Moon Landing Celebrations: Rocket-Powered Discounts + Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session July 20!

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It’s July 20th 1969.

TV’s look like microwave ovens and Hacky Sack is the world’s favourite sport.

Millions of people around the world have just one question on their mind: “When Moon?”

Some things just never change!

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins who conquered space with less technological power than your mum’s got hidden in her mobile phone.

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Ask Me Anything Session!

As part of our moon landing celebrations we’ll be hosting an ‘ask me anything’ session with our founder, Matthew Tansley, on July 20th 12:00 noon GMT.

Take the chance to ask us how our Crypto Co-Pilot trading technology can help you identify the best trading setups and profitably navigate your way through the stars from entry to exit.

If you would like to submit a question or find out more head over to our Ask Me Anything blog page.

PS – If your question is chosen you’ll win a special prize!

You mentioned rocket-powered discounts?

Save $100 on your ProfitFarmers membership and take your Crypto Co-Pilot for a ride to the moon.

Take part in the Ask Me Anything for the chance to get even more powerful discounts!

It wouldn’t be a space party without Elon

Elon is at it again. The rocket man has made it quite clear that he’s aiming to take Crypto far beyond Earth’s gravitational pull. It’s not nice to play favourites, but Elon’s waving the Doge army banner and every tweet adds more fuel to the Doggy Coin Super-Pump booster engines.

The 2nd half of 2021 is shaping up to be rather explosive! Don’t miss out!

PF - Moon Day Elon Musk Doge coin

Bend Space and TIME to your liking, just like Jaime

ProfitFarmers is well known for helping traders make more gains. But it also gives another universally understood gift…Time!

PF - Moon Day - Jaime's story

What to learn more? Check out Jaime’s full story over in our case study section!

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