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Bitcoin is teasing a big breakout which we spoke about in our previous update and that means alt-coins are back on the watchlist for big money moves. Today we’re looking at an opportunity to get in early on a 300%-600% move! 

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There’s something big brewing in the crypto markets and here’s the recap:

NEAR: Trade Trigger and Potential Gains Analysis

Note, NEAR price at time of writing: $10.9

Exhibit A – NEARUSDT – Daily

NEAR Daily Chart

Key points:

  • NEAR is consolidating on the bottom channel
  • NEAR is maintaining double bottom as well as key trendline and trying to break higher.
  • Simple FIB extension method shows a potential 300%-600% move from the bottom levels.
  • Expecting resistance around $13.5 before a move above $18 and beyond. Ultimate targets $40-$62 in the midterm with a potential for even 1000% from the lows.

Trade plan - Observations

As we’ve stated before, simple charts are great. They help you identify triggers to enter a trade before the action starts making you emotional.

Here’s the takeaway:

  1. NEAR is trying to find local support and will most likely follow a similar price action pattern as BTCUSDT
  2. Breaking $13.5 opens up the door to a quick 30% gain to $18
  3. Huge gains of over 200% will be accessed after this level as long as the overall market allows
  4. BTCUSDT defeating the yearly open will be pivotal
  5. No trigger – no trade. Unless you want to buy in pre-breakout which leaves you with the risk that it never comes.

Reminder: This is not financial advice, these are ideas we share with you all for educational reasons. Always do your own research.

NEAR - A Layer 1 Protocol with Great Potential

Yep we know, “1000% move coming!” You’ve heard it all before. Take a look at the investment performance of other layer 1 protocols such as ETH, BNB, AVAX and SOL over the last few years. 

NEAR is a prime contender for replicating that type of explosive price action. We don’t have time to go into detail, but we recommend you look into NEAR’s use case and scalability.

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Good news, the ProfitFarmers trade team have created a 7 step guide to finding the next 100-1000x altcoin before everyone else!

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More recently, DOGE, LUNA, and MATIC made overnight millionaires with massive gains out of nowhere.

If BTC continues this uptrend, this could easily happen again. That’s where you can make your fortune.

Here’s how to do it…

First, look for coins that start dumping immediately after listing. Those are your best bets. Almost every breakthrough coin did exactly that before exploding.

After that, here are the main factors to pay attention to:

  • Volume
  • Momentum
  • Social buzz
  • Use case
  • Market themes

Find coins that start dumping immediately and wait for them to stabilize. Once they do, start checking these different factors. 

Nearly every single breakthrough coin follows the exact same process. Once you identify one, you’ve got an amazing chance to build generational wealth.

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