Celebrating Hard(ly) Working Traders With $100 Off For Labour Day!

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Do less work, make more money. It’s all about efficiency.

We could tell you how ProfitFarmers helps harvest massive efficiency savings on your trading game through a combination of features like copy-trade, expert tools, signals and market intel.

But first, ask yourself…

Why work like a dog when you can have a Doge working for you instead?

Even Elon Musk, the king of energy efficiency, hasn’t been able to resist the gravity emanating from the Total Crypto Market Cap, which has swollen to over $2,000,000,000,000 (that’s $2 Trillion Dollars for people that don’t like zeros).

What’s Elon’s high tech, energy efficient play been? Doge Memes, naturally.

Elon's comment on DOGE Coin

And our trading algorithms couldn’t have agreed more…

Labour day signal results

Enough about Elon, what about Tim?

With a 400% trading account size increase in 30 days using ProfitFarmers, it stands to reason that you should learn Tim Griffith’s trading efficiency story too.

Never heard of Tim? He’s probably a lot like you, he just needed some nitro in his rocket engines.

Interest to know how? You can read his case study here.

What about you? Dog or Doge?

Efficiency. Getting an edge on the competition. It’s something traders need if they want to survive the wrath of the crypto whales and market makers.

If you’re tired of taking your crypto moon flights solo and you agree that it’s time to do less work and make more money then take advantage of our extremely efficient trading co-pilot.

See you on the next moon mission,


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