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FIAT (USD) economics are based on BUBBLES, the bigger the better in fact! Bubbles allow the world controlling elites to print money like crazy behind the smoke screen of a good cause or popular idea…only for most of the funds to disappear into the air.

But the world we live in has run out of assets to pour this fake, overly printed Fiat into, so the elites have moved on to their next bubble: The Metaverse! A digital playground where assets and value can be created out of thin air and easily manipulated.

Read on to find out how you can best profit from the Metaverse without getting wrecked and we’ll be talking about our hottest coin picks for you to accumulate on dips for the next 3 months!

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The Metaverse is just another digital bubble, but that's ok!

The Metaverse is cool. It’s undeniable. Who doesn’t want to strap into a VR world where you can fly around being a space pirate, buying up land with your ill gotten gains and even have ‘extra relations’ with randoms that you meet along the way! But let’s focus on the economics and accept that it’s just a bubble at this stage
Fact Check: Product Development costs a bomb. 💣
Economic bubbles are also created to crowdsource the funding required to convert HYPE into a REALITY (or a digital reality in this case) and that’s where we are when it comes to the Metaverse. The big names behind this adventure such as Facebook and Microsoft etc are currently in full blown HYPE-MODE. Leading wall street analysts have started covering Metaverse story with the theme being Facebook renaming itself to META (yep, simple as that!) and retail is starting to pile investments into selected projects.

Can’t get enough adoption? Make Sex part of the product.

You can tell that we’re in the early hype stages of a new technology bubble because the news is full of headlines like these:

Those of you old enough to remember Video Cassette Recorders (VCR) may be aware that a large amount of the early adoption was driven by a demand for adult entertainment! People didn’t like to ‘do their business’ in shady theatres so naturally a market opened up quickly for in-home video players.

Virtual Reality (VR) adult entertainment is waving a big flag that screams “We want your money” and let’s be honest…they’re going to get it.

Despite everything in the metaverse being fake, and the value of certain items or digital homes effectively being based around a mutually agreed upon lie, adult entertainment (and new exciting forms of gaming and gambling) will drive adoption at a blisteringly high rate.

Hype season means 2 things:

  1. Absolutely Massive Rewards (for those ‘in the know’)
  2. Massive Risks (for everyone else)

Many of those early buyers are going to be the ones who end up getting wrecked by the system.

Oh the irony.

Here’s how you Copy-Trade a Fortune in the Metaverse Madness

We’ve been riding the Metaverse wave since the beginning and have come to have a deep understanding of how this market works. Let’s run through some of the biggest movers over the last 3 months so that we can then focus on which coins are still waiting to pop!
(Gains from TLM signals from the last 3 months)
We also recommended TLM @ 0.14 with the potential for a 2000% move. Across various other trades we pulled in an average of +40%. This coin still has a lot of room to grow!
(Gains from GALA signals from the last 3 months)
GALA delivered 282% since our first entry last week. While we kept scalping the move, we may enter GALA big time on larger dips. We are looking for a clear breakdown of current up trend and some consolidation before entering big.
(Gains from MANA signals from the last 3 months)
MANA made some huge moves recently especially after a plot of digital land made headlines selling for a record $2,400,000. Our MANA trades made an average peak gain of over 80%. Mana may still have more legs to pump!
(Gains from FTM signals from the last 3 months)
FTM has been keeping us busy with a total of 14 trades. The biggest of which pulled down 154%. Fantom may still have more juice but we think there could be better opportunities elsewhere now.
(Gains from AVAX signals from the last 3 months)
Finally we’ll mention AVAX here. This coin is pure madness at times and we were able to make 5 trades with an average peak gain of 72%. Again, we believe your money is better placed elsewhere for the short term.

Our top Metaverse coin picks to accumulate NOW

Based on the moves that have already happened (see above), these are the coins we are interested in accumulating on dips in order to follow the next 3 months trend:

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Curve (CRV)
  • My Neighbour Alice (ALICE)
  • Alien worlds (TLM)
  • Terra Virtua (TVK)

We expect triple digit moves in the coming weeks! Some of them may do 4 figure moves too!

2 Bonus coins to watch:

  1. Elrond (EGLD)
    This is another runner that has a potential to cross $1000. Let’s see if this one can do it.
  2. Axie (AXS)
    Gaming coins have been blowing up throughout the year. AXS is the one to watch for another explosion.
AXS trade

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