How Big is the ‘Profit Pie’? And How to Eat as Much as Possible Without Puking

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Ever wondered how much money there is to really make from trading crypto? What’s possible if you discover your inner trading god-mode?

We wanted to make it super simple to understand just how big the trading opportunities are when you use a tool as powerful as ProfitFarmers, so we’ve gone ahead and created a calculator that does exactly that.

Now you can see just how big the potential ‘profit pie’ is and why so many people are raving about trading with ProfitFarmers.

What Does This Calculator Do?

We’ve been trying to answer the impossible question “how much can I [you personally] earn from trading”.

It’s really tough to answer as every member has a different plan of attack, different experience level, different account size, different risk profile and so on. When you read the case studies you’ll notice that everyone has their own twist on how to succeed. But what we can do is tell you the size of the opportunity that’s available so that you can think about what your personal slice of that might look like!

We crunch all of our trading signals through some transparent and fair logic to come up with what we call the ‘net peak gains’. This number is effectively a read out of the total profit opportunity that our members had access to during a certain time period.

Here’s How We Calculate It

Net basically means winners minus losers! Skip this section if that’s enough for you 🙂

For the nerds and skeptics, here’s exactly how we define it so you know that there’s no funny business! Click to unroll.

  • 30 days rolling window
  • 90 days rolling window

Note – A date range selector version will be available in the Statistics page (you can navigate there via your left hand dashboard menu)

We add up the peak gains from the closed winning trades and any signals that are in progress but have hit at least 1 of their targets already.

We add up the losing trades that have hit stop loss.

This one is a little more complicated because these can be wins or losses depending on how the price action played out, what price we closed at and how you personally decided to approach the trade.

We run a little simulation per signal to come up with a decision of whether it was a + or – trade and by how much.

You’ll need to understand some terminology to be able to comprehend exactly what we mean here:

Best Entry – This is the lowest price we recorded the price action coming down to inside the suggested entry zone.

Entry Depth – This is the measurement of the full size of the entry zone (the price gap from top to bottom). The higher the %, the deeper the price went into the entry zone.

Here’s how our calculation logic works for closed early trades:

A) For price action that went deep into the entry zone

If Best Entry recorded is >50% max entry depth then we measure from 40% of max entry depth to actual price the signal closed.

B) For price action that went ¼ to ½ of the way into the entry zone

If Best Entry recorded is 50%-25% max entry depth then we measure from 25% of max entry depth to actual price the signal closed.

C) For price action that was shallow in the entry zone

If Best Entry recorded is <25% max entry depth then we measure from 0% of max entry depth (top of zone) to actual price the signal closed.

These 3 pieces of logic are designed to be fair and mimic typical user choices, such as making use of laddering mode to get a decent average entry as the price drops deeper into the entry zone.

With the wins and losses calculated we can generate the size of the trading opportunities within that date range!

You can learn more about our trading statistics and terminologies here.

Previous Results and Some Quick Insights

Let’s take a look at some previous month’s action to get a feel for how things play out.

January and May are interesting to compare because it highlights how beneficial closed early trades can actually be compared to taking a straight loss, especially when you consider that these can be closed automatically for you, even in your sleep, by the Trade Guardian feature.

Both months ended up with -100% coming from losers and closed early combined but May could have been a disaster if our systems hadn’t been good at spotting weak trades and getting out at a decent price. May was an exceptionally bearish month with the market crashing hard, so we’ve consistently outperformed the overall market by a long way.

In May we actually closed some trades early for massive gains! Take SANTOS as an example:


This trade get’s marked as closed early because it didn’t make it all the way to its 1st target but in reality it provided +25% gains!

It goes to show that we can still do really well even in much choppier bearish trading periods because our built in risk management engines are always watching.

If we hop into a time machine and travel back to November 2021 where we had peak Metaverse madness we get a glimpse of how epic ProfitFarmers signal performance can be. Human traders simply cannot compete:


5000% in 1 month is life changing and the good news is that these kinda moves can come up ANYTIME. There’s always something crazy popping off in the mad world of crypto!

Note – Trade Guardian closed 10 trades early for +30% total gains so it’s definitely not always going to be a loss when we get out early.

Is Net Peak Gains What You’ll Get? (and How to Achieve 100% Completion Rate)

Unless you’re some sort of futuristic trading cyborg, the answer is no. Remember, we’re trying to answer an impossible question (“how much can I earn from trading”) so there will never be a perfect answer. But this is a very good approximation of what’s possible based on what is actually happening.

There are some obvious variables in play because you’re human:

You get the idea.

But, when the opportunity is 500%, 1000%, 2000%, 5000% per month you only need to get a slice of that pie to feed your trading account and keep it healthy! Even if you just manage to grab 10% of the total action, you’re looking at fantastic account growth month on month!


So how do you maximize your share of the gains?

Trading is just like any other profession, the more effort you put in and the more experience you accumulate the more precise and refined your moves become. We’ve seen that our most successful members all do these things:

Doing simple things like removing target 3 and 4 (for most trades, not all) and playing conservative during downtrends will dramatically increase your take home. Reading our updates that called the Bitcoin and market wide bottom would have meant you instantly boosted your account to the moon and went guns blazing on the alt signals that showed up or making your own trades, knowing the odds for bigger pumps were massively in your favor.

We’re not talking about rocket science here, we’re just talking about focus, attention and mastering emotions. Know when and how to be fearless. Know when to wait patiently.

Treat it like a video game.

You’ve got to build your character up and learn how to fight each boss (bull trends, chop , bear trends, ranging, swing failure patterns, support/resistance etc etc) before you can get a 100% completion rate and walk home with the perfect Peak Net Gains score.

We’ve covered how to be a long-term profitable trader in other guides. The ultimate rule is that you need to stay in the game long enough to ride the ups and downs and gather all those experience points. It’s normal to bleed out sometimes and then recover everything in a couple of trades and start making profits again. Sometimes that cycle takes a month, sometimes a week, sometimes it’s just 3 bad trades and then boom, you hit the jackpot in your sleep.

Real trading isn’t about catching bottoms and tops perfectly or making 1000% gains month in month out (although we frequently do). All the trading gUrU lambos, watches, million dollar NFT’s etc you see on social media are just nonsense designed to sucker you into making emotional mistakes by making you feel insecure about your small ‘E-peen’.


Real trading is about making sustainable growth happen over time by keeping the odds in your favor, and that’s what we do here through a wicked combination of technology, education, analysis and tools.

Go Pro if You Want a Bigger Slice of the ‘Profit Pie’

By now you should have realized a few things

coin go pro asset

Let’s cut to the chase, the numbers and calculations above are based on ProfitFarmers PRO access.

Free users aren’t going to be able to realize these huge gains because they don’t get access to all signals, higher targets and certain trade features.

If you want to become a long term profitable trader you need to upgrade to PRO immediately and start taking your trading seriously. If you put the time and effort in you’ll be the next person raving about your trading success with ProfitFarmers.

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