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Calling all crypto-lovers! If you want to stack mountains of satoshis & crypto gains WITHOUT any of the horrific pain and stress a typical day-trader faces, then listen up:

This is your chance to win a 3-month membership (worth $600!) with ProfitFarmers.

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There’s Many Ways To Win! Promo Mechanics:

We’re giving away 3x 3-Month ProfitFarmers Premium Memberships.

This means there are 3 ways you can easily increase your odds of winning:

The Random Draw

Just hit that sign up button, enter your email and that’s it! You’ve now given yourself a chance to win.
Method 1: Random Draw

Get The Most Points

Think you can tap your screen to share a few things? That’s all you have to do to win a ProfitFarmers membership by having the most points:
Metohd 2: Giveaway Tasks

After signing up, you’ll be redirected to the page you see above. Simply follow the instructions provided to earn points!

Refer a Friend - Because if They Win YOU Win Too!

After signing up you’ll get a unique invite link. If your friend signs up to this giveaway using your link and they WIN – then you will also win a 3-months membership. Truly a win-win scenario.
Method 3: Referral And Invitee Wins

They say “Your network is your net-worth” – well, now you can truly leverage your network to increase your chances of winning! 

Prize Winners will be drawn on: JULY  31, 2021

Don’t miss out on your Chance to Win!

What’s the occasion?

We’re 4,000 ProfitFarmers strong! But it’s not just this milestone of our growth that we’re grateful for…

The free signals & market updates from our telegram channel have been producing profitable opportunities like mad! (don’t worry, we’ll give you these too 🎁)

We want to spread the news so as many people as possible can benefit from these gain-making freebies.

You DO NOT want to miss out on
3 FREE months with ProfitFarmers.

If you’ve not heard of us before, you probably have no clue what 3 months of ProfitFarmers could do for you…

Here’s what ProfitFarmers did for Tim Griffith in just 30 days:

The 3 Key Benefits You’ll experience With ProfitFarmers:

1. Instantly find high-probability trade ideas: Trading Signals
Now there’s no need to waste your time wondering what’s profitable, spending hours researching fundamentals and checking price action for countless coins. Instead, simply navigate to your ProfitFarmers Dashboard and select from our trading signals with a 78% historic win-rate.

2. Save time and cut out emotional stress: Copy-Trading
It’s time to quit the constant chart checking that leads to those costly emotional mistakes! Copy and edit any of our signals to set up your entire trade plan from entry to exit through exchange.

3. Beat the market, Embarrass the Whales: Access to Expert Insight and Education
There’s no need to trade like a blind fool as ProfitFarmers provides exclusive market updates to help you decide which trade types, coins and even long-term strategies will keep you profitable in this volatile market.

Throw in our Educational videos and guides and you’ve got what you need!

Ready? Sign up Now to Instantly Get a Chance to Win!

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