ProfitFarmers Guidelines for US Residents


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If you’re a visitor from the United States of America (USA) and want to give ProfitFarmers a shot, this guide is a MUST READ.

Why ProfitFarmers chose to connect with

ProfitFarmers chose to connect its services with the exchange because there are around 400 coin pairs available on their platform. This means that our algorithms can pick up plenty of profitable trading opportunities.

Unfortunately, has been restricted in every State across America. vs vs was created in response to existing US regulations and should not be confused with accounts are not shared with accounts because they are two different entities/ companies which means you cannot connect ProfitFarmers with can restrict your accounts trading capabilities if they detect that you are using their services on U.S. soil.

How the typical U.S. citizen gets around this restriction

Some Americans (US citizens) get around this restriction by using VPNs and funding their accounts using their own means.

Keep in mind that choosing to do so also meant that they’ve understood that they’re going against’s terms of use.

Keep in mind that has the right to:

More information available in Binance’s Terms of Use.

ProfitFarmers Disclaimer of Liability

Our goal is to be transparent with our members.

While using VPNs can solve the issue, members who use it to access and its services are assumed to be aware that, ultimately, they are going against Binance’s Terms of Use.

ProfitFarmers is not liable for any financial losses as a result of the Federal Government or bank’s actions.

Additionally, we will not be held responsible for any losses as a result of Binance’s decision regarding your account.

Our members are advised to take full responsibility for their funds.

Refunds due to using the wrong Binance exchange

Refunds due to using the wrong Binance exchange

We cannot issue refunds on the grounds of not being available to you. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain access to a healthy Exchange account.

We believe that there is sufficient warning present in our FAQ section, Terms of Use, and in this article to warrant confidence that the user understands that our software IS NOT COMPATIBLE with

In the event that Binance detects that an existing ProfitFarmers member is from the US and chooses to take corrective action, a member must give an update to customer support about the issue.

Your money, your responsibility

ProfitFarmers is an incredibly powerful tool and should be used responsibly. We assume that our users have fully understood and accepted the risks involved if they are using our system outside of its intended use.

If you are still interested in ProfitFarmers, join us using the button below.

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