Introducing “Help Scout” Our New Customer Support Partner Platform

ProfitFarmers help scout

Hey ProfitFarmers so that we can serve you all even better, we’ve gone ahead and upgraded our customer support platform by moving over to “Help Scout”!

Here’s what they have to say for themselves: “We created Help Scout for businesses that share our passion for doing right by the customer”

“Sounds great, sign us up”, a clever colleague said… and so we did.

But before we go any further…

Help Scout: Key Features for Trading Creatures

Knowledge Base

PF Knowledge Base

Note: Free members have basic access. Pro members will have full access to all content, past and future.

In here you’ll find a wide range of articles covering how to use the trading platform, trading education, troubleshooting and a whole bunch of other stuff. If you’re ever confused, this is where you’ll want to start.

All you need to do is type your question into the search box and voila … some help will be served up fast!

If you can’t find what you need, don’t worry there’s a couple of solutions for that…

Submit a Support Ticket

Note: Free members receive low priority support. Pro members receive our highest priority support.

Couldn’t find the answer you needed? No worries, you can create a support request either by opening the help beacon and going to ‘ask’ or you can hit the contact button on the top menu.

Our team will get back to you via email as soon as possible. If you’re in a real hurry to get some answers we’ve got another option…

Live Chat

PF Live chat

Note: Exclusively available to Pro members only.

Live Chat support offers the quickest route to answering your burning questions. Honestly you should check out the knowledge base first, because most of the time the answer is in there anyway!

But hey, we love you too and it’s always nice to talk so feel free to open a live chat session if you see we’re available.

What this means for you

For now you’ll probably feel like not too much has changed compared to the old support center. The biggest instant upgrade is the sleek user interface, help beacon and easy access to live chat!

What you’ll see in the near future

We’re going to rearrange, update and upgrade most of the knowledge base articles so that you can find exactly what you need as fast as possible.

Trading education and tutorials will be a consistent part of our content creation going forwards and we’ll be stocking it up in the Pro knowledge base so that you can keep on developing your game.

We also plan to add help beacons around the different sections of the application so that you’ll always have quick access to the most relevant help articles or guides depending on what you’re looking at on the screen. That way you’ll find the best information available without even asking a question.

Reminder of our Support Schedule

Subject to change, but currently you’ll reach us during these times (GMT Time Zone):

Support Schedule
Monday: 2am - 7pm
Tuesday: 2am - 7pm
Wednesday: 2am - 7pm
Thursday: 2am - 7pm
Friday: 2am - 7pm
Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm

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