Demonic Halloween

DOGE Sacrificed burn

Warning, you may encounter some cheese, sarcasm and bad humour ahead. One thing that isn’t a joke…Crypto is BOOMING again (told ya so) and it’s time to take advantage.

It’s Halloween 2021, Joe Biden has been voted ‘most likely to be a ghost’ but is, somehow, still President of America. Vaccine mandates are quietly being pushed through around the world and freedoms continue to be eroded.

Welcome to the spookiest time of the year.

So far we’ve covered some disgusting and dangerous truths, here’s the links for those that missed out:

Stick with us as we go on a discovery of what Halloween is actually all about and check in on some of the scariest Crypto Clowns out there (Hello Elon!).

Halloween Origins

What actually is Halloween?

Halloween is a word combination that simply means “the night before All Saints’ Day” so the celebrations actually have a mixed Celtic and Christian background.

Popular culture has transformed Halloween into a fairly innocent tradition involving children extorting cash or candy from their elders and neighbours through threats of violence and vandalism.

Nothing to see here then, right?

Well the date of Halloween was moved to fall on the same day as ‘Samhain’ by Pope Gregory III in 837. Usually that would be a non-event but the Catholic church has an alleged history of corrupting innocence and converting it into darker motives.

Samhain is an ancient pagan festival involving opening up old burial mounds, animal or even human sacrifices and attempting to converse with the ‘Aos Si’ (spirits in the netherworlds). People would also wear costumes mimicking the spirits and go house to house exchanging recitations for food offerings (sounds familiar?).

Samhain was essentially a festival for the dead.

So Halloween was once holy and now it's demonic?

I bet you or your kids have never dressed up as holy men for Halloween or made offerings to the dearly departed. So in that sense yes, the spirit and intention of Halloween has been hijacked.

That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to pay local children to throw toilet paper all over your neighbour’s house in revenge for the dog turds they leave at the end of your garden.

Dog Sacrifice

What about Doge sacrifice?

Halloween seems like a perfect time to check back in on the Dog(e) day conspiracy and find out what progress our shadowy super coder protagonists have achieved so far in their diabolical plan to make the Doge meme reign supreme.

Elon Musk - Spooky Rating 9/10

Elon’s been super super busy in the Crypto space showing his expertise and dynamism. For the Doge cause he’s been gracious enough to tweet a ‘thumbs up’ for the latest Doge network update bringing faster transactions and lower fees. Thanks Elon, you’re a champ.

Did we mention that Elon Musk is an out and out vampire?

Elon is a Vampire

Don’t forget he also wants to control your brain with Neuralink. “Don’t worry, just trust us” is the agreed advertising slogan, similar to Pfizer. We all look forward to the digital zombie world ahead.

Mark Cuban - Spooky Rating 5/10

Mark’s actually been busting his balls compared to Elon. He’s been fighting it out with Bitcoin Maximalists…
Elon reply on tweet

and has even been shilling Doge to Ellen Degeneres and her audience (I bet that was rather cringe).

Cringy Mark and Ellen

Mark has also TRIPLED his investment in Doge…from $500 to $1500. Wow, I guess he’s still feeling the spooky financial shock of the Titan token rug pull that left him pissing in the wind.

Recently Mark listed Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE as the most important Cryptocurrencies available.

Vitalik Buterin - Spooky Rating 8/10

Mr Buterin has been busy killing off stray dogs or releasing them into the streets in the name of cleansing the world of all false doggy prophets. Again. What an odd fetish.

Part of the proceeds were put towards the Proof of Humanity Universal Basic Income (UBI) project. That all sounds well and good, but if you really dig into UBI and put it against the backdrop of the Great Reset (“you will own nothing and be happy”), it’s just a couple of steps away from slavery. Don’t fall for the creepy utopic advertising.

Vitalik Killing Dogs

An Ethereum-Doge bridge seems to be in the works supported by Billy Markus (Doge Co-founder) and Vitalik.

What will it do? Pump the price obviously.

Elon Musk had this to say on the topic – “I pretty much agree with Vitalik”

I’m not sure how we would all survive without these geniuses.

Special Offer: Cash in on the Q4 bull run

Happy Halloween.

If you made it all the way down here without skipping…you’re an angel. If you cheated, Baphomet will visit you on Samhain.

To celebrate we’re giving new members $150 off a 3 month subscription to ProfitFarmers bringing the cost down to just $449.

The crypto markets are in full swing again as Bitcoin made a new all time high! We expect huge alt coin runs to come once Bitcoin Dominance fades. You really don’t want to miss this.

Everyone says it, but seriously you don’t.


The crypto markets are in full swing again as Bitcoin made a new all time high! We expect huge alt coin runs to come once Bitcoin Dominance fades. You really don’t want to miss this.

Everyone says it, but seriously you don’t.

SHIB DOGE High gains

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