Top 3 Free Crypto Signals (The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide)

Top 3 free crypto signals

Hey there, welcome to the ProfitFarmers ultimate beginner’s guide to free crypto signals.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know to understand, evaluate, and eventually use free crypto trading signals. Including:

By the way…

Hi, I’m Matthew Tansley, CEO of ProfitFarmers, and I’ll be your guide on this tour. The crypto signals industry can be really shady, so let’s cut through the BS and cover the good, the bad, and ugly of this business.

WARNING - Free Cryptocurrency Trading Signals (Why You Must Be Careful)


I just want to keep it 100% honest with you.

95% of all the “best free crypto signals” groups are either full of awful trade ideas or just outright scams.

The crypto explosion has triggered trading mass hysteria. And mass hysteria plus an uneducated public equals blood in the water for scammers.

The vast majority of freebie groups share at least one of these key flaws:

Low-Quality Trade Ideas

It’s the sad fact of this industry.

Tons of signal providers give terrible free trade ideas or are actually just feeding mechanisms for pump-and-dump schemes.

In case you’ve never heard of that before, it’s when whales (traders with huge bankrolls) purposely mislead people into investing in a coin they currently hold so the price pumps up. Then, they sell for a profit and the price dumps, leaving you broke and borderline manic depressive.

The vast majority of crypto profits go to the whales – the top 1% of traders – and often these signals get you into trades way too late (or way too early), and leave you as fish food for the whales and sharks.

If you want to learn just how unfair the crypto trading market is – and how you can fight back – you absolutely have to read this article about how the whales dominate the market and only the best half-human/half-fish scavengers make any money.

They’re Outright Scams

Thanks for the payment meme

I’m sure you’ve shopped around a bit already. And if you have, you’ve noticed that most companies only take crypto payments.

Take a guess as to why :).

Since it’s anonymous and untraceable, they can just run.

Good luck ever getting your money back.

Often, these free groups are just scams to get you to upgrade to some shady “VIP” group where you pay $500 a month for shoddy, fake, or purposely misleading signals with an owner in some shady ‘banana republic’ who refuses to show his face.

Lack of Proof or Accountability

And lastly, basically none of these groups ever show real proof that their signals actually work, and there’s 0 accountability if things don’t go right for you.

How do you know they actually made any money with those winning signals they shared? For the most part, none of them do. It’s all faked.

These companies make it seem like you’re getting to test drive a Maserati before buying it. When in reality, it’s a 1988 Ford Taurus with Mayo on the seats and a human body in the trunk.

Actually, there are a ton of questions they leave unanswered…

How do you know they actually shared that signal to paying members or that they even used that signal at all?

Is there any unbiased way of verifying what they’re saying is true?

Actually, do you even know that these are real human beings and not Crab People? Until I see proof, I’m not convinced.

Trader meme

The Top 3 Free Crypto Signals Providers

99% of the “best free crypto signals” articles on Google are just paid placement or affiliate partnerships from people who’ve never used the services. They make money off of recommending some scam provider, laugh their way to the bank, and you’re none the wiser.

That ain’t us. That’s why we only recommend 3 providers, and #1 happens to be a company we know very well…

1. ProfitFarmers - Signals, Copy-Trading, and Advanced Trading Features in One Platform

PF cover image

Synopsis: The world’s first all-in-one crypto co-pilot. A fully functional, semi-automated trading platform complete with signals, copy-trading, auto-trading, and features like automatic laddered entry and Break-Even Stop-Loss. 

Unlike every other service out there, ProfitFarmers provides verified high win-rate signals AND helps automate the trading process so even new traders can profit from crypto.




I know, can you believe it?

I know this seems really tacky to rank ourselves first, but there’s just no real competition out there. We are different in every conceivable way.

ProfitFarmers is far and away the best crypto trading signals service I’ve ever heard of. And it has 0 to do with the fact that I’m the one writing this article and the founder of the tool itself.

ProfitFarmers is just flat out different from other free signals services for 3 key reasons. And I’m going to prove it to you.

1. We’re a Full FREE Trading Platform

You can either join some group where they hand you a signal and you do all the work yourself…


You can join a mostly automated platform where you take that free signal, copy it, and make the trade straight inside the tool and gain access to automated laddered entry, stop-loss, Trade Guardian (protect your funds from disaster), and auto-trade.

Plus you get free Price Action and Relative-Strength Index scanners.

Seriously, this is all 100% free.

2. We Can’t Afford to Give You Bad Signals

Unlike everyone else, our business revenue comes from tools NOT from signals. Our trading tools could be the best on Earth, but if our signals are S***, none of our members make any money. And if none of our members make money, I go back to stripping for a living – and that wasn’t fun.

Basically, what I’m saying is that for most companies, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose – they still make money. You pay for the signals, and if things don’t work, it’s fine for them.

With us, if we F*** up, nobody uses our platform and we’re all living on the street.

3. Our Signals Are Born Different (And We Prove it)

Our signals come from ruthless AI programmed with expert trading strategies that we’ve personally developed. It dynamically scans the market, picking up ideal trade scenarios that are then reviewed by our trading team before appearing in your dashboard (yes, we’ve got a really cool dashboard).

That’s how we maintain a 78% win-rate on completed signals.

And we don’t just tell you that our signals win, we show you. You get monthly and yearly reports as well as signal progression videos WITH TIMESTAMPS showing you exactly how the trade panned out. That way, you can go back, open a chart, and verify. Other groups just say “oh, we won. You missed out. Buy VIP now!!!”

Get access to ProfitFarmers Free Signals here.

2. - Free Trade Ideas ideas

Synopsis: One of the best trading communities online with a ton of trade ideas, tools, charts, and a thriving community that posts daily. Overall, a good source of news and trading education plus a solid place to look at trade ideas – though we can’t always vouch for who’s posting these ideas since pretty much anyone can post one.


Cons is one of the most popular and comprehensive trading analysis, discussion, and education platforms out there, and one of the few places online where real traders post analysis just for the hell of it. This one site contains all the tools, ideas, and features you need to learn about trading and execute at least somewhat reliable plans.

Here’s how it works.

Members post regular crypto trading and market analysis on their community board. Sometimes it’s just “hey, the price of BTC will go up soon!”. Other times it’s more of a signal with a target price.

These aren’t your typical Telegram signals with entry zone and stop-loss – at least not usually. But at least this is real analysis that you can use to make your own trades if necessary (in case there are no signals that day). You’ll at least get some decent analysis and some “ideas” that could guide you in the right direction.

At the very least, you’ll get good trading education, tools, news, and discussion, so that’s definitely worth it.



Synopsis: A very solid learning resource with an active YouTube channel and detailed signals, market updates, and news on their free Telegram channel. They’re fairly detailed with their technical analysis, and unlike most groups, they’re actually a registered company – which at least rules out that it’s a complete scam (sad how bad this industry can be at times).



Here’s how rough the without charge crypto trading signals market is – just being a registered company puts you head and shoulders above 95% of services.

With that in mind, makes it on our list for a few reasons:

  • Fairly transparent: They’re registered in the UK, provide an address, and have an active YouTube channel. So at least we can be fairly certain they aren’t Crab People.

  • Tons of education: Their site has education on everything from tech analysis to leverage and swing trading. That’s a good sign that they know their stuff and it should reflect in their signals.

    We’ve been in their group for a while and performed some analysis on their signals, and everything seems to check out (again, we only actually trade our own signals)

  • Affiliated with bigger names: I’m not sure how strict eToro and are with their affiliate programs, but even just being affiliated with them officially is a good sign. That’s a lot better than some random site with no official address, name, or affiliation. At least someone did some digging on the company.

After a few months in their group, I can definitely say they’re way less spammy than most, provide good analysis, and some of the signals we’ve analyzed have looked solid. That, and they’re a legit company. Definitely worth checking out the gratis group.

Free Crypto Signals: Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you’re totally new to this space, you need to be VERY cautious. There’s a ton of misinformation out there (fake news), unscrupulous providers, Crab People, and god knows what else competing for your hard earned Galactic Credits.

You should either sign up for ProfitFarmers free of charge, OR take 5 minutes to read this helpful guide. It could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

What Are Free Crypto Signals?

Free crypto signals are trading plans given to you on the house, usually in an effort to let you “test drive” a signals service in the hopes you’ll upgrade to a super snazzy “VIP” group that costs 10x more than it should.

That’s how all these complimentary services work – ProfitFarmers is totally different.

Other companies usually have some “experts” send pictures of charts to a Telegram group, and you’re the one expected to know how to use it. They’re only there to keep your attention so they can eventually start hammering you with “upgrade to VIP” offers after sending tons of “look at how much this trade made us!” and ”VIP is killing it!” (without any proof it actually happened).

Again, this is NOT HOW WE DO THINGS. It’s how OTHER companies do things.

And, in case you’re new to this, let’s clear up what signals are.

Crypto signals are basically suggested trades complete with step-by-step instructions for executing the trade done by “experts”. People love them because it lets them make winning trades without needing to do technical analysis or watch charts.

Someone else does it, you copy their idea, and make money (in theory).

Think of it like getting the answers to a test from the smart kid in school. The reason they give them to you at no cost is so they can gain your trust and get your attention, so they can upsell you to something else. If you want to learn more about crypto signals, check out our full explanation of signals here.

How Do Free Crypto Trading Signals Work

Free crypto trading signals work like a trading blueprint: They show you where to enter and exit the trade, as well as how to execute the trade. All you do is follow along the blueprint, and you should be able to make profit if the creator knows anything about trading.

That’s a big IF.

Here’s an example from our costless Telegram group:

PF Free Signal

Our signals come with a few key pieces of data:

  • Entry zone (which prices to buy the coin at)
  • Takeprofit targets (which prices to sell at)
  • Stop-loss (when to exit the trade)
  • Leverage (an advanced concept but basically it’s increasing your ability to trade by only paying a partial amount of the investment)
  • Timestamp so that everyone can check how it performed for themselves

If you want to trade on your own, you’ll have to learn how to read charts and perform technical analysis, then figure this whole mess of numbers. With a signal, you just follow the blueprint. Think of trading like a math problem. With signals, you’re copying the answer from someone much better than you at this.

How to Get Free Crypto Trading Signals?

The easiest way to get free crypto trading signals is by joining ProfitFarmers. Our platform is 100% free to use and comes with 78% win-rate on our completed signals.

It’s a fully functional platform with copy-trading, auto-trading, and other advanced features to go along with our trade ideas. Did I mention it was no-cost? Because it is.

If you’d like to try other ways of getting them, then the easiest way is by visiting one of the companies we’ve recommended above and joining their free crypto signals Telegram groups. That’s where most of these companies operate.


Q: Where to get more free crypto trading signals?
You can get more free crypto trading signals in the ProfitFarmers Moonbag. It comes with our signals as well as freebie tools and education for learning how to improve your strike rate and become a better trader.

Q: What’s the difference between paid vs free signals?
A: The main difference between free vs paid signals is that the paid signals will likely either be of higher quality or they will come with more information. For example, our free signals come with only 1 take-profit target, whereas our paid ones come with all 4. This greatly improves your risk:reward ratio, and makes it way easier to make major gains.

Q: How to get started with free signals?
The easiest way to get started with free signals is to get the ProfitFarmers Moonbag. You’ll have instant access to frequent, high-quality signals with two take-profit targets, stop-loss, and entry zone as well as leverage and a trading pair. Signing up takes less than two minutes and is 100% free.

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