Christmas Came Early; Bitcoin Bull Run Smashing All-Time Highs!


Here’s your chance to grab this early Christmas gift. Get $100 off your first ProfitFarmers membership!

Bitcoin just broke through $22k and traders all over are expecting it to reach as high as $30k and beyond!

There’s no better time than now to catch the bull run and make some serious money!

Christmas Special Offer

We’re celebrating this momentous occasion by launching our special Christmas offer. So now you have no reason to be bored at home whilst you are locked up inside hiding from Corona, it’s time to start crypto copy-trading!

New members can enjoy $100 off their first purchase using the code: CHRISTMAS-BULLRUN-SPECIAL

Just use it upon checkout!

christmas 2020 bull run special coupon

Grab it before it goes away!

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Take a look at these crazy gains!

We’ve been on a roll! We took a closer look at our signals from December 1-15 and we found that our signals achieved an 83% win rate!!!

profitfarmers signals 83 percent win-rate

That means 4 out of 5 signals that you followed could have made you some money!

Listen to what one of our newest members has been saying!

pf member testimony

Now it’s your turn to get in on the action! Whether you are a beginner or a trading veteran ProfitFarmers has the tools you need to milk this bull run dry!

Level up your trading skills with our FREE Academy

Are you new to crypto trading or perhaps you aren’t very confident with your trading skills? 

Then check out our ProfitFarmers Academy!

Learn everything you need to know about our one-of-a-kind semi-automated copy-trading platform along with plenty of tips on how to become profitable!

100% Refund if we don't deliver
a 60% Completed Signal Win Rate

Money back guaranee badge

We will offer you a full 100% refund during your first 30 days with ProfitFarmers if we are unable to provide completed trading signals that achieve a 60% win rate vs lose rate or higher during that time period. We obviously cannot guarantee your personal performance as every user trades differently, learn more about our refund policy here.

Winning signals are defined as those that reach their first target (or higher) and, therefore, offer some level of profitable opportunity. You can read more about how our signal statistics are calculated here.

Don’t wait till the snow melts!

Remember, Christmas only comes once a year! Take advantage of ProfitFarmers now before this epic bull run ends!

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