exponential. This is how you can really 10x your account with a little risk management and smart trading.

Priority Support

We know everyone says this, but we truly mean it – our support team is definitely kind of cool. Pro members have the luxury of getting to chat to our team for pretty much all of their problems (no we can’t recover trading losses for you – it doesn’t work that way)

But if you need help understanding strategy, learning where trades went wrong, or just figuring out how to properly use one of our automations to maximize gains, we’re here.

Sign Up For Free Today And Start Trading Immediately

If you’ve been lurking or in any way on the fence about joining the coolest trading platform ever conceived, now you can. 

You’ll have plenty of time on lunch break from McDonalds to make trades and fill your moonbags up for the next bull run. Today, the floors. Tomorrow, the fries. The next bull run, to the Moon!

By the way, we have an amazing refer a friend program. If any one of your referrals upgrades to a paid plan, you’ll get one free month of ProfitFarmers added to your current subscription plan. 

Tell everyone you know about PF. The market could reverse at any time. Put yourself in the best possible position to cash in when it does NOW.

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The ‘how to use’ section below covers all aspects of using our platform, however, it is done so from the perspective of a account holder. As the Crypto market has evolved, is no longer available to everyone, as a result not all of our features are available to everyone.

We still recommend watching all of the videos in the academy but if you have trading using exchanges other than you will need to execute your trades using the advanced trading terminal or by visiting your chosen exchange directly.

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